Tim A. Cummins’ wit and wisdom has changed lives and minds! Tim has over 80,000 followers on Twitter.

Here are Tim’s proverbs for better living! That’s what I’m talking about, JACK!

Please and be pleasing.

Don’t worry. It’s a waste of mental energy.

Never fear what you can cuddle.

Deeper problems, deeper answers.

The answer is hidden in the question. http://www.Verbal

Explain yourself to yourself.

Fear is a four letter word.

Worry sucks. The life right out of you.

Please. It’s a power word.

Interest in others is the key to relationships.

Want more? Write down what it is. Clarity = prosperity.

Very, very, very good. YOU!

Negative people are my polar opposite.

Groups of people don’t act like individuals.

Self Mind Control!

Remind yourself that YOU are the answer we need!

Pray for others. It’s good for you!

The negativity you avoid makes you more positive.

Just because they have money doesn’t make them better.

Podcast POW!

The negative exist. Don’t encourage them.

Respond to need. Especially yours.

Be the person you need.

Smile! Just because it feels good, NOW!

The answer in podcast form.

I don’t know the answer. But I’m asking the right questions.

Every time I look at you, I see just what we need.

You’re someone’s hero.

Never float in the negative river. It has dangerous currents.


I’m not the answer to your problems. I’m not the cause either.

What I don’t want to know about, I call “practicing my ignorance.”

Watch bad news. Feel bad. You know what to do.

Perfect your concept of YOU!

The goal IS the journey.

You become who you hang with. Take that seriously.

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

Love yourself FIRST!

You always make me smile. I dig that about you!

Conscious decision making. Unconscious feeling generator.

Patience is a skill!

Know and grow! Dunno goes slow.

Where do you fit? Keystone, baby!

I know better. Wash and repeat.

You are the BEST! Keep getting BETTER!

Restore more. It’s a way of life.

Suffering? Change your questions. What’s good about what’s happening?

Education is a mind set not a class room.

Cracking the whip NEVER works.

Total grooviness.

What’s the worst thing that can happen? Why ask questions like that?

Embrace love. It’s the default position.

The default position is be NICE!

Want to be #1? Don’t act like #2.

The opposite of bad attitude.

Negativity is not a skill set.

Know where you’re going. Check the path you’re on.

Service is never a vice.

Exercise your right to be groovy.

If you don’t know, don’t act like you do.

Staring at good doesn’t mean overlooking evil.

Believe in yourself. I do!!

How is it going? Speed up!

Don’t just stand there, look up something on wikipedia.

Need help? I’m there for you!

How can I serve you better? The success question.

Dress up your face. SMILE!

Pretend and become.

Pride inside? You decide.

Encouraging others isn’t a weigh of life.

What enslaves you? Who’s your master?

I saw because I was looking for.

The authority you need you already have.

Who is the problem? Who is the answer?

Look in the direction you want to go. It’s the first step.

Pushing is rarely better than pulling.

Lead from the front!

Do good! What a concept!

Serve, it’s the key to happiness!

Is what you want what you need?

Who are you looking for? Check inside!

Resist the desire to resist.

We are what we need!

Put yourself in their place and DANCE!

Time for a power up!

Direction = result.

Sit by the fire and warm by your desires.

Why isn’t as important as who.

The way to go, you already know!

Separate yourself from rating systems.

When good is not good enough. BE NICE.

Express yourself in powerful ways with love.

What I can do is never as important as what I do.

Who I want to be is MY decision.

Keep going, keep getting there.

Say this daily, “I’m AWESOME, baby!”

Yeah, baby! I dig you!

How did you get to be so AMAZING!?

You are the best person I know!

Discover and uncover your AWESOMENESS!

Love is the default position. That’s your fault.

Support yourself with kind internal words.

Obey! Government’s mantra.

Get going. GROW!

Yes! It’s a power word.

Shatter evil with the power of love.

Why? Why not? As long as it’s kind.

The reason you work out, so you can help someone.

Stabilize your eyes. LOOK FOR GOOD!

The best place to start? Look at your feet.

You are my hope!

Who do we encourage? Start with your inner circle.

I know what you did. I’m proud of you.

Don’t just stand there, wave at a stranger.

Include yourself in the Dream Team.

I dig you, baby! You’re only getting better!

Who do you live for? Remind them of that!

Overcome adversity! It’s not an option.

Keep doing. Keep grooving.

What should you do? You know what to do!

Man! This podcast made me FEEL GOOD!

Learn! It’s the killer app for your brain.

Play! You know you want to.

Encourage others to encourage others.

Place yourself in the “Don’t know it all” category.

Power podcast! Woooo HOOOOOO!

Who you are is determined by why you do what you do.

Life is tough! YOU are TOUGHER!

Are you ready? Go for it!

Sleep when you need rest. What a concept!

Active is as active DOES! Do it!

If you love, you are loved.

Why? Because you are AWESOME, that’s why!

Pack it in, soak it up! Brains LOVE knowledge.

People learn by example. What are others learning from YOU?

The power to get with the program, baby!

How much are you loved? How much DO you love?

It’s all about recognizing how GROOVY you are!

Why are you here? Love and Serve!

Are you healthy? Then you are wealthy!

The ultimate placebo? Smiling!

I dig you! You’re DEEP!

Truth. It’s not an opinion.

Get in the help others business.

Who hurts your feelings? Smile at them a LOT!

Stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain!

Does death scare you? How about life?

I’m not here to tell you what to do. As long as you feel GOOD, now!

Heal feelings. Words are verbal antibiotics.

Who? YOU! YOU are the answer!

Cause and effect? It’s not all linear. Love LOOPS!

Stare at your loved one and smile knowingly.

I’m not the answer. I’m the voice calling in the wilderness.

Please others as much as you please yourself.

Knowledge is a know know.

Go through the door of happiness and LOCK IT!

Grace is more important than disgrace.

Love others as you love yourself. And if you don’t love yourself, START!

You are unique, amazing and GROOVY, baby!

Do you no yourself or KNOW yourself? Groove on this!

You are amazing! Don’t prove me wrong.

Memory is a creation! Those bad things probably weren’t THAT bad.

The power to change is a SUPER POWER that YOU have!

Don’t forget how AWESOME you are!

Change your brain. Charge your brain!

Let go of those bad feelings. How are they helping you?

It’s about love. Never forget that!

The cure? Love. It’s the anti DISEASE.

Refugee from hate land. ME!

Boom! Zoom! That’s what I’m talking about, JACK!

Sick and tired? REST!

We are related! We are FAMILY! We are 99.99% the same!

Increase ease. Not easy.

What do you fear? Why? Is that a real reason?

Restore more. Simple.

Give more than you get.

Ignorance is a fact. Not an excuse.

Love more. Smile more. LIVE MORE!

They say I’m the most positive person they’ve ever met. That’s because I’m positive YOU ARE AWESOME!

Words to heal worlds.

It’s not the reason it’s the excuse that give you problems.

Want power? SERVE!

Need more time? For what? Focus on the important thing: LOVE OTHERS!

Attention is more important than tension.

Want the answer to life? Here’s a place for hints!

Roses need pruning. What should you cut off?

You are a product, not a dividend. Multiply your goodness!

Research your awesomeness. Get to know how groovy you are!

I’m not interested in problems. I dig SOLUTIONS, baby!

Perfect your perfect self. Start here.

Don’t make yourself suffer just to make you tougher.

Fear is real. But what you fear is usually fiction.

Never expose yourself to extremely negative people.

Rub off on others in the best possible way.

Don’t just stand there. Wave at ME!

Little boy! Little girl! Tell that grown up inside you to have some fun!

Push the envelope. Mail a love letter.

Who’s counting your errors? Why should you?

Be the person your Mom thinks you are.

The reason I smile all the time!

Love kicks hate’s ass.

Just believe. It’s a life saver.

Don’t use excuses to generate bad behavior.

Do what you need to do. You know what that is.

The Verbal Surgeon LOVES YOU! Find out how . . . .
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We are brothers! Learn more!

Help and be helped!

Power to love is ultimate power.

Perfect yourself by small gains.

Be in the right spot. Ultra friendliness is GPS.

Next stop, a better brain!

Wrap yourself in the thought of how GREAT you are!

Please others YOUman.

I’m not what you call subtle. I love at volume TEN.

Don’t worry. It NEVER helps!

Come and visit. We dig you!

Set yourself in the middle of the action and WATCH.

The center of the world is wherever YOU ARE.

Know yourself before you NO yourself.

I know what I know. THAT is knowledge.

Brain play!

Peace is underrated by generals.

I believe in your ability to believe in yourself.

Research is mind bending. Be aware which direction!

What you listen to you become.

5 Star infotainment!

Do you rule others? Probably. Be nice!

Obedience is not a weakness.

Watch and learn. Rinse and repeat.

Be sure of one thing. There is only ONE YOU!

Brain train.

Who you want to be is who you become. Desire is a FORCE!

You are a leader. Who are your followers?

Love is more important than explanations.

Keep going. Keep getting. Go here!

It’s ALL about incremental progress!

Who you are is demonstrated by how you love.

The plan you need is love in deed.

I’m not the person you think I am. I’m YOU!

Who is more important than why! That’s YOU I’m talking about.

Go back to a balanced state and RUSH FORWARD.

Protect yourself with a love shield.

Say it! “I am AWESOME, baby!”

Smile. The ultimate face lift.

Center of grooviness.

Fighting words or love language? YOUR choice.

You are the general of YOUR MIND!

Your brain is a wonderful instrument. Play with it!

Make your life flower. Fertilize with laughter. This will help!

You are KING of your mental kingdom.

Better to love than loathe.

Please others first. Quench your thirst for love.

Resist the urge to pull the NEVER lever.

The Verbal Surgeon LOVES you! Find out how.

Tune your mind with friendliness.

Wrap yourself in knowledge. Warm yourself with kindness.

Power is not an end it’s a means.

When you improve the whole world rises.

Mental origami!

Who is for you? ME! Who is against you? I don’t recognize them.

Which side are you on? The IN side!

Rejoice! YOU WIN!

Pleasure is not as important as love.

Hook your mind to the brain train!

Engagement is more important than entertainment.

Who is your boss? YOU!

Never discourage yourself with fiction!

Military power? Love kicks army ass.

Reduce negativity. Embrace positivity! Here’s how!

I am FOR YOU! Why? Because you are AWESOME, baby!

Don’t just stand there, wave and flash your eyebrows!

Review your victories, NOW!

When in doubt, take a deep breath.

Full speed ahead towards this!

One stop shop for brain change!

You plus me = ecstasy!

Be kind or leave.

I’m with YOU!

Get serious about you brain. It’s the only one you have!

Language at another level!

There’s no rewind on life. So PLAY!

The first isn’t always the best.

Power is a resource not a goal.

Love is more than an afterthought.

Dive into JOY!

Include me in your love circle.

How is more important than why.

Groove! It’s a way of life.

Never fear what can’t brush it’s teeth.

Brain explained.

Reverse engineer your happiness.

Begin at the beginning. What a concept!

Reduce your use of tonal abuse.

Work! On yourself first.

Love bomb!

Recover before you cover.

The top 5% own 72% of America’s wealth. Fair?

Easier not to start than to stop.

Dress yourself in blessing others.

Warming words.

What you say to yourself is more important than what others tell you.

Write this on your heart. “I am AWESOME!”

Open your heart and let ME in!

New isn’t always better. It’s just shiny.

Words are a type of action.

Set yourself up for success. BE NICE!

Look after others. Love yourself first.

Blessing others blesses yourself.

How you act is determined by what’s inside your head.

Mind mining.

Laughter cures ills! Really!

Forgive. It’s the best gift you can give yourself.

Hard hearted = hardly a heart.

Believe in yourself and others will too!

Direct your mind just in time!

Who is more important than what.

Friends in need are everywhere.

When you know you know you grow.

Who can you help today? Look in the mirror if you’re not sure.

Pleasing words just in time.

Who you need is more important that what you need.

I’m in the brain rearranging business! Smile and think about a happy experience!

You are RICH! Really! It’s ALL perspective.

Have mercy, get mercy.

Rich in love is better than loving to bitch.

When in doubt, PRETEND to be who you want to be.

Need MORE? Or just WANT more?

Provide don’t divide.

Always darkest when you don’t look for light.

Love is an attitude.

Lead or follow, but get into motion.

Review your victories in slow motion.

We are ALL us!

I’m a friend. Thanks for being friendly to me!

Don’t use anguish language.

Here and now! What a concept!

Keep your mind in mind! Focus!

You become what you look at.

All right. Repeat.

Listen. It’s a mine of wisdom.

I belong to you. We are a tribe!

Inherit the love you need.

What you want is determined by what you watch.

Who knows for sure? Think about it.

The answer to life is LOVE.

Your vision shouldn’t come from television.

Poverty is an attitude not an income.

Who do you need? Ask them!

What can you do to HELP?

Amaze yourself FIRST!

Generate love. Look for ways to be kind.

Want more? Who gave you that attitude?

Renew YOU!

Power to love is THE superpower!

Time for a brain change!

We are brothers! Learn more!

Help and be helped!

Power to love is ultimate power.

Perfect yourself by small gains.

Be in the right spot. Ultra friendliness is GPS.

Next stop, a better brain!

Wrap yourself in the thought of how GREAT you are!

Please others YOUman.

I’m not what you call subtle. I love at volume TEN.

Don’t worry. It NEVER helps!

Come and visit. We dig you!

Set yourself in the middle of the action and WATCH.

The center of the world is wherever YOU ARE.

Know yourself before you NO yourself.

I know what I know. THAT is knowledge.

Brain play!

Peace is underrated by generals.

I believe in your ability to believe in yourself.

Research is mind bending. Be aware which direction!

What you listen to you become.

5 Star infotainment!

Do you rule others? Probably. Be nice!

Obedience is not a weakness.

Watch and learn. Rinse and repeat.

Be sure of one thing. There is only ONE YOU!

Brain train.

Who you want to be is who you become. Desire is a FORCE!

You are a leader. Who are your followers?

Love is more important than explanations.

Keep going. Keep getting. Go here!

It’s ALL about incremental progress! =20

Who you are is demonstrated by how you love.

The plan you need is love in deed.

I’m not the person you think I am. I’m YOU!

Who is more important than why! That’s YOU I’m talking about.

Go back to a balanced state and RUSH FORWARD.

Protect yourself with a love shield.

Say it! “I am AWESOME, baby!”

