Here are just a few of the letters and emails I’ve received about how my podcasts have changed people’s lives!

“Dear Tim
I have been through so many life changes in the past few months. Your Verbal Surgery has been a pivotal part of my transformation and journey of self discovery. I have learned to love myself honestly for the first time in my life. That love has enabled me to reconnect with my wife and kids on such a deep level. I am truly experiencing healthy love and happiness. My wife of twelve years and I have fallen in love all over again and are renewing our vows and then taking time to finally have a honeymoon. Your show really inspires me and encourages me to master myself and then become a leader of people in need. I have enjoyed every episode and will continue to share the happiness it brings me with everyone in my life.

Love and happiness


“Hi Tim,
It’s Ben, hope you are doing awesome! Just wanted to thank you for the quick session you did for me at the casino.. I haven’t had a drop a alcohol since I’ve been back home, not that I’m not having cravings, but at least I’m beating them.. and I’ve been listening to Verbal Surgery and seems to help quite a bit!

Just wanted to send you a personal thank you, I appreciate you and your work.



I want to say that listening to your podcasts have changed my life,
for the better.  It’s an ongoing therapy I feel because I think I’ve
always carried myself in a sarcastic, joking manner.  Listening to
your podcasts have made me realize that I need to (moreso I want to)
make adjustments in not doing everything for the joke, because I don’t
want to tear people down in the process.  While some have argued that
there is no “positive” or “negative”, I have led to believe that that
isn’t the case.  I want to be positive.  I want to be that guy who has
open arms towards receiving love.  I want to give love, and be a
positive person in people’s lives.

It’s already working too.  People have come up to me and have inquired
if something has changed in me.  One person speculated that I was
dating someone.  I just simply said that I want to be a better person.

Thank you so much for sending my life in another,
welcomed trajectory.



“Hi Tim!
My new girlfriend and my mother both called you a miracle worker for straightening out my neck…it stayed straight almost 3 weeks!

Looking forward to hooking up with you again soon.


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