Smile. The ultimate face lift.

Center of grooviness.

Fighting words or love language? YOUR choice.

You are the general of YOUR MIND! =20

Your brain is a wonderful instrument. Play with it!

Make your life flower. Fertilize with laughter. This will help!

You are KING of your mental kingdom.

Better to love than loathe.

Please others first. Quench your thirst for love.

Resist the urge to pull the NEVER lever.

The Verbal Surgeon LOVES you! Find out how.

Tune your mind with friendliness.

Wrap yourself in knowledge. Warm yourself with kindness.

Power is not an end it’s a means.

When you improve the whole world rises.

Mental origami!

Who is for you? ME! Who is against you? I don’t recognize them.

Which side are you on? The IN side!

Rejoice! YOU WIN!

Pleasure is not as important as love.

Hook your mind to the brain train!

Engagement is more important than entertainment.

Who is your boss? YOU!

Never discourage yourself with fiction!

Military power? Love kicks army ass.

Reduce negativity. Embrace positivity! Here’s how!

I am FOR YOU! Why? Because you are AWESOME, baby!

Don’t just stand there, wave and flash your eyebrows!

Review your victories, NOW!

When in doubt, take a deep breath.

Full speed ahead towards this!

Man! This podcast made me FEEL GOOD!

Learn! It’s the killer app for your brain.

Play! You know you want to.

Encourage others to encourage others.

Place yourself in the “Don’t know it all” category.

Power podcast! Woooo HOOOOOO!

Who you are is determined by why you do what you do.

Life is tough! YOU are TOUGHER!

Are you ready? Go for it!

Sleep when you need rest. What a concept!

Active is as active DOES! Do it!

If you love, you are loved.

Why? Because you are AWESOME, that’s why!

Pack it in, soak it up! Brains LOVE knowledge.

People learn by example. What are others learning from YOU?

The power to get with the program, baby!

How much are you loved? How much DO you love?

It’s all about recognizing how GROOVY you are!

Why are you here? Love and Serve!

Are you healthy? Then you are wealthy!

The ultimate placebo? Smiling!

I dig you! You’re DEEP!

Truth. It’s not an opinion.

Get in the help others business.

Who hurts your feelings? Smile at them a LOT!

Stimulating the pleasure centers of your brain!

Does death scare you? How about life?

I’m not here to tell you what to do. As long as you feel GOOD, now!

Heal feelings. Words are verbal antibiotics.

Who? YOU! YOU are the answer!

Cause and effect? It’s not all linear. Love LOOPS!

Stare at your loved one and smile knowingly.

I’m not the answer. I’m the voice calling in the wilderness.

Please others as much as you please yourself.

Knowledge is a know know.

Go through the door of happiness and LOCK IT!

Grace is more important than disgrace.

Love others as you love yourself. And if you don’t love yourself, START!

You are unique, amazing and GROOVY, baby!

Do you no yourself or KNOW yourself? Groove on this!

You are amazing! Don’t prove me wrong.

Memory is a creation! Those bad things probably weren’t THAT bad.

The power to change is a SUPER POWER that YOU have!

Don’t forget how AWESOME you are!

Change your brain. Charge your brain!

Let go of those bad feelings. How are they helping you?

It’s about love. Never forget that!

The cure? Love. It’s the anti DISEASE.

Refugee from hate land. ME!

Boom! Zoom! That’s what I’m talking about, JACK!

Sick and tired? REST!

We are related! We are FAMILY! We are 99.99% the same!

Increase ease. Not easy.

What do you fear? Why? Is that a real reason?

Restore more. Simple.

Give more than you get. =20

Ignorance is a fact. Not an excuse.

Love more. Smile more. LIVE MORE!

They say I’m the most positive person they’ve ever met. That’s because I’m positive YOU ARE AWESOME!

Words to heal worlds.

It’s not the reason it’s the excuse that give you problems.

Want power? SERVE!

Need more time? For what? Focus on the important thing: LOVE OTHERS!

Attention is more important than tension.

Want the answer to life? Here’s a place for hints!

Roses need pruning. What should you cut off?

You are a product, not a dividend. Multiply your goodness!

Research your awesomeness. Get to know how groovy you are!

I’m not interested in problems. I dig SOLUTIONS, baby!

Perfect your perfect self. Start here.

Don’t make yourself suffer just to make you tougher.

Fear is real. But what you fear is usually fiction.

Never expose yourself to extremely negative people.

Rub off on others in the best possible way.

Don’t just stand there. Wave at ME!

Little boy! Little girl! Tell that grown up inside you to have some fun!

Push the envelope. Mail a love letter.

Who’s counting your errors? Why should you?

Be the person your Mom thinks you are.

The reason I smile all the time!

Love kicks hate’s ass.

Just believe. It’s a life saver.

Don’t use excuses to generate bad behavior.

Do what you need to do. You know what that is.

The Verbal Surgeon LOVES YOU! Find out how . . . .

The Verbal Surgeon is IN!

Stand and wait and SMILE!

Your problems are OUR problems.

Get rid of those angry thoughts. Bury them!

Are your problems your own fault? Then YOU can solve them!

The remedy for depression:!

Go to bed before you go to hell.

Need a word of encouragement? SMILE!

Memory foam never forgets.

Exercise your mind. Visualize fun things!

Incredible! Amazing! YOU! And this podcast . . .

Listen to the small voice inside. It’s always right.

It’s not the show, it’s the content. Same for relationships.

Be NICE! The secret to success.

If you want to, you’re on the path. Desire inspires.

Volume UP! Feel good NOW!

Change your body, change your mood. Sit up straight, breath and SMILE!

We are all in the same boat. Planet Earth.

Heal your heart with forgiveness.

I’m not the person you think I am. That’s just part of me. ; )

When in doubt, listen to this!

If you have work to do, do it!

If you’re sad and you know it, help someone.

Attack negativity with overwhelming POSITIVITY. =20

It’s all going to work out. Focus on that FACT.

Give yourself the best gift ever. A brain lift!

In the first place resolve to get involved.

A spirit of heaviness is remedied by asking, “What’s good about this situation?”

Remember who you are. AWESOME, baby!

You always care for others. Care for yourself.

I LOVE feeling good. This helps! Good times!

The price of knowledge is study. Wisdom costs time.

Never fear what you can’t pronounce.

You’re the reason I wrote this.

Perfection is a concept not a reality.

Plug in. Tune in. GROOVE!

Include me in your plans. It makes me love you more.

I may be the reason, but not the cause.

Respond and be healed.

Never use never as an excuse.

I LOVE THIS PODCAST! Check it out!

The bread of life was never a twinky.

I’m not sure. That’s why I keep looking.

The place to find yourself? Inside.

That thing you’re worried about . . . did it happen the last time?

Get funky! In a cerebral way . . . .

Please. Please others. And you’ll please yourself.

I’m not the reason, I’m just a spectator.

The power you need is between your ears.

Negativity is a no no.

Turn you UP! This’ll help.

That part of your life your missing? It’s spelled SERVICE.

Perhaps the perfection you’re seeking you already have.

Don’t just stand there. . . shake someone’s hand and smile!

The fastest way to get ahead in life? Love.

Experience expert expertise! http://www.Verbal

Refocus your mind on what you REALLY want in life.

Objects don’t object. People accept.

Warm yourself by the fire of renewal.

Explain everything that NEEDS explaining. Otherwise just smile.

Rejuvenate that fun juvenile inside.

Take this to heart, you are AWESOME, baby!

Need a heart transplant? Smile every chance you get.

Respond to need for humor.

Build what needs to be built. Shelter yourself in your creativity.

The Verbal Surgeon is ready to ROCK! Check out

Get back to where you once belonged. Wise men sang that.

Who you love determines how much you love.

The flower in your garden reminds me of your smile.

Keep going and you’ll keep getting there.

Light up your head!

The reason isn’t as important as the result.

Review your successes regularly.

Interest yourself in others. Instantly be more popular.

Bind yourself together with ropes of love.

The time to listen is NOW.

We are all called. Answer.

Annoyed? What was humorous about it?

Preparation never replaces action.

Who is your teacher? Who are you teaching?

Grab a hold of life and ride off into the sunset!

Record yourself listening to others.

Who organized your brain?

Holding a grudge burns your hands too.

Defuse the situation with a smile and a knowing glance.

How? Like this!

What you finish is more important than what you start.

People are not stuff.

The reason why? Love.

Feel good? NOW!

Generate GREAT! Plug in to this . . .

Put some POP in your life!

Show your love. Grow your love.

I’m not the person you need. I’m just a fan.

Excuses are so last year.

I love you. Can’t beat that!

Let anger fade. Erase it with this!

You’re famous! Do you like it?

Manly men! Listen to women!

Love is a magnet. Use it!

Power is service.

Audio grooviness!

Be in love. It’s a great place.

Mean what you say. But don’t be mean.

How are you doing? How did you do it?

What do you want? That says a lot about you.

Negativity eraser.

Leave them alone unless you’re building them up.

Wants and needs. DIFFERENT!

Life is a know know!

Believe in yourself. I do!

Interest is a powerful aphrodisiac. Try this!

Smile! It’s the best face lift.

Affirm yourself first!

Negativity sucks the life out of you.

Just in case you forgot, you’re AWESOME, baby!

Take this to the bank and deposit it in your mind.

Explore more. Find.

Reinvent yourself. You control the script.

Anything to please isn’t love. But it’s a good place to start.

Your response is your responsibility.

Learn how to learn.

Read! What a concept!

When in doubt, take a nap.

The secret to success is love. That’s why it’s a secret.

You and me = grooviness!

Keep talking. Keep walking. Towards this podcast!

I dig you, baby! And you’re DEEP!

I think, therefore I smile.

Reconnect with your ability to connect.

Never mind the NO.

Turn yourself up!

I’m not your boss. I’m simply your Verbal Surgeon.

Reaction is still action.

Get it or get out.

PLEASE works.

Really? You can’t? Or don’t want to?

Research grooviness.

Involve yourself in others and life thrives!

I know the way to reach you. I listen.

The easiest way to grow is to rest.

How do you do what you do? Where did that get you?

Hold on to life! And LOVE!

God digs you. Dig Him back.

Why? Because you’re AWESOME, that’s why.

Need help? Help.

Why? Why not?!

Wind yourself UP! This’ll help.

Explanation not necessary. Just love me.

Love others. But love yourself FIRST.

Stand up for yourself. But not on top of others.

I understand. You helped me with that.

Put your brain on cruise control. Full speed ahead!

BREATHE DEEP! It’s a good thing!

Keep working, keep loving. Enjoy!

Love. Verb!

Is your life flat? Inflate with love!

You are unique in the universe! Dig this!

Create yourself in the best image.

Who makes you awesome? YOU DO!

Encourage yourself to keep smiling.

Put your best foot forward and hop!

Put some positivity in your life!

Better to cry than feel nothing.

Greet others with a smile, it’s value added.

The people you need, need you to need them.

Keep thinking about happy things! And feel HAPPY, now!

I never miss an episode, and I feel AWESOME, baby!

Never forget how AWESOME you are!

Keep moving towards what you want to become.

I know all about you and I’m glad I do!

Keep your fears in check by reminding yourself it ALWAYS WORKS OUT!

Fill yourself up with grooviness!

Life is short. Live with PASSION!

Don’t forget. Except the bad things.

Opportunity is missed by most people because it’s followed by work.

Give yourself permission to enjoy life.

I know this podcast will help you feel good, NOW!

I know that you know how good you are!

What does love mean? Care for others.

Say your name with love lips.

Speed is a relative thing. Hurry back!

Recording revelations!

In the first place, YOU!

What’s the reason you’re so AWESOME?

When in doubt, take a deep breath.

Don’t just stand there, SMILE!

Install this application in your brain.

Love me “as is.”

Make them an offer. They may say yes!

You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. You are not a slave!

Choose to love. YOURSELF FIRST!

Want the best? This’ll help!

Want an advantage? Smile and be friendly!

Who do you love? Quantity or quality?

Power inside, love outside.

Drop those negative feelings in the emotional dippy dumpster.

Walk the talk? RUN the talk!

If you know for sure, do something about it.

Pleasure is groovy. Love is groovier.

Love is a fuel. Fill up!

Change your life in small increments. =20

Where are you going? Directions here!

God is love. Seriously!

Spread smiles for miles.

Don’t worry. It never solves the problem.

Tell me why you’re worth loving. Remember that!

I LOVE this podcast!

Rejoice in the good things around you.

Positivity is positively groovy.

Just because . . . . really?

Ten reasons you’re awesome . . . .supplied by your powerful brain.

Try! Listen! Do!

Just the right person in just the right place. YOU!

Don’t give up, just give.

I’m giving up on negativity. It never got me anywhere.

Give people things they don’t deserve. Start with a smile.

Why? Why not!

Do you feel used? Plenty more where that came from!

With or without? Depends on what you want.

Rejoice in the knowledge that your are unique and AWESOME!

Action! It gets something done.

Take pride in yourself. Start here:

Who loves you more than you do?

Look down on other people at your own risk.

Fight? Love!

Who decides what you will do for the rest of your life? YOU, baby!

Pride comes before just about everything. Except this: http://www.VerbalSurgery.c= om

Rude people suck.

Why are you worried? Did the last thing you worried about come to pass?

Love. That’s an order!

What’s your right? What’s left after you love.

Stay calm. It always works out! This’ll help!

Do you like people that bark? Wag, baby!

Don’t fear what’s not carnivorous.

Keep score of the good things people do for you.

Bad sticks to you. Wash it off with good.

Love in audio form.

Are you happy when something bad happens to an enemy? That’s not happy, tha= t’s just sad.

The more you love, the more you’re loved. That’s the way it works.

Crush evil with love.

Suffering? Help someone else. You’ll immediately feel better.

I believe in the best part of you! This helped!

Take the bad things away? That’s not life. It’s not even good fiction.

You can’t make people love you. But smiling at them helps.

Remember that amazing thing you did? That’s because you’re AWESOME, baby!

Don’t be mean. I mean it!

Receive the grooviness around you. Start with this free gift! http://www.VeralSur=

I guess I’m right. I KNOW you’re right!

When in doubt, don’t scream and shout.

What fruit are you producing? Cactus or candy apples?

Love doesn’t always make sense. It just is.

Can do attitude in podcast form.

Really? You HAD TO? It’s all about the choices you make.

Supernatural isn’t normal. Unless your super.

Give me the love you’re saving for that special someone.

I’m not sure why they love me. They are!

Show me. AND tell me. Like this:

Love me. Love yourself. It’s a cycle.

Thank you! I appreciate your time and enthusiastic support!

Fill yourself with love until it leaks out onto others.

Out of your mind? I’m crazy about you!

Perfect perfection! This’ll help:

We need more loving and less loathing.

Knowledge isn’t a no know.

Thankfulness is an attitude and a way of life.

More than anything else in the world I want to love others.

Lavish goodness on yourself! Start here:

Don’t be crazy except about yourself.

What you don’t know CAN help you. Stop watching bad news.

If you know love, you no hate.

Don’t worry. Please.

Fills us up with happy thoughts:

What are you waiting for? Zero Hour is here!

Keep pushing. Keep wishing.

React to fear with love.

Every wish you have becomes what you “need.”

Yeah, baby!

First place doesn’t mean best place.

People don’t become naturally harsh.

Give and receive. BOTH.

Power under control. YOU.

Power station. Plug in!

Love overcomes. So come on over!

What power do you need? Look inside!

Put the FUN back in function.

What hurt you have is healed by others.

Use the BEST!

Leave if you don’t love.

Find who you really need. It’s not a what.

Give the best you can. Live with delight.

It’s not about what you need, you already have that!

Warm yourself by this FIRE!

Listen! It’s a super power.

Reach out beats preach out.

We depend on YOU.

Live your dreams. Wake up!

Your choices can trap you. Escape!

Get out of jail free! Your mind is the key.

We explore. We find. Explore MORE!

The hurt you feel, turn it down.

Don’t live in the CondemNATION.

Set yourself FREE! This’ll help!

It’s not about trying, it’s about doing.

It’s better to give than achieve.

Results not insults!

Prepare to achieve!

Make the life you lead AWESOME!

How you behave IS who you are.

Reverse the curse and LOVE OTHERS!

Renew the NEW YOU.

I know you can do it. So DO IT!

Power unleashed by audio grooviness.

Make haste. Speed good thoughts forward.

Why do you act the way you do? Because you’re AWESOME!

Love is my favorite four letter word.

Keep asking. Keep getting.

When psychology isn’t enough:

What distracts you attracts you.

Less commandments. More breath mints.

Be gentle with yourself. We only have one YOU!

Listen to the calm inside you.

The reason I feel AMAZING.

Now is the time. The minute hand is pointed towards you.

The way I am is affected by the way you are.

If you want to be free, walk through the door.

Who has tried to make you feel less than awesome? Stay away from them!

The shove in the right direction.

Your temper. Works on swords. Not on people.

Who is the REAL you? Remember who you are!

Your definitions of yourself bind you or release you.

Who can put you back together again! Super YOU!

The missing manual.

Be gentle. Kindness destroys anger.

How did you become who you are? Gene pool plus awesome action!

If you’re not trying, you’re lying. Especially to yourself.

Can you do what you can’t do? Depends on who said you can’t do it!

In the house!

Are you the servant or master? Master yourself. SERVE others.

Get your mind in a right on mode!

Your behavior is determined by your eagerness to serve.

What burns, can cook. Temper your temper.

Relationships on steroids!

If it’s not working out, maybe it’s not supposed to go that direction.

Apart from love? How’s that going for you?

What time is it? Time to LOVE YOURSELF.

What’s the best thing that ever happened to you? Was it people or thing related?

Praise yourself if others won’t.

You are a giant! We all look up to you.

Be sweet. We love candy.

Better is better than good.

Just keep looking and you’ll keep finding.

Try this way of looking!

Freedom is never free. Choices cost!

The place to start isn’t after the price tag.

People count on you. How many fingers do you have?

Worry is wasted energy.

Free! Yourself!

Never forget the price you paid to get here.

It’s never easy. That’s why it’s spelled LIFE.

Keep going. Keep growing. Keep knowing.

Because ain’t good enough.

Reverse psychology reversed!

Grow faith with tiny actions of possibility.

What we eat becomes us.

Bigger. Badder. Better?

Recognize the grooviness in your methodology.

Hot is relative. Check this out!

I am WE! It’s all about team.

The direction you’re headed. Notice it!

When the world is falling apart. Fall together.

Baby yourself. Except for the baby food part.

Generate GREAT! This’ll help

Borrow a smile from a child. They have plenty!

Plant smiles. Raise laughs!

Chip in. Give others a chance.

Anger isn’t a strategy.

Who loves you? Your Verbal Surgeon!

What part of “I dig you!” don’t you get?

Invite the best part of yourself to be in charge.

What protection do you need? From yourself?

What nation is the most powerful? IMAGEnation!

Get a grip! Yes, please!

I’m not sure. That’s what helps me know for sure.

Extreme anything is problematic.

Restrain your brain? I don’t think so. Get it?

Skill takes time. Give yourself that chance.

Will power! In half an hour!!

We’ll get there when we get there. As long is there is groovy.

External motivation doesn’t work. It’s all an inside job.

Inner strength. The only kind, baby!

Strengthen yourself with kindness and mindfulness.

THAT’S what I’m talking about!! JACK!

Temptation is a losing proposition. Except for gaining weight.

What works? What sits around on the couch? Different!

Spiritual is not a dirty word.

Just say KNOW.

Reject inner rejection. Accept this!

Try harder? Be harder.

The way to deal with that problem? Love.

Engineer your inner goodness. Love mechanic.

Who wants to be miserable? You make that choice.

Fear LESS!

It’s not all about YOU. But that’s what we’re interested in.

Handle conflict with care.

Are you irritable or irritating? SOOTHE!

Old things make new things. Notice the similarties.

Get what you want out of life.

What you say is what you get.

What is contrary to good is bad. Deal with it.

What you want isn’t always what THEY want.

Love is not seasonal. Nor reasonable.

I know you know! That’s why you listen to

Pay with your life. The price of the future.

Walk the talk. Run the talk. Best exercise EVER!

Just say YES!

Don’t fear what can’t look you in the eye.

PLEASE! Listen to this!

Under control. Over control. It’s a location in your mind.

Hear what you’re saying. It might surprise you.

The best place to be is with YOU!

Don’t walk when you can hustle.

TODAY. The day you get what you want.

Say KNOW to yourself.

There’s always deeper when you dig.

People make up all the problems and solutions in the world.

I forgot to remember that bad thing that happened to me.

Keep grooving! Keep moving!

Ends with a beginning. Most things.

How I live is matched by how I love.

Divide and conquer everything but yourself.

Most of the time I wonder about the rest of the time.

Time OUT! For this,

Mean spirit means sadness.

Give it all. Take back love.

Surrender to the will of love.

Power is love. Not control.

Keep listening. Keep glistening!

Surrender yourself to General Good Will.

Old doesn’t mean bad.

Over and over. How we treat our vices.

Who controls you? You choose.

Give it up and you’ll get it all.

Power in podcast form.

Wake up and look around! We’re in the most beautiful place in the galaxy!

Who you are is determined by who you want to be.

Don’t worry when you can take deep breaths.

Start the change we want.

Test your grooviness. Here’s the standard:

The best that I am pushed by my desire for change.

I am. Think about what that means.

Fruit doesn’t come from cactus. Watch your prickly self.

Good getting better. YOU!

Amplify your AWESOMENESS! This’ll help.

Hard people are softened by love.

Not easy, but exciting. CHANGE.

What are you waiting for? They may be waiting for YOU.

Be patient with yourself. Don’t doctor others.

A mental vitamin for your cerebral happiness:

How long do you forgive others?

How packed is your life? What can you off load?

A long time is defined by your patience.

Forgiveness is like scratching an itch.

Abound with LOVE!

How much do you put up with? Do you start with put downs?

Rub the rust off of trust.

Calculate your love by the number of times you smile in an hour.

What sets you off? Avoid those situations.

Turn up your grooviness!

If you see a wreck, swerve then serve.

Who do you wait on? Is hurry a blessing?

What you own, binds you.

Recon your talents, then use them.

The “a ha” moment you’re waiting for.

Put the happy in your face.

Who do you want to “fix?” They may think the same about you.

Love repairs. What do you think hate does?

Love large. Extra large.

Out of good feelings? Fill ‘er up!

The first place prize? You got it! What comes next?

How long can you take it? You have no idea how much further you can go.

Looking for the answer? Maybe you don’t want to hear it.

When in doubt, save someone.

Volume 10 excellence:

Outer space is nothing compared to inner space. Mind wide open!

Ready? Full speed ahead, baby!

Move slowly, but MOVE!

The cage door is open. Run!

Change! Here’s how:

Speed is relative. But stop is not speed.

Call out! And they will come.

When you find the answer, share!

You see what you look at. Unless you’re not expecting to see anything.

I know what you need. Because you’re AWESOME, baby!

Grow. It’s all about incremental progress.

Stand firm. Be supple.

We are group loving primates.

Watch your watch. Feel time drag.

The soft challenge. The hard target.

We will because we can.

Let those bad feelings slip away.

Why? Because YOU can do it!

Rerun those happy memories when you’re sad.

The place to erase all those bad feelings.

Grow excellence daily.

Be full of wonder.

Why? Because you we’re counting on you.

Wise up! Here’s how:

Give it your best shot! This’ll help your aim.

How long is a long time? Your definition determines your longevity.

Techno is not the solution. Love is.

The biggest trouble we run into we usually ran towards.

Rock solid is great for foundations bad for flexibility.

Podcast grooviness.

Are you there yet?

Don’t fight for gifts.

Things can’t love you back.

What you know you know may still be wrong.

Turn you UP!

You are the judge, jury and defendant.

Have faith in the faithful.

Who you need beats what you need.

Who can find what you need? YOU determine your needs.

Expect excellence!

You are amazingly talented. So share!

Manage your state. Happiness is a choice.

Where are you going? Look where you’re headed.

Hardest thing? Just show up!

Getting by? FLY!

What you expect of yourself you get.

What is enough? ALL!

What you do is not as important as who you ARE.

Clear your schedule for loving yourself.

POWER in an audio format.

Discover who you are and you’ll realize who you should be.

The gain you receive is determined by the game you play.

Who is accountable? The person who counts.

What are you investing in yourself?

Podcast POW!

Do it with gusto and get more done.

What you own is under your skin. The rest is on loan.

Better to meet up than beat up.

Your feelings are determined by your interpretations.

Your desire to change is always changes.

The church you go to changes you.

What sermon are you preaching?

Or goal is to build. Get skilled!

What are you missing? It’s right there!

Are your words building blocks or karate chops?

The promises you make take guts to deliver.

Are you a worker? Then WORK!

What makes you good? Who you are!

The rewards you get you deserve. Your service is your reward.

Who you depend on depends on you.

How big is big? How good is good? It’s all relative.

A little whale is HUGE. The biggest ant?

Give your best, then rest.

The cycle of work includes rest.

What do you want to hear? It may be whispering.

Punish evil. With love.

What are you waiting for? Permission? You give it to yourself.

If you don’t use it, lose it.

If you don’t need to see, why have eyes? Hearts are for love.

Look at you have. That’s more than 90% on the planet.

Weep with those that cry. Smiling doesn’t work at that point.

What you connect yourself to, binds you.

Who you yield to, controls the green and red lights.

What can you do? What CAN’T you do?

What is your job? Who is your job?

Your support may be invisible. Doesn’t mean it’s not there.

WE gotcha! JUMP!

You can’t do it by yourself. That’s why we’re here.

What kind of person are you? The kind you want to be? Be kind!

Open your heart and see!

The way you are is the way you should be.

Wonder why then do.

Attract love by loving.

Yeah, baby! This is AWESOME!

Go to bed when you’re tired. Secret of life.

Go until you’re ready to stop. Then walk.

You are the president of your mind.

Inspect and protect.

Listen and ENJOY!

Refuse to use that tone of voice.

Desensitize yourself to criticism.

Your body is a temple not a garbage dump.

What’s your right may still be wrong.

Here’s my advice. Listen to this! NOW!

If you don’t know you don’t grow.

One step is better than one hop.

The spirit is groovy!

Don’t worry if you can ACT!

First things first.

No need to explain pain. Turn the volume down.

Feel good. Have fun. Be nice.

Remember the members.

Who knows the best? Examine the result.

Free, but not cheap!

Down the street, around the corner, inside your mind.

What is your master?

Produce beneficial things.

Relationships not battleships.


Encourage the INside things.

What’s a habit? Gotta have it.

What is freedom? It’s not freedumb.

Who is the best? The person that asks the question.


Replace your reluctance with enthusiasm.

Life is. Use it!

Free to be groovy!

Recharge then CHARGE!

Perfect in every weigh.

Full speed ahead! Direction is everything.

Reinvent yourself. Tell yourself a different story.

Intelligence is better than stupidity.

Who you are determines how I see you.

Full speed ahead in your head!

Emotions rule. Logic explains.

All the way. Think it through.

Reduce the pleasure being mean may give you.

Meaning replaces being.

Negativity? Not on this podcast!

Picture this. You WIN! Now allow it to happen.

All other ideas are wrong. What THEY tell you.

Mental pollution. Negativity.

What you want determines who you are.

First place! YOU!

Best and then the rest.

Rejoice! You are groovy!

Never fear what can’t carry a 9mm.

Reduce doo doo.

Full term AWESOME!

Never say never. Ok, maybe once.

Half of the time you question statistics.

Use Love Language.

It’s not about truth, it’s about hurting feelings.

Turn you up!

Unite yourself with unity.

The joy you give yourself should equal what others receive.

Keep laughing, keep growing!

Instead of grrrrr, try HA!

Podcast whoooooo hoooooo!

Didn’t you know you’re getting better?

Wonder! It’s a way of life

Invent don’t dent.

Glory not gory.

“This podcast changed my life.”

Who you know beats who you no no.

Connections. It’s all about connections.

Network is WORK.

Where you live affects your life.

Tune in. Groove out!

Who do you belong to? Who bosses you around?

Mean what you mean. Doesn’t mean be mean.

Review what you view.

In what stage are you on stage?

Be a keenager! Listen to this!

Commit yourself to being the best you can be.

Listen = glisten!

You are my light. SHINE!

The best part about my life is hanging out with YOU!

Keep it groovy, baby!

Don’t worry if you can DO SOMETHING.

Audio awesomeness!

I’m not scared, I’m scarred. Heal me with your smile.

The life you look for is between your ears.

Inside is the pride you need to make it happen.

Guide me with your love.

The truth? Yep!

Belief has energy! Believe!

Get some awesome!

What are you proud of? Keep doing that!

Terrorists fall at the feet of happyists.

Act! Listen to this!

No one escapes! So do your best right now!

Where we live determines what we see.

Why? Because you’re groovy, that’s why.

Pain is an interpretation made in your brain. YOU CAN CHANGE IT!

Live like you mean it! This will help!

Connect the dots. Past, present, grooviness.

YOU are the answer we need.

Fun is the cool part of functional.

All things knew. Not yet!

Emotional uplift!

What is the answer to your problem? YOU! (All caps!)

What are you learning? More.

NOW, is the time. YOU are the answer.

Rejoice! More joy is always groovy.

Visualize yourself listening to this!

Things that are important are evident.

Weakness is overrated by the glum.

The sum total of what you know is equal to the action you take.

Benefit yourself.

The perfect answer to the perfect question.

You can see what you want by opening your I.

Don’t focus on the thorn. Get it out!

Who stands by you when you’re weak? ME!

The answer to the question? YES! GO!

Keep listening. Turn it UP!

Improve yourself. PROVE yourself!

The reason for pain? Growth!

Turn from those naughty things you do. You know you should.

What did you do that made you who you are?

Hear gear.

Do you need a committee to give you permission to DO IT!?

Listen, if you want to win her heart.

The secret to life is love. Pure and simple.

Who you love determines your self image.

Stand on this and JUMP!

What afflicts you reflects you.

Listen. It’s a super power.

Enough! What a concept!

When you think you need more, stop thinking.

Your choice, my voice!

Complain about the pain. Who’s listening?

Content with what you have = PARADISE!

Pain is painful. Turn the volume down. How? Focus attention somewhere else!

The power I need is inside ME.

The next BIG thing!

Attitude change. YOUR choice.

What you want. YOUR choice.

Bliss! YOUR choice.

Next? YOU!


The glory we want can be gory.

What will separate you from our love? NOTHING.

I dig you like your mom.

Be convinced! YOU are AWESOME!

Tune in! Sonic grooviness. . .

Keep asking. Keep growing.

Who will you believe? The loving friend.

Everything becomes new. Including you.

Nothing can stop the power of love.

Ear buds plus podcast = WOOO HOOOO!

Ignite cognition.

Eager is as eager does.

Don’t worry when you can do something.

Explore the depths of your grooviness.

Instead of griping, HOPE!

When in doubt, check this out!

Encourage the opportunity by careful observation.

No see, no do.

Instill the best part of who you are into your friends.

Get a grip, not a gripe.

Want the REAL reality?

Interest yourself in the best qualities of others.

Never fear what can’t drive a car.

Influence the outliers.

Tell the truth. It’s easier to keep track of.

Mental vitamins.

Don’t just stand there, bless someone.

I’m not sure. That’s what makes me curious.

LOOK! Something you’ve never seen before! Right THERE!

How did you get so AWESOME?

Success in a podcast format.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean it’s groovy.

Please. It’s such a powerful word.

Smile. Hello. 2 keys to most locks.

Never fear what is only a concept.

Look deep into my eyes and listen to this!

I’m not who you think I am. Neither are you.

Pleasure is the first place most people stop.

When you need to know, the answer will show up.

Don’t ignore more, know more.

Want the happy? Served up here!

Really? She told you that? Dude, give up on her.

What you tell me, I believe. Guard your words.

Just because you’re beautiful, doesn’t make you worth more.

The king of your brain isn’t logic, it’s IMAGINATION!

Every time I listen to this podcast, I feel good NOW!

The first time is hardest. Whether it’s naughty or nice.

I’m the person you always wanted as your mentor.

I need you. You need me. Get it?

Crazy haircuts disturb me in a pleasant way.

Open the doors of your perception.

Just because you can doesn’t mean your neocortex has signed off on it.

Logic is underrated by the emotional.

I know, therefore I blog.

Really!? You didn’t MEAN to? Think about it.

iTunes grooviness!

I believe. That’s enough for me to get results.

Please me and I’ll ease you.

Research your ability to search.

Never fear what doesn’t pay taxes.

Really want to know? Check here first!

Don’t eat peppers if you have a sensitive stomach. Same for relationships.

I’m sick of people saying they’re sick of something.

Griping sucks.

If you really want to know, yes. You ARE the key to what we need.

Wooo HOOOO! New podcast!

I know. That’s better than I no.

Negativity is a no no.

Come here and say that. I love you, too.

The best place to start is art.

No con zone.

I need what you are becoming.

Tired of being tired? Exercise! Counterintuitive, but true!

Black and white thinking. Morality on the half shell.

Just because. Really? That’s your excuse for not trying.

For the grey matter in you.

Scam yourself? Blame yourself.

I dig you. You’re deep1

The more I know about you, the further I get from sadness.

Add glad to every situation.

I listen to this podcast regularly. Now I feel AWESOME, baby! http://www.VerbalSu=

Smile! It’s an irresistible force!

I used to be sad. What a waste of time.

Bright and sunny. Your personality.

One more time. LOL!

Taste audio happiness!

The never mind severs happiness.

I remember when you first looked at me. My heart went WOOO HOOOO!!

Be aware. It’s the start of something marvelous.

Join me at the table for two in my mind.

The heart of the matter? Emotion.

Encourage yourself to trust more.

Don’t just stand there. Blow me a kiss!

Ok. I get it. You don’t really WANT to. Make sure you understand that.

Ready for take out!

Cute is as cute does.

I used to be bored. Now I stare at you and think of beauty incarnate.

Why? Because action is always better than boredom.

Release yourself from easy fear.

Download and turn up!

I really dig the person you’re becoming!

Think before you resist new ideas.

If you look at me, I’ll be SO happy.

That person you’re thinking about. Yeah, they dig you.

The deepest part of who you are loves this podcast!

You think you can do it? Of COURSE you CAN!

Never fear. Period.

I used to be scared. It never happened.

More power to the groovy!

Mind over muscle!

Realize why you’re afraid. False info.

Love is a many splintered thing.

WOW! You really are THAT GOOD!

I never thought we’d get together. I’m SO lucky!

Pretty podcast. Pretty AWESOME!

Value yourself first.

If you can’t love yourself, at least be friendly.

Reality is. Question it.

The more you think, the more you think you know.

The only thing better than wishful thinking is blissful thinking! http://www.Verba=

When I talk, people feel good, NOW!

Keep moving. Keep grooving.

Every place I go, I find people I really like.

Put yourself in my place and get some fun done.

Listen and KNOW!

The more I know about you, the more I smile when I think of you.

In place of no say “GO!”

I just keep on. That’s what makes me super groovy.

First, love yourself.

I am the Verbal Surgeon! Listen up!

Never wonder when you can find out.

I keep thinking, “Surely it’s going to get better.” It always does.

No. I really hate that word.

I’m a yes kinda guy.

This podcast has changed my life.

In. Small word. Big results.

You convinced me. You’re AWESOME, baby!

Every time I see your face I realize how lucky I am.

Your memory can focus. Shine the light on the happy.

Do you have a problem? What are you waiting for?

I used to be afraid. Not really.

What scares you? Imagine it was dressed in a pink tutu.

Generally is rarely accurate.

Actually, I DO love you!

I say the things I think. Dive into my mind!

Get over it. Get under it. Just get it!

I never eat with a full mouth. Same with thinking.

All the people I know remind me of all the people I know.

The value of thinking is self evident.

Set your mouth on bruise control. I did.

Power is never absolute. Except over yourself.

Don’t let them convince you of anything less than your awesomeness.

Remind yourself. I am GOOD all over!

Ok. I get that you’re tired. REST!

The most popular podcast on the web. (I did the res= earch)

Feel good, NOW! Yes.

I wonder and I wander. That’s how I got so groovy, baby!

I live inside my mind and create beauty.

You are SO beautiful.

I’m thankful for this podcast.

Keep reminding yourself how AWESOME you are.

If you find someone more positive than ME, let me know.

Just say KNOW!

Perfect perfection. I’m talking about you.

Bless yourself.

Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting more of what you got.

Waiting on reasons not excuses.

New isn’t always better. Marketing doesn’t make it so.

What you know you know is better than what you think you know. Ground zero for heroes!

I hate hate.

It just occurred to me, you concur!

The deeper you go, the more you glow!

Lock the door of doubt and throw away the key!

Audio excellence.

Self awareness. It’s a beautiful think.

What you said. Keep saying it.

What excuse are you using to excuse yourself from trying?

Crossing the ocean of impossibility at 38,000 feet.

Want to get more? Please more.

I think about you so often, I’m becoming you.

We resemble who we hang with.

Service is the key. Love is the door.

I feel the need for speed. Thinking at Mach 2.

Waiting is overrated by the fearful.

I used to think I was right. Now I just write.

Review your successes before you try again.

I need what you need. The secret of marketing.

Get on the Brain Train, baby!

I dig your limbic brain. Can you feel me?

Pleasure is overrated by stoics.


Lay down your life for those in need. Or at least smile at them.

What is your bread of life? Stuff?

Service = success!

Just keep going. It’s right around the corner.

Shhhh. Listen to this!

Edit the sequence of events in your mind.

Your mind a sandbox of delight!

Just because you’re AWESOME, that’s why!

In case of emergency, EMERGE!

Podcast pizzazz!

Criticism is EVIL!

Those thinks you did before, change your mind.

I choose YOU! You’re the total package!

Explore the depths of your grooviness!

Rise UP! This’ll help!

Just because you don’t know how, doesn’t mean you can’t.

Practice makes groovy!

Interest in others equals interest in YOU!

Doubt is the ability killer.

YOOOO HOOO! This is for YOU!

You catch what you throw your net over.

Escape is not an option. We’re here for the long run.

First place has room for YOU!

Regulate your desire to regulate.

Inspect yourself from this perspective.

Insulate yourself from mean people.

Turn yourself into something even MORE AMAZING!

If you fish don’t use the faiLURE.

Reality is variable.

I’m in the Reality AUGMENTATION business!

Roosters crow. You SING!

What do you want? Verify you don’t already have it.

Youth is reserved for the young at heart.

Meet your maker. Location? Between your ears.

Hard to understand? OVERstand this!

Knocked down? GET UP! You can DO IT!

You get what you serve.

Ignorance is a dance with a catchy tune.

Don’t NO yourself. Know yourself!

Respond! Click now!

Truth is imbedded in nature.

Who you know, knows you. Remember that!

Pull together or tear apart. Unity is groovy!

Fall in love with love.

Turn it UP!

Lift off! You are a ROCKET of awesomeness!

Feed the hungry for love.

Research me. Know yourself.

Trust is THE key variable.

Augment your reality!

Obey your desire to be NICE!

The first step is to get your shoes on.

What you love determines who you love.

Feed the hungry. My heart needs you.

PLEASE! Listen!

What you mean shouldn’t be mean.

Age is relative and relevant.

No one gets out of here alive. Make sure you LIVE NOW!

Put the LIVE back in lively!

Life is a roller coster, here’s the track!

Whooooo Hoooooo! That’s how I feel about hanging with YOU!

When you live like you’re alive you’ll THRIVE!

Miracle? Yes! YOU are miraculous!

More glory, less gory.

Tune in. Turn ON!

The only word more powerful than fear is forgiveness.

Tweak yourself!

Who gives you extra credit? ME!

What you did can be forgiven. We probably don’t even remember what you did.

Observe! Grooviness incarnate!

What you do cures you.

Today is the first day of the BEST day of your life!

Who you look up to shouldn’t look down on you.

Who you love doesn’t determine who loves you.

Fire UP!

Lay it on me, baby!

Laws are for the lawless.

Your complaints aren’t heard by anyone but YOU!

Who is the first to take responsibility? ME!

You get what you deserve. And what you earn.

Power OURS!

Keep going. Keep seeing. Keep being!

It’s not about me, it’s about US!

You get what you need! Think about it!

Guard your heart from hardness.

Listen and glisten!

Forget those bad times. Change them in your mind!

Turn towards the direction you need to go. NOW!

Your name is a representation of you. You are much, much MORE!

Amaze yourself with your grooviness!

When in doubt, turn it up!

NOW is the time. HERE is the place. YOU are the solution!

Call me. I’ll come a running!

The perfect place to start is directly under your feet.

Who you are is made up of what you DO.

Brain gain explained!

If you do it, you wanted to.

Who do you give your life for?

Smile like a child. The world is WONDER full!

Desire is a fire that warms or burns.

Massage in a message.

Your heart is art. And YOU are the artist!

We are here for you. Return the favor!

Your purpose in life is service. Pure and simple.

Today is the perfect time to START!

Accept acceptance!

Take and give away.

Promises are sturdy when YOU make them.

Someone nearby needs YOU!

Give what you got. Live like you’re hot!

Reduce negativity, jack up positivity!

CHARGE! Nuf said.

The best you can do. That’s all we ask.

Intense PLUS!

Please me. You are a living, breathing pleasure.

Concern burns within me. YOU matter!

The needs of the many never outweigh the needs of YOU.

Power to the people equals more love from you.

Energy drinks for your BRAIN!

Be an example of loving kindness.

Resonate with a happy song. Sing along.

It’s not about me, it’s about YOU!

Continue to love. It’s a way of life, baby!

At your service! Podcast POP!

Meet a friend. Grow your network.

Create! Grooviness incarnate!

Take a bite out of life and chew!

You are perfect just the way you will be.

Dig into this. It’s DEEP!

Renovate your mind with grooviness!

Resume what you gave up on. You can DO IT!

Your abilities are your responsibility.

SHARE! Get back more than ever!

Tired of being tired? CHARGE up with this!

Grab a hold of life, swing it around your head and fly!

Plant your life in the garden of your community.

Live the plan. GROW like you mean it.

Urge to surge forward.

Drive by cheering!

Impact the needs you have with the grooviness around you.

Go to happy school. Smile!

Leave a legacy. Mentor!

Your response: LOVE!

Take a happy pill. Here’s the pharmacy:

Give the gift of love. SMILE!

Who do you want to be? Just start!

One smile at at time. A giant leap towards feel good, NOW!

Move forward. Get there! Yeah, YOU!

My favorite podcast, by FAR!

Just because. Really? You are FAR better than that!

Renew that best part of you. It’s all about FOCUS!

Interest in others equals giant popularity.

INsight needs new glasses.

I am better because of this podcast.

Don’t do, BE!

The best place to start is within your grasp.

What part of “YOU’RE AWESOME” don’t you understand?

Explore your inner awesomeness.

Treat yourself to a brain candy!

Cover yourself with love from others.

Extra awesome. What I think about you.

Give ten percent of your life to others. Make a smile deposit.

Fire yourself UP! Read a good book.

When in doubt, LOVE!

Frowning is a waste of muscle resources.

What convinces you that you CAN DO IT?!

What you hold grips you.

Keep it going and you’ll see it leave.

Put some POP in your podcasts!

Never mind negativity.

Keep it easy and you’ll never grow.

Troubles come and troubles go. Don’t follow them, let them leave.

Praise yourself. Raise yourself UP!

Your brain is your responsibility. Here’s my response!

Never let go. Just a reminder.


What you believe either helps you float or sink.

Having a ball inside my brain! Join me!

Indulge yourself! Brain candy!

Get some awe and be AWESOME!

Place yourself beside the best you know.

Let grooviness rub off on you. Take care who you hang with.

Vibrate with the sound of love.

Rated #1 podcast by groovy cats.

Protect yourself against people that eat hate.

Say YES! to happiness.

Your tonality is your choice.

Perfect exactly who you are.

Love is a verb. It sounds like this:

It’s the Power Hour! Take time to absorb it.

Never refuse what you can reuse.

The world is make believe. And you are the author.

The source for resource!

Lead me with glee.

Reduce your use of the word no.

Recover your delight in the little things around you.

Look in my eyes and see your reflection.

Deep. REALLY deep.

Fall down. Get up. Now fly!

Put your hand out and pull someone up. Bicep positivity works!

Where are you? On the trail from where you were.

Deliver the good news! YOU WIN IN THE END.

Tune in to a NEW YOU!

You find what you look for.

Power pushes AND pulls. Do both.

Don’t jump from the relationSHIP. You’re the captain!

Kill doubt! It’s on it’s debt bed anyway.

Get a piece of peace.

Don’t rob yourself of the joy of smiling.

You receive what you believe.

Who’s your daddy? It’s not a genetic thing. It’s a love thing.

Abundant love. Overflowing grooviness.

Qualify yourself! Top shelf quality!

Get on the right side of happyland.

Take what’s yours. Give love.

Look! See! ENJOY!

Groove on this!

Just in case you forgot: You are AWESOME, baby!

Concentrate! Focus creates beauty.

Exhaust exhaustion. Supercharge!

Negative thinking equals negative living. You become what you think about.

Listen power!

Do you need your wants? There’s a difference.

Lead me. I dig you, baby!

Safety is risky business.

You are RIGHT! Now what’s left?

Wash your brain with this!

Generosity is a gift.

What breaks you makes you.

Blow your mind not birthday candles.

Your brain is golden! Shine!

Explore more! Start!

You are a beautiful animal. Lithe and awesome!

The beast inside me. Logic.

Command yourself to be happy, NOW!

Want to feel good? Help them!

Mobile grooviness.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Wherever she leads, I’lll go.

Precious life. Doesn’t get better than that.

Relive your happiest moments. And feel good, NOW!


Turn towards what lightens your load and lights your face.

I’ve seen what you saw. But not from YOUR angle. You are special!

Open your mind and pour some grooviness in.

Focus on the trip not the destination.

Power podcast. Happy power!

Want to know the future? You WIN!

When should you act like a winner? You ARE a winner now!

Whiner or winner? YOU choose your tonality.

Exile your negative thinking. Accelerate exhiliration!

Why? Because it helps you grow.

It’s all about timing. It’s time to feel GOOD, NOW!

Ready to go or steady too slow? Full speed ahead, baby!

Danger is an option. Anger isn’t.

Explode with HOPE! It’s going to work out!

Turn yourself UP! Be loud and proud!

Faith in yourself is well put.

Destroy those negative thoughts with positive oughts.

Don’t just stand there. Wave your arms and fly!

Flood your mind with happy thoughts. Float on smiles!

Right on! Lift off!

Afraid of fear? What a motivator!

Feel what you want by focusing on happy times.

Trust yourself or rust yourself.

Look at me in a mirror and remind yourself “I am AWESOME!”

Get to clickin’!

Pretend to mend. Experience healing. (Play is the first step.)

Remember to remember the good times. They’re coming back!

No! No more negativity! It’s a lfe suck.

Who you hang with determines how you act. AND how you FEEL!

You are awesome! Get AWESOMER!

Free your mind. Take the price tag off.

Justice is nice. Nice is nicer.

Act like you’re happy. Become happy. Acting becomes being.

Cross the river of fear on the Love Boat.

Make sense of your life. Not just dollars.

Who you trust determines what you trust.

Scared? It’s not going to happen!

Sad? Hold on! Miles of smiles are on the way!

Risk love. It’s worth it.

Good things make GREAT things.

Say it! “I am AWESOME, baby!”

The love of a father for his son. That’s how I feel about YOU!

Explore the tiny things. They make the big difference.

Influence is IN. Outward bound baby!

Radio head. Tune into a new YOU!

Near or far, I’m still right here. Reminding you how AMAZING you are!

Intelligence doesn’t do much if it’s not paired with grooviness.

Give forgiveness. Receive peace.

Who loves you? Everyone!

Tune in, turn on. Feel AWESOME!

Look up! That’s how far you’re going.

It’s not about competition, it’s about cooperation, partner!

You are the solution, not the problem.

Be who you really are—AMAZING!

WOW! This podcast makes me feel GOOD, NOW!

Encourage yourself with the acts of kindness.

Charge yourself! Plug into the beauty around you. And IN you.

Value yourself. We do!

The way to go is not so slow.

Wrap your head around this. It’ll make you feel AWESOME!

It’s the people around you that make you who you are.

We become who we hang with.

Desire is a fire. Handle with care.

Fear is so ungroovy.

Podcast your mind into AWESOMEland!

Forever is right now over and over. This time is YOURS!

Pain is a translation of nerve cells. Try another language and feel GOOD, now!

Always is a looooooong time. You won’t always feel sad. Happy times are on the way!

The word of God is LOVE. He’s crazy about YOU!

Dreams are real. Live it! This’ll help!

Knock on the door and come on in! Happyland always has room for one more.

The place to change is between your ears.

Listen to me. Your mom was right. You are AWESOME, baby!

Interest in others equals giant popularity.

Man! This podcast tastes GREAT!

Don’t be amazed by how amazing you are!

Truth isn’t relative. But your relatives can tell the truth.

What belongs to you, share! Double your blessings!

Give the gift of smiling.

Tune in to a groovy you!

Courage means doing what you know you should do.

Sweet words = sweet lips!

Whisper love, shout like!

Be special because you ARE special.

THE #1 rated podcast in my house!

Success is. Claim it.

I dig you, baby!

Be #1! Unless #32 is more interesting and fun for you.

Cross the river by building the bridge you need. Or swim!

Feel GOOD!

What is yours? Does it bring you happiness?

Service is on the street to feeling good.

Promise yourself to be PRO.

Past is gone. Except in your head. Edit out the bad bits.

Blast off, rocketman!

Everything that belongs to you, longs for you.

Know what you need. No what’s not.

The answer you need is inside you. LOOK!

Live like your life depends on it!

A guide book to the guide books!

Experiment on yourself. Good thoughts work!

Positivity works!

Look forward to where you’re going! Life’s a trip!

Belong to those who long for you.

Scared? Scarred? Brand new you!

The first place trophy gathers dust. The champion doesn’t need it.

Change is underrated by the hopelessly stable.

Try isn’t do.

Go! It’s a wonderful world out there!

Headphone plus Recipe for FEELING GOOD.

Waiting to die? Or wanting to LIVE? Go, baby, GO!

ASk for what you want. Verbalize desire.

Where am I? With YOU!

Old? Young? Who defines age?

Whoa! Time to listen!

Want success? Love others.

Petrify or electrify? Choose!

Actions deliver. Period.

The more you listen, the more you glisten!

Don’t just think when you can FEEL GOOD, NOW!

Explore the reasons you are so AWESOME, baby!

Never encourage bad, sad or mad thinking.

Look me in the eye when you tell me you LOVE ME!

That’s right! Rate #1 podcast in groovy user land!

I’m not the person you want me to be. But neither are you.

Pushing yourself is so right now!

Why discourage when you can speed them up?

I’m not sure. That’s what makes me eager to learn.

Curiousity. It kills cats and cures brains.

Just keep doing what you’re doing. Do they know where you want to go?

Put yourself in their shoes and run like hell.

I dig you baby! How did you get to be so GOOD!?

Just because is not a reason. It does work, however.

Wow! This podcast is AWESOME! 2 minutes and I was HOOKED!

Don’t just stand there, make up a haiku.

If at first you don’t succeed. Update!

Really? You really didn’t know that was going to happen?

Yes, of course you’re the most amazing person I know!

Just when I thought I couldn’t get any better, this podcast appeared!

The more I think about you, the happier I get!

I know what you’re thinking. I heart you too.

You always heart the ones you love.

Pushing. Pulling. Shoving. Sliding. Whatever it takes to move you!

Whoooo EEEEEEEE! Give me more of this podcast!

Don’t just stand there. Count your blessings.

Thank you is SO powerful.

Want more? Say THANKS and really mean it.

It’s not about grabbing it and running. It’s about luring it and funning!

I know where you’re coming from. This is where I’m going to:

Please me. Ease me. The call of the mild.

Return those mean statements with compliments. Confuse the bruiser.

Forget nevermind. Adopt forevermind.

Just because won’t work any more. Just because.

Turn it up. Brain’s a rocking!

You are what you read.

If you want me to help, just ask. And keep on asking.

Want to go to outer space? Try inner space and launch!

People are SO needy. Love hungry.

What I want. When I need it.

There’s no excuse for that excuse.

The reason you’re popular is because you’re AWESOME, baby!

Please. Just use it.

What you must do, you will do.

Leverage rocks! This podcast is a really big carrot!

Every time I look at you, I’m reminded of the definition of AWESOME!

Never fear if you can change the channel.

Measure your pleasure.

A resounding, “YES!” When asked, “Should I listen to”

Burst with joy!

What grips you? Don’t let it gripe you.

The first thing to do is count.

Negativity is a no know.

The most popular podcast for generating GOOD feelings!

Power is overrated by the unhappy.

Stand for what you believe in. Crouch from the rest.

Your source of strength is YOU plus ME!

Rub the rust off of trust.

Revelation of elevation.

On purpose. Propose!

Regulate personal regulations.

Who loves you? Me!

Push yourself towards worth.

Relating to others is more than just a status update.

Love is more than kin deep.

Group love with kindness.

The shock of love. Right here. Right now.

We all need what you are.

What can you control? What you listen to. Do it!

Do you feel guilty? Love others and be forgiven.

Be where you want to be by going where you want to go.

Perfect perfection by reflection.

Pressure of pleasure. More? Enough!

Brain cleaning the fun way!

Who do you want to be? You’re already AWESOME!

Confidence is not a con. It’s a reason.

The result of effort are results.

Who are you close to? Who do you close yourself off from?

Mouth to brain resuscitation.

Go! Such a powerful word.

Comfort is the enemy of progress.

Living is giving. Death keeps for itself.

Be the person you want to be. Now!

Turn it on! Turn it up!

Your reward is your fault.

Who makes it happen? (Put your name here.)

You may deceive others. Don’t fool yourself.

If you were naughty, say you’re sorry.

Solid right on goodness!

Don’t deny what you naturally agree with.

I dig you baby! You’re AMAZING!

Energy is synergy with desire.

Pay up! You owe it to yourself.

Naturally groovy!

Let’s get this party started. You’re brain is all dressed up and ready to GO!

Never resist the desire to be a sweetheart.

Every time I see you I feel good NOW!

Part of healing is ALLOWING yourself to get better.

Yeah, baby! This podcast is the BOMB!

Just because is not a strategy.

The power to improve is the PROOF that you are amazing!

Let go of the heavy feelings. Love is LIGHT!

Choose the right person to see what’s left.

Do it as soon as possible!

The biggest problem I have is also the answer. Me.

Do you want forgiveness? Forgive!

Who pays for your emotional bills? Your heart. Pay up!

You are not in the condemnation business. Unless you desire great sadness.

Take a love shower.

Memory is a thankless bitch.

You may be right. Doesn’t make you cool.

Be free! Unlock yourself.

Please me! The call of modern life.

Love is heart work.

Wonder! It’s a mind builder.

Don’t worry if you can do something about it.

Kindness is its own reward.

Listen and glisten!

If you must know, yes. I did it because I wanted to.

Be your own think tank.

Instruction is better than pointing and yelling.

Placement is more important than replacement.

Super WOW!

Critical people suck. Although I would never tell them that.

Worry is so heavy.

Use your paradise eyes.

Another day, another holler! Woot!

My favorite podcast!

Just because you can doesn’t mean you will.

Where there’s a will there’s a weigh.

Never talk when you should be listening. Wisdom is knowing the difference.

Eager beavers give a damn.

The promoters promotion.

Put yourself in their shoes and run.

The best is rarely mean.

Helping others IS the secret!

Please others. Secret to business success.

You’ve never listened to! You are missing out!

Want happiness? Focus on others.

Push yourself towards excellence!

If pushing doesn’t work, pull.

Act like you know. You’ll surprise yourself with how much you DO know.

If I was stuck on a desert island, I’d want to be with this podcast!

Banish the nevermind.

I know. That’s good enough for me.

I’m not sure. That’s why I can see.

What you need you have.

Crank it UP!

Pleasure is a treasure. But you can’t eat gold bars.

Did it do you some good? Otherwise drop it.

Be careful what you ask for. Desire is a fire that burns.

Enjoy your grooviness!

Water yourself with this!

Pain is a mental focus. Change focus, banish pain.

Love is a need, not a want.

Explain yourself with your actions.

Just be nice.

Vanish banish. All are welcome here.

People know because they guess and agree. Doesn’t make it true.

I dig you, baby! How did you get so good?!

The price of wisdom is time.

Encourage the best in yourself.

Expect the best. It’s YOU!

Don’t wander, WONDER!

Be careful with yourself this year.

Place yourself in the winners circle!

Podcast uberness!

Don’t take what’s not yours for the taking.

Explain pain with dispassion.

Interest in others equals lots of friends.

Just because, you’re AWESOME!

When in doubt, listen to this!

It’s my favortite thing to do. Hang out with YOU!

I dig you, baby. How’d you get to be so GOOD?

Explanations are so 20th century. Give me a witty excuse.

Perfection is within your grasp!

Play nice! Listen to this!

Vitamins for your brain. Tweetness!

Just because you’re right doesn’t make you my boss.

I’m never sure I’m sure. Flexible intelligence.

When you decide, you avoid options.

WOW! This podcast is AMAZING!

PLEASE is a devastingly powerful word. Use it.

Involve yourself with other’s development.

If you must know, YES, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

Why ask for something that you know will hurt your feelings?

The ability to listen to this podcast CHANGED MY LIFE!

Just because she said, “No” doesn’t mean your life is over.

I’m only interested in you because you’re AWESOME, baby!

New Year, Old Values.

Erase any trace of bad attitude in 2012.

Take THAT, bad attitude!

I like not knowing for sure. Keeps my eyes open.

Don’t just stand there, tap your foot and whistle!

Happiness is a CHOICE!

I’m always looking for new ways to make you HAPPY!

Sonic Grooviness! Podcast POP!

Momentum! You got it, baby!

Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.

I’m crazy about YOU!

The point of life isn’t sharp.

I know you know. That’s why you listen to this!

I’m getting to the point where I forgot the question.

Excuse my excuses.

Let’s be reasonable! Logic is sexy!

The first time wasn’t your fault. Habits are.

Who’s pulling your strings? Push them with this!

A person’s value is tied up in his self worth.

If at first you don’t succeed, listen to this!

I used to be upset. Now I’m just UP!

Be careful. Full of care for others.

Invigorate yourself!

Push towards what pulls you forward.

Power to please is power indeed.

The only way. Push play!

Reverse engineer when you were happy.

Play well with others and others will play well with you.

Don’t be discouraged! You’re going to make it!

Don’t ask if you don’t want.

Grooviness in podcast form!

Say PLEASE in a demanding way.

Beggars can be choosers. Choose not to beg.

Establish the reason why first.

Reconstruct your self.

OMG! A new podcast!

It’s not why you did it, it’s that you did it.

Engage your mind with beauty. Look at THAT!

It’s never too late to start again.

Pain is my doctor’s friend.

Explore this podcast! It’s AMAZING!

Count on yourself to do the right thing.

Explore the part of you that is amazing!

Writing the wrongs in life is not resume enhancing.

Play like you mean it!

Listen! You’ll be glad you did!

Do not disturb. Unless you want progress.

Don’t worry. Do something.

Plans without action? Planning to fail.

Encourage the child in you.

Best podcast in the dad gum world!

Just in case you forgot… You’re AWESOME, baby!

Explanations are worthless without context.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you will.

Remember when you felt really good!

Podcast WOW!

Fear is the brake on escape velocity.

Never hold what can get a hold on you.

Interest in others is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

The rich man’s tonic:

Play well, stay well.

Encourage your desire to help others.

Repair relationships before starting new ones.

The first place to start is the last place to end.

What I want, when I want it.

Never remodel what should be left alone.

Upgrades are many people’s downfall.

Stay the same without the blame.

You leak air when you speak. Listen. It’s inflating.

I’m proud to listen to this!

Never worry. When did it ever help you?

The fastest wins the race. Unless you hold the starting gun.

If at first you don’t succeed, how do you know?

This podcast makes me feel AWESOME.

Just because you’re bald doesn’t make you less valuable. Extrapolate.

Beauty never lasts. But it can come first.

I’m not sure. That’s why I keep trying.

The pleasure of listening!

Being right doesn’t make you nice.

Being wrong can take you down some amazing paths. Just make sure that’s where you want to go.

I never give up on you.

You amaze me. I could get lost in you.

I keep finding more things to like about you!

Diamonds inside!

Register you name in the book of interesting things.

I’m not crazy. Just about you!

Time change happens twice a year. Mind change should too.

Podcast grooviness!

Think different! Be different.

The more you know, the less you know you knew.

What you look for determines what you’ll find.

The better you are the happier you look.

Don’t wait on your weight to be perfect.

Explore what makes you tick and other’s heart beat

I dig this podcast. It’s shovel ready!

Be the person you need to make you the person you want.

Interest starts with IN. Focus your direction!

Kindness increases with your joy.

WOW! WOW! WOW! That’s what I think about this podcast!

Never give in when you should give.

Perhaps the most powerful word: YES!

Don’t fear what can’t scratch you.

If you must know, YES, you are the reason I’m here. THAT’S what I’m talking about!

Information nation. Doesn’t necessarily make you better.

The amount of knowledge you have doesn’t equal the amount of wisdom you need.

Play! It’s a magic word!

Keep fear near and you’ll increase your work load.

Just keep laughing! It solves most problems.

Listen till you glisten!

What you worry about doesn’t happen 99% of the time. Remember that!

1% of people generate 99% of the fun.

The work of thinking makes up for the play of acting.

If at first you don’t succeed, smile and look mischievous.

Get your head on straight! Listen to

Don’t just stand there, wave!

The place you want to be used to be where you were.

Motion plus emotion equals progress!

Never wonder if you can do it, field test it!

The Surgeon is in. WAY in!

The place you want to be is located just beside where you are now.

I’m an engine. Start me up with your smile!

Memory is a tireless bitch.

What you think about makes you who you ARE!

Podcast POW!

Thoughts are real. Actions are realer.

Just keep doing it! Unless you want a different result.

Complain is related to pain. It’s hurts me to listen to complaining.

Be an eager beaver and build a damn.

iGrooviness for iTunes.

I’m not sure. That’s what makes me agile.

Just keep doing what you’re doing and wonder why you’re not moving.

It’s not the only reason, but it’s enough!

Generate hate, penetrate grief.

Love is a verb. Just do it!

Feel good, NOW!

I’m not interested in why you can’t. I’m interested in why you don’t!

Never remember what’s better to forget.

Argue with me, revoke my friendship.

Discussion should leave out the cussin’.

Amaze yourself. Raise yourself!

Revoke your ability to choke.

The more fuel you need the longer it takes to get started.

Easy come, easy grow.

Learn from my success!

Put yourself in the middle of what you need to do and watch what happens.

Argue with yourself and lose both sides.

Be your best friend first and your enemies melt away.

Pleasure is a two edged word.

I’m not talking, I’m ROCKING!

What you get is what you asked for.

Never be negative.

Enjoy all that comes to you with open arms and closed harms.

Review your gifts. Enjoy your life.

Get this or get left.

The first step towards success: shoes.

Just because you can doesn’t mean you will.

Explore the bottom of the wishing well.

Cash money! What a 20th century concept.

Groovy got a whole new bag!

We are bits on information floating in a data hungry world.

Know yourself. Start with why are you reading this?

Self help is the only help most people need.

Try harder! Effort is everything.

Audio excellence!

Enthusiasm is a magic word!

Smile! I dig you, baby!

Please. Be kind to yourself today.

The measure of a man is his desire to help others.

I’m not joking. This podcast changed my life!

The place to go, the face I know.

I dig the way you dig me.

Keep on growing. Soon you’ll flower.

Buds make flowers. Friendships make joy.

Fire hose of positivity.

Explain your pain with words and you joy with gestures.

If you must know, yes. YOU are the critical factor.

I used to think you were right. Now I wonder why you’re mean.

Interest yourself in something other than yourself.

The players playground.

I’m not sure. And I’m not insecure.

Just because you’re sharp doesn’t mean you should draw blood.

The plan you want may not be what actually works.

Low expectations beat no expectations.

What’s your mission? How much for admission?

What’s urgent matters.

There’s a madness to their method.

Skinny jeans don’t make you thin.

You’re reality doesn’t equal meality.

Both is better than either or.

Check it out before you check out.

Methods aren’t just about ME.

Success focuses on YOU.

Set your mind on the things that matter.

Count on me and I’ll be there for you.

More glory, less gory.

Don’t be temporary, try timporary.

Blood is thicker than water. But I don’t want a cup of blood.

Responsability is taken not given.

What kind of tool are you? We each have a job that only we can do.

We learn every day. What are you inputing?

Goals start with GO!

Expand vision. Not more channels of television.

Roll uphill.

Blink, then look. Magic happens all around us.

Burdens shared lighten. Especially big boxes of light bulbs.

Find your foundation. Build on it.

Clarify don’t rarify what you believe.

What’s your purpose in life? Pleasure?

Keep the end in mind, not behind.

Keep clear or steer clear.

Cozy = dozey.

The rest is rarely the best.

Bored with life? Jack yourself up!

How to is more important than why.

Challenge yourself. And feel good NOW!

Dependance on others equals self doubt.

Just do it. Be careful how you define “it.”

Your ability isn’t based on your desire.

Programs aren’t the answer. People are the answer.

How do you know if you’ve arrived if you don’t know where you’re going?

Nets catch more than what you’re fishing for.

Invite love into your life.

Greet greatness with open arms.

Where are you on a scale from one to ten? Ten, baby!!

Sometimes you need a message. Others a massage.

Follow up! Customers for life.

Angry? Who are you hurting?

Major on the majors. Or mine the minors.

Winding you up. Grooviness works!

Multiple environments, maximum engagement.

Dynamic! Woooooo Hoooooo!

Strategic doesn’t mean anemic.

Power isn’t a four letter word.

List your catalysts.

Change isn’t dirty word. But it can get you dirty.

Connection is more important than explanation.

Habit kills or skills.

Please is such a sweet word.

Work harder. Or please more. Both get to the same place.

You are what people say you are. At least to them.

Formally invite me into your head.

To know and not to do is not to know, it’s to no.

Articulating your grooviness!

Every time I see you I feel good NOW!

What is life teaching you by the challenges you’re facing?

Be a baby! Everyone loves babies. (But we don’t dig crying.)

What I teach I preach.

The key question is “What makes you so AWESOME?”

Let’s work together hand in hand, smiling as we go.

I know you love me. Cuz I love you TOO!

Lead me if you need me.

Consider the downside, then do it any way.

I dig you baby! Because you’re DEEP.

Love starts at home and ends in your head.

Resonate with those around you. Sound good? Exactly!

Don’t step on the grass roots.

Train my brain. For my own good.

My fee is free. My product is a better neurology! Yeah, baby!

Fire up, or get fired.

Why? Because you’re AWESOME, that’s why!

Uncomfortable is a good place. Change happens.

When you see someone sad, smile at them. Facial reconstruction works.

Replace hassle with hustle!

Want to succeed? Just show up!

Bad attitude is a living contradiction.

Excel in excellence.

Knock on the door you want to open.

One man’s garbage is another man’s verbage.

Lack of direction equals immobilization.

Where you sit determines what you learn.

Are you a teacher or a demonstrator? It’s either or.

Determination shouldn’t deter you from action.

Mentoring is a skill set we ALL need.

Passion is contagious.

Full speed ahead, in your head!

What you ask for is determined by who you ask.

Love more. Hate less.

Will power is more important than won’t power.

Sweet beats sour. Especially in relationships.

Prayer is a power. Access it.

Ask for what you want.

I kneed the needy.

Our way or the highway. Really? There’s already a traffic jam.

Touch without the ouch.

Smiling instantly makes you better looking.

Hurt others? Look in the mirror.

Draw a circle and include others.

Serving is not a prison sentence.

Retire your bad attitude. Send it to Florida to sit on the beach.

Don’t miss the AWESOME world around you. Engage!

It’s not about resources it’s about your source!

Collect junk, live in a junkpile.

Know the difference between substance and substandard.

Direction implies motion.

Invest in your relationships with your loved ones. TIME!

Let others know you love them. Say it. Write it. Do something.

What you model is mimicked.

Mirror the best people you see and you’ll appear AWESOME.

What’s the fastest way to succeed. Start!

Solid, fluid, gas. Which are you? Why?

Attention creates tension. In a good way!

One on one. It’s the basis of everything.

Are you building a building or a relationship?

Waiting equals more time to get there.

Networks are work. But the net result is success.

Shift starts with IF.

Lift others, raise yourself.

Whose fault is it?

Rock on! Better to be gravel than grovel.

Hold a candle or build a lighthouse.

Penetrate the culture with your love!

Impact your mind with vitamins.

How good you are is determined by how much you love others.

Value equals leadership divided by love.

Excitement generates energy.

You’re running. Are you moving?

There’s a difference between diving and sinking.

Where you go is determined by what you know.

Be the person you want to be, but love yourself NOW.

Who do you love? Start with yourself.

We are all in the trenches. Let’s move forward! I’ll take a bullet for you!

Sharp people sharpen others.

Dig others and they’ll dig you.

Play! You’ll be glad you did.

Work is underrated by the lazy.

Get together and be something special.

We need each other. We all bleed red.

Invest in people. You’ll see gigantic returns.

Community starts with me.

Influence the outliers.

Harden your heart at your own risk.

What do you have faith in? Yourself?

Confidence is a fence around doubt.

Reward yourself with the Groovy Award.

People are people. We are all the same.

What really changes?

Positive thanking = success.

What do you blame on God? Look at your actions first.

Live in the content tent, rather than the ouch house.

Future isn’t for the few.

What really belongs to YOU? Enjoy!

Status quo owes nothing.

Curiosity skilled the cat.

Walk with me. I love listening to you.

Victory is a tree with thorns.

What do you idolize? Stuff?

The unseen is eternal.

Better to forgive than give.

The gift you want is wrapped up in forgiveness.

Train yourself. Explain it to others.

What reward have you earned?

Comprehensive isn’t pensive. The more you know the less you worry.

What’s wrong with being wrong? You have the right to be right.

Your ability isn’t as important as your enthusiasm.

Go getters trump can doers.

What lies do you want to believe?

The first step is the hardest.

Take your fear away by trusting in your relationships.

Life is the answer. Why is the question.

The future is in your mind not your behind.

The path to happiness has yield signs.

Internalize who you should be.

NO, NO, rarely means YES, YES.

Laugh, and the world laughs with you.

Rare doesn’t always mean I want it.

Scars are groovy, baby! They define us on our body.

Better to love than to loathe.

Put more on purpose in your day.

Never love accidentally.

Just do wit!

Why is so much better when you know who.

Never ending story line.

Power hour. Or at least 30 minutes.

Blunt trauma from bad words. Avoid them!

Keep on, keeping up!

Run towards success barefoot.

The whole procedure involves filling the hole.

Priority is a slippery slope.

Who do you want to represent you? This is a DIY world, baby!

One standard for everyone? Does one size fit all? Why do public schools act like there is?

If you have an issue with someone blame your conscious.

Keep trying, even when trying doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Such a princess! Priceless!

Follow me and I’ll lead you into happy days!

If you really want to know, only the first time counts.

People pay for what they want. THE business model.

Exploratory hard surgery. Another word for “practice.”

Just keep doing what you’re doing if you want to keep getting what you’re getting.

Pleasure doesn’t make diamonds.

If at first you don’t succeed, could be worse.

Never say never unless you mean it.

Keep moving and you’ll keeping finding.

Location based business is so last century.

The world is your oyster. http://www.VerbalSurgery is the pearl.

If all else fails, be nice.

You think you got what you need to succeed? You’re right!

Keep blasting away. Soon all will be shrapnel.

The negative people on this planet target the optimists.

I’m tired of hearing people say they’re tired. Nap!

Maybe is such a lame way to say “no.”

The first place to look is rarely where you find it. The last place always is.

Discourage me at your own risk.

My mind is a zip lock bag that I keep stuffing stuff into. Now what did you say?

Be careful what you wish for. And note what you have.

Find gold by looking where gold is found.

Courage is a gift wrapped in fear.

Open your mouth and say AWEsome!

Worry sucks. The life out of you.

What good did negativity every do you?

Respond with kindness. React with smiles.

Take that mean people! And hand them a gift.

Ouch! Words hurt. Website wonderland for your head.

Mind what I tell your mind.

Want perfection? Look in the mirror, baby!

Don’t just stand there, fly a kite.

The more string you have the less an inch is worth to you.

Just keep looking for the answer. Or else ask a different question.

Want to know the secret of life? Love others.

Close the door on boredom by opening your eyes to what’s in front of you.

It’s not that they don’t like you. It’s that they don’t like themselves.

The common man isn’t. YOUnique.

The story of my life.

Want to get ahead in life? Invest in yourself.

Travel broadens the mind and thickens the skin.

If they hurt your feelings regularly, you need new friends.

Pleasing others results in self happiness.

Pardon me. And I’ll pardon myself.

The needs you have are filled by your friends.

The more you give the more you get.

The whys of life or answered by the whos in life.

Greater than your worry, greater than your needs. God.

Who pays for the naughty things you do?

Share. Care.

The place that you hurt is healed by the face that you wear.

Allow yourself to move forward with happy plans.

Broadcast love. Personalize kindness.

Anger is. Love conquers it.

Worry about worrying.

Ice cream dreams.

Strength comes from the desire to overcome weakness.

The sweet words you say feel good in my stomach.

I’m the answer. You have to ask the question.

Society is a wonderful place. Unless you don’t feel a part of it.

Take a note. You are AWESOME!

The other side of the coin is still the same coin.

Your life. Your choice. Make the right one.

The form you take is what we respond to.

Your value is not determined by your looks.

Make up your mind. With rouge and lipstick.

Catch up with yourself. Check the direction you’re going.

Do others care for you? YES!

Caring is more valuable than scaring.

Tricks of the trade, like truth and hard work.

What you do is more important than who you do it for.

What you see is a tiny part of what’s there. LOOK!

Why? Because you are WORTH IT!

Everyone receives a little. Some receive a lot. Time is valuable!

Pure love starts with YOU!

The resource comes from the source. Connect!

With you beats without you with a big stick.

How much you need isn’t how much you want. Unless you’re happy.

Remember how it always works out. Always!

Getting attention with intention.

Try and see if it can be done. Then do it!

All we got in one spot.

What you desire is a fire. Don’t dampen your spirit.

Negativity never imposes itself without your permission.

What you have used to be what you wanted. Do you still want it?

Entirely true. Precisely accurate.

Yell at the rebels! Cheer the status quo. Huh?

Feed your needs. With your wants.

When you can’t take it any more, give!

Who you give it to doesn’t have to take it.

The formula for life: serve + others = whoo hoo!

Process the process. Think about thinking. Then do something!

Open your arms to love.

What are you harvesting? The fields are ripe around you.

Who do you love? Who do you care about? Show/Tell them!

Profusion of confusion. Clarity is a rarity.

Drive a stake in the ground and remember how AWESOME you are!

Support others and gain support.

The relationship you need is grown not discovered.

Improve yourself with daily smiles.

Who loves you? Why?

How do we reach others? At their point of need.

You are the part we’re missing. It doesn’t fit without you.

Remember the members that were dismembered by bad attitude.

The purpose of your life is service to others not being serviced by others.

The way to find true love is on the path of true love.

Repair the pairs. Love you, love me.

Burned out? Don’t be a fuel fool. Plenty of you left!

Are you a lamb or a wolf? What cage do you put yourself in?

What represents who you want to be? Objects help define.

What is peace? Can you have partial peace?

Ready? Set? SLOW! Better to start at any speed than not start at all.

Practice makes perfect. Don’t practice being a jerk.

Hunger is one way to decide if it’s time to eat. What are you hungry for?

Always better to be a both/and person than a neither/nor man.

He who refuses you rarely transfuses you.

Lack of interest shows lack of curiosity.

What location are you headed for? Looking forward to getting there?

It’s a relationship, not a relationbattleship.

Strive to arrive. Revel in travel.

You are the pinnacle of humanity!

What takes your time shows your priorities.

The harvest is ready. Go get some!

Knowledge of knowledge doesn’t guarantee wisdom, or happiness.

Human race. Where’s the goal line?

We can find something for you to do if you’re bored.

What’s your role? Jelly roll? Steam roller?

Explore yourself for hidden treasure!

Don’t wait if you can go for it!

The fastest way to success is by asking for help.

It’s never JUST what you said. It’s all about intonation.

The best part of our relationship is just around the corner.

You just keep getting BETTER!

The power to accomplish great things starts with the knowledge that you can accomplish great things.

Looking for Mr. Right? Check the right places first.

The way to know yourself is to become aware of your actions to those less fortunate.

If we’re counting on you, you can count on us!

Is it really all about marketing? Yes!

The best side of your character isn’t in front of the mirror.

The inside world filters the outside world.

If you really want to know, yes! You did make the difference.

Playing with fire inside the belly.

You can’t make a tree house in every tree. Same for relationships.

Knowledge is a two edged word.

Just because you say it’s so, I reckon it is.

Play with success!

Never worry if you can do something about it. If you can’t, then why worry?

It always bothers me when people tell me, “No offense, but . . . ” Does that make it not offensive?

Explore the riches of your mind. Go inside and look.

Give birth to your self worth!

The first place award just went to YOU!

Every day is a birthday! See the world through baby eyes!

Don’t fear what can’t remember your name.

The best place isn’t first place. It’s the starting line.

Why do you always tell yourself that? You’re AWESOME!

The people you know may not know you know.

Why is more important than Who.

Be the change you want in your life. Become it!

Fixing your eyes on your goal, repairs you.

The people that love you know the real YOU!

Don’t hide your pride.

Regulate the regulations in your life.

Don’t just stand there! Wave and smile!

Strangers are best friends with time.

The place you race to can replace you.

ENJOY! The secret of life.

Why do you fight the feeling?

Fill your heart with messages of love and hope.

It’s not the first time you were rejected. Why take this one so seriously?

Eject rejection from your life.

Judge others. Judge smothers.

Just keep on doing what you’re doing and you’ll get exactly where your going.

The first place to look is where you want it to be.

Be yourself. Know yourself. Show yourself!

Gratitude is the KEY! Success is the door.

If you must know, yes. You ARE responsible.

The verb to do is more important than the verb to know.

You know what to do. Answer WHY you should do it and it will get done.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER assume you can’t do it.

DO is better than TRY.

Wisdom comes in many flavors. That’s why they make chocolate and vanilla.

The same meaning may not mean the same thing.

Be who you are. Know now.

Just because you’re the smartest person in the room doesn’t make you my friend.

Bind yourself with Kindness.

Explode with HOPE! Be the boom in the room.

I’m never sure why you love me. I’m just sure you do.

It’s awesome to know I know.

Look up! It just keeps going and going. . . . Be glad you’re HERE!

I heard you. Now what are you going to DO about it?

Be friendly. And you will be loved.

SO many people . . .so little time.

The best place to start is NOW!

Just because you said it, doesn’t make it true. But it might.

If at first you don’t succeed, realize you’re on the road.

I live in the destiNATION.

Be the person you wish your best friend could be.

Negativity is a no no.

A balloon only gets big when it’s inflated. What fills you?

The brink of destruction? Doubt it. Just seems that way sometimes.

In the long run, who keeps running?

Questions are SO much more interesting than answers. There’s no end to conjecture.

Lecture me and I promise you I’ll stop listening. Forever.

Who made you #1? You are your OWN judge and jury.

Loving the shape you’re in shapes your shape.

Weight control is less important than wait control.

Keep moving! That’s how you know you’re alive!

If at first you don’t succeed, bleed. We’ll feel sorry for you then.

Negativity is like electricity. You can’t see it, but it’s still shocking.

POW! That’s how I feel when I’m around you!

The words you say weigh or show the way.

Know yourself! Love yourself! LIVE!

Just because is not a reason. It’s barely an excuse.

If you want to make sure, MAKE it!

Question authority, especially in yourself.

Promotion is love set in motion.

Keep looking. Keep finding.

If at first you don’t succeed, remember first doesn’t last.

How long you do, beats how well you do. Memory is a bitch.

Be yourself. But make sure you know who that is. Otherwise, be someone else that you want to be.

Superheroes are just heroes with a PR guy.

I know because I looked it up on Wikipedia.

The whole world is a hole without YOU.

You complete what should be completed.

The more you NO, the less you KNOW.

What scratches the surface of a diamond? Hard hearts.

The pleasure you treasure becomes dead weight.

The never mind becomes no way.

Heavy is a state of mind. Light is a state of heart.

Eager beats talent.

The day you were born is nothing to compared to the day you decided to LIVE!

Surviving is not living.

The purpose of life rhymes with LOVE and is defined with PASSION.

You know exactly what to do. It’s not that hard! Start!

You put the groove in groovy!

When someone asks you how you are, say “Groovy.” You’ll get a cool reaction.

Better be better than best. We can always be better. Best is temporal.

Rush to find, wait to blind.

I’m not sure I’m sure. That’s what makes me so smart.

Just because you think so doesn’t mean you KNOW so.

I’m crazy about being ME! I feel the same way about YOU!

Reaction to attraction is the beginning of wisdom.

Pushing yourself to KNOW.

Keep looking. Keep it in a box marked “Groovy.”

It’s hard to believe how hard it is to believe.

The sieve traps and frees. Like memory.

How cold is cold? How old is old? Your definitions define you.

A fine wine can taste like crap to people who don’t like wine.

A fine whine rarely is.

What’s new? What’s next? Passion of the modern.

What’s real? What’s true? 85

The feelings you generate become you.

Never fear what you can escape in third gear.

Interest never rests.

Knowledge is limited. Limit less love.

Preaching isn’t scratching.

Escape from your limits by redefining them.

Just because you heard it doesn’t mean that’s what they said.

Fear is a bitch.

Love scratches all itches.

Involve yourself in what you want to me.

Down the road you’ll be further down the road. But you may not be any closer to where you want to be.

If you must know, YES! You would look better dressed up.

The place you erased in your mind has been replaced.

Your destiny is not a destination. It’s a state of mind.

100 thoughts beat 100 oughts.

Lavish wishes on yourself and actions on others.

Abandon mope.

Generate hope, instigate kindness.

Never waste time, recycle it.

That feeling you had when you helped them . . . repeat.

Figure out what figure you are. Become it.

The higher the mountain the deeper the valley. Choose your destination.

Take a mental vacation. Take a deep breath.

What you need is different than what you want to need.

What does man want? To feel. Part. Not apart.

Review. View. Preview. Take time to SEE.

The extra we want turns ordinary over time.

Master or be mastered. Start with yourself.

Exodus from the land of NOT. Enter YES!

Stand on your understanding. Walk on your overcoming.

Smile. Radiate good times!

Pain stains brains.

Confession is good for the whole.

Tell others why they’re AWESOME!

Want glory? Serve!

The light you’re looking for isn’t in a dark room.

Honor your mother and your father and your children.

Who is worthy of our love? Who isn’t?

Make a spectacle of your self by being spectacular!

Sometimes a glimpse works. When in doubt ogle.

I work out my eyes on a stare master.

If you must know, YES! You are just what we need.

Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll get where you’re headed.

Head in the clouds? Eyes on the stars.

Who you listen to may not listen to you. Especially if you don’t say anything.

The experience you need comes from the bad things that happen.

Your worth is not based on your wealth.

The only thing that doesn’t change is how groovy you are!

Serve! The ball’s in your court.

Who is your model for life? Aim high!

Your job can be a castle or a prison. It should be a highway.

The people with you are for you.

It’s not altitude, it’s attitude!

Imagination is more important than memory.

The future isn’t for the few.

Perfection is attainable and stainable.

Body worship is our national religion.

Money can be funny. But not when you need it.

Play your part be smart.

Are you broken? Spoken words hurt.

Misery loves misers.

Who are you helping? It helps yourself.

Free doesn’t mean cheap. What cost is love?

The best place to start is with positive attitude. You CAN do it!

What attacks your heart? Be an emotional defibulator.

Talking is your most powerful strategy.

What you think, you say.

Your heart generates your words and your works.

Foul language is critical.

Kick down the doors of your limitations.

Avalanche of love.

What you say is what you get in the back.

Compassion passion.

We need what YOU have! Approval!

Be the defender of the offensive.

Who are you, deep inside? AWESOME, baby!

When did purity become a dirty word?

Give yourself to others and give yourself a lift.

Want to succeed? Just show up!

Who you love the most love you the most.

Clean your mind with lean desires.

Critical speech is like throwing garbage. Gets on you too.

The world judges you by what you do. They’re not listening.

Control freak? Are YOU on auto pilot?

Just do it. Make sure IT is worthwhile.

Need revival? CPR–Carefully Perfect Resources.

Who you are is more important than what you say you are.

Do what you MUST do and you’ll be who you MUST be.

The needy need. Give from your excess. Get the blessing.

Happiness comes from doing for others.

Your differences make you special. Your similarities make you one of us.

How does looking at rows of graves make you feel? People around you are still alive! Bless them!

Our differences make us one.

Honor the people that are honorable.

Give so others may gain.

Better to pray for than prey on.

Sacrifice your pride on the altar of service.

Put your best foot forward and hop!

Heal hell with your smile.

Humility is overrated by all that.

The first step in the write direction.

Hear from Heaven. Listen to the birds.

Be the love raft others need to survive.

When in doubt, give them a hug.

Smiling cures most ills.

Take a deep breath and remember you’re not dead. Change is a constant.

National pride, international stress.

Look me in the faith when you say that.

Opera may not float your boat, but they wear cool hats.

Getting out of trouble is more trouble than it’s worth.

Short pants get longer. Culture never stays the same.

What does God want? You!

Stability is overrated by the unstable.

Clever is a lever that won’t move “never.”

Don’t seek wisdumb, smarty pants.

Wisdom comes from knowing you’re not.

Never regret intellect. Although it often brings sadness.

Act on the fact: You’re awesome!

Gifts heal rifts.

No fool like a gold fool.

Watch your mouth and be wise.

The source of wisdom isn’t TV.

See life. Live!

Every drop of water in the ocean affects every other. Just like humanity.

Linkage is a fact. Absorb that.

It is impossible to disconnect. Don’t build walls on purpose.

Smart is an art that not everyone appreciates.

Drink think deeply.

Don’t let circumstance put a dent in your confidence.

Wave at the waves of life from your surf board.

Don’t play freeze tag with life.

Believe in belief.

The best comes from the rest.

Practice being practical.

Altitude depends on attitude more than aptitude.

Being rich means no itch.

Opportunity is missed by most people because they forget the tune.

Life is limited by strife.

Think, because you can.

Understand overcome.

Poverty is a state of mine. Wealth means WE.

Under trial? You’re on the insight trail.

Shun fashion at culture’s risk.

The difference between wisdom and foolishness is perspective.

You want perfection? Look in the mirror!

Trying never beats doing.

The first place to look is where it should be.

Your success depends on your definition of success.

Play nice! Not as easy as it sounds. . .

The best chance of getting it done involves starting.

Talk your way into the best possible situation.

Everyone is waiting for you to tell us what to do.

We know the answer. We just don’t want THAT answer.

If at first you don’t succeed, plead.

The way to my heart is through my head.

Please. Please. Please. Three magic words that work.

If you really want to know, yes. Thanks to you it worked!

Do what you know. Know what you did.

Please yourself. Don’t worry about the critics.

The best thing to do is the best think to do.

When in doubt, think.

Can you do it? Can’t you stop yourself from doing it?

The best place to start is at the finish line.

Want happiness? Write down three things you’re grateful for. Every day.

Grateful for greatness!

I’m not sure. The first step towards being right.

Better to fight for justice than fight injustice.

I’m not sure why you’re reading this. Probably because you’re AWESOME!

The first thing he said turned me off. “Don’t take this personally . . . ”

I hate it when people tell me, “You can’t miss it.” Why would I ask for directions if that was the case?

The smartest computer ain’t smarter than me.

You are the supercomputer we need!

Pleasure or pressure? Pick a side.

If you really want to know, yes. You can do it. Just not here.

Pleasing others is the first step towards pleasing yourself.

Wondering if you should do it? If you’re not sure, you probably shouldn’t.

We know what to do when the moment comes. Future guessing doesn’t work.

Light the fuse! Just not your own.

Blowing up isn’t as dangerous as blowing off.

Know what you should do and not doing it guarantees regrets.

Do the best you can, when you can. Otherwise don’t do it at all.

Maxeffort. The most needed new vocabulary word.

Doing what you should do.

If at first you don’t succeed, google your name.

If you’re still here, I dig you!

Reading my writing is mighty exciting!

Play with words! Work with deeds!

It’s not that you can’t, it’s that you don’t want to.

Know which way the NO blows.

Play with yes more than know.

Don’t help them drink their whine.

If you really want to know, yes. You gave them permission when you didn’t say anything.

Please me. Please yourself. No necessarily in that order.

If you want to know what you ordered, see what ended up on your plate.

Maybe is never the answer we’re looking for. Neither is no.

Make a decision before you make the incision.

You really want to hurt them? Give them what they asked for.

Just because you’re smarter than me, doesn’t make you cool.

Wow! You really ARE that good!

Be the reflection or be the source.

Lighten the way and the weigh.

Be particular about which part you tickle.

There is nothing better than helping your friends succeed.

Look for what you’re looking at.

The first time you knew what you wanted was pure delight. Go back there in your head.

Better to get than forget.

The person you told that lie to still remembers. Clarify for your own good.

Peace of mind beats giving a piece of mind.

I’d rather be friends than be right.

Streams of consciousness presuppose logjams of consciousness.

The way light hits clouds . . . like smiles on your face.

The fastest way to make a mistake is to be 100% sure you’re right.

Don’t learn if you never make mistakes.

Stretch yourself until you’re unrecognizable to the old you.

Put the WOW back in your eyes. Look carefully at what’s around you.

The fastest way to complete fascination is careful inspection of yourself in the mirror.

The person you’re sure you were doesn’t exist now.

The faster things change, the more I’m glad I take pictures.

Lenses are extension cords for your nervous system.

Observation makes you more powerful.

Start looking, start grooving.

Tiny things fascinate me. Like small changes in the right direction.

Pronounce yourself ALIVE!

Never fear what you can see on TV.

The best place to start is the last place in line. You can only get better.

Better to race than erase.

Just because you’re right, doesn’t make you cool.

It’s better to be funny than smart ass.

Intelligence is under rated by dumb people.

Watching TV is not experiencing reality.

Our brains are designed to filter. Let it ALL in!

Why? If you have to ask, you already know.

See the world in 3D. Delighted. Delicious. DeAWESOME!

The first time you asked me why, I wondered if I should tell you. Now I’m sure you didn’t really want to know.

Make the same mistake twice, just don’t use the same excuse.

Learning is a fire that burns.

Most people don’t want to know why you did it, just how it affects them.

We are a continuation of everything that came before. Change your course, change EVERYTHING.

It matters. YOU matter.

Don’t argue just because you’re bored.

We don’t care why you said what you did. Just don’t do it again.

Rationalizations are so 20th century.

I’m interested in the real, REAL you.

The power to be your best is in your hands.

You control the clicker of what you watch or ignore. That applies to TV too.

Just when you think it’s over, that’s when the sky lights up pink.

Push yourself in the right direction, especially when you don’t want to.

The switch in your head that makes you do what you do. Control it.

Women understand men. Only stupid men think they understand women.

The higher you rise, the farther you see. What’s blocking your vision?

If you can’t make it happen, fake it until it does.

I promise you I’ll change. Does anyone really believe that?

Never discourage when you can encourage.

Do what’s right before you get left.

Teasing still hurts feelings.

Why? Because you know you should.

Be the better man and you’ll end up the best man.

I’m not even sure what I did for sure. The past is plastic.

Bless before you bleed.

Bacteria live in my body. I am their universe. Groovy!

The best place to start is groovy.

I’m not even sure why you said it. I just know it was funny.

Finding humor is a skill you can learn by being observant.

If at first you don’t succeed, copy.

Be the dream you want.

Can’tcer is everywhere.

Watch for what you need to need.

Lubricate CAN.

Drive yourself towards your dreams.

Show me the honey. Bee yourself.

Guide the expedition towards the unknown.

Remember the difference between unknown and unknowable.

The beginning of the in. Verbal Surgery.

What you consider you can.

How great you are is determined by how great you think you can be.

Better great than never.

Scavenger for revenge = dead things within.

Blast off into future. Welcome to one second from then.

Commit yourself to commencement.

The person you want to be is locked inside your head.

The key to the future is behind the CAN door.

Let yourself try. Obey the Law of Allow.

Warm yourself beside the fire of love.

Are compliments outsults?

The first time mattered. Now you just don’t care.

Religion isn’t the same as Relationship. Get to know HIM.

Thinking makes it so what. Doing makes it so.

Go in the direction your desires pull you.

Paint with pain. Government graffitii.

What good have you done today? It’s not too late!

The pressure for pleasure = advertising.

Talking about it is a start. Talking is not starting.

Wait a minute, kill a second chance.

Avoid the weight of waiting.

The light at the end of the tunnel is your smile.

Wind yourself up. Let yourself go.

Tension, relaxation. Do both vigorously.

I need you. Isn’t more powerful than I love you.

INternal is the critical factor.

When you know what you want, you’ll see what you get.

Turbo charge your goals. FEEL why you want them.

The best answer is can.

What’s the price tag on life? We’re only renting by the day.

Brain scans are fun. Go inside and look!

Take an implication vacation.

Advanced age. Advanced sage.

General Risk trumps Private Desire.

Fastest way to go is towards what you want.

Want a shock? Sleeping air controllers are nothing compared to sleeping goals.

Time is a frame and you are the picture.

Do you want control? Look in the mirror.

PLAY! It’s a way of life.

Look for your future in today’s actions.

What you can and can’t do is an illusion. Choice is the option.

Your children are reflections of yourself.

What character do you want to be? Be them.

Our heroes influence our actions. Who do you want to be when you grow up?

What’s next? Your best?

Clean and inspect your vents. Let out your pressure.

I love love.

What you’re sorry for can be redeemed by your actions.

Truth is truth. It shouldn’t be used as a weapon.

Coincidence is God’s way of saying “Howdy.”

Life can turn on a dime. (Dime en Espanol)

Stall until you get what you really want.

You can always get what you want. Be careful what you want for.

The people you need in your life knead you.

Who you want in your life determines who you find in your life.

The past determines your determination.

Keep pushing towards the direction you need to go.

Excited about life? Don’t get no better.

Love yourself. First.

What you want to want may not be what you want.

Are you missing out on your mission? You aim determines your destination.

Fighting your urges produces conflicts. That’s not always a bad thing.

What vegetable should you eat today? What relationship should you heal today?

How old were you when you grew up?

Can you go back to when you were a kid? That kid still lives inside you.

Who you claim to be, aim to be.

Keep the future for the present.

If you can’t beat them, be them.

What you can handle needs no explanation.

The peaks in life are showcased by the valleys.

You don’t wonder how’s it’s going when it’s going great.

Shake yourself then make yourself.

Who you want to be is who you should be now.

We want you in our life.

Let’s see what we can do together. Make something out of us.

Do the best you can to be the best you can.

The brain you use can be improved. Read.

The best way to get your way is to think about others first.

Never annoy what you can simply avoid.

Get a better life. Live a better life.

Move up in the world. Buy a ladder.

Replace what you want with what you wanted and got.

It’s a matter of life and breath. Take a deep breath.

Feed your needs. Stop your bleeds.

What you learn to do improves you.

Excitement plus.

WOW! You are an amazing piece of business.

Explore more. Find more.

What makes you a LOT happier?

What doesn’t come together shouldn’t.

Go out and find out.

Expect yourself to rise to the challenge. EXPECT IT.

What you look for you find.

The place that you love to be in, stay in.

It’s not that you can’t, you won’t.

The first place is the best place to look.

A place with a view looks at YOU.

What’s the ideal idea? You PLUS.

Less than impressed with less than the best. Verbal Surgery.

Nothing cooler than you on a cold day.

What do you want in your vending machine? Love, happiness?

Keeping your mind in or keeping others out?

What color turns you on? Green?

The nicest size is just right for what’s left.

Invite others to be your friend.

Sacrifice for others is wise.

Who you love determines who loves you.

Watch where you look.

Pleasant dreams, treasure reality.

Recognize the best in yourself. Amplify it.

Research why you do what you do.

People need that smile you have inside.

Regard others with trust and kindness.

Don’t do what you know you shouldn’t. Just because it’s obvious doesn’t make it wrong.

Being quite quiet. Not Verbal Surgery.

Loud and allowed. Verbal Surgery.

The first place to start is with A for Accept.

Be nice first.

Of course you can do it!

Pow! That’s what your smile does for me.

When you told me, “I like you,” you made me SO happy!

Being nice is free. Not easy.

The smile you put on your face erases wrinkles.

Danger is another word for anger.

Lift yourself up. Pull others.

Focus on inside insight.

Genuine ingenuity genius. Verbal Surgery.

Push the envelope. Mail it.

Power hours don’t consist of weak minutes.

Video va va voom! Verbal Surgery.

Groovy moves. Smooth modes. Verbal Surgery.

The best is rare. The rest is where?

Give what others need. Hope.

The most pleasant words are encouraging. You’re doing great!

The next thing to do is the best thing to do.

If you don’t know what to do, smile and bluff.

Turn off fear. Turn on whoo hoo!

Put yourself on the line and purr.

If you don’t know what to do, pretend you’re Santa Claus. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Leading is better than bleeding. Transfusion is better than confusion.

Take a look at your neighbor. Same needs as you. Help!

Bad things make us stronger. Good things are still groovy.

Be a part of the group, not apart from the group.

Pleasing is easy. Tell ’em “You’re great!”

When in doubt, erase doubt.

If you can’t see, climb.

Eat what’s good for you. Think what’s good for you.

People are the reason for the season.

Continental drift is faster than mental drift.

Reach & Teach. Kindness Curriculum. Verbal Surgery.

Your background doesn’t determine your fortune.

Seek the lost. Find the found.

Prepare your heart for the shock of love.

Beat with love. You can’t beat that.

I knew new when it was old.

The fastest way to the goal line is a straight line. Or you can ride in a car with a friend.

Just keep doing what you’re doing. Do it. Again.

Research your urges.

Place your hand in my hand and squeeze. Verbal Surgery.

Maybe is better than never.

Try is such a maybe word.

Tuning is in the ear of the beholder.

Reach out. Don’t pout.

We LOVE what you’ve done with yourself. Do you like me, too?

Forever is such a long word. We aren’t going to be here that long, so step on it, baby.

Put me in the bloom room.

Fake flowers are still fake. Smell the world around you.

Where you want to go is still there. The map is in your head ready to use.

Why isn’t as powerful as how.

Negative thoughts kick ass. Make sure it’s not yours.

Tough touch better than rough words.

Criticism sucks.

Grinding rarely winds. Powerize, don’t pulverize.

First things first. Worst things don’t last.

Turn over a new leaf and bloom.

If at first you don’t succeed, reject failure.

Cover yourself with a shield of positivity . Yes, you CAN!

Full speed ahead beats fool speed ahead.

What heals you, heals others.

Are you kidding? Of course you can do it!

Never forget. Always forgive.

Just because you can. Do your best.

Cleaning behind the years. Verbal Surgery.

Deliver forgiveness first hand.

Remember who you are. Remember what you’ve done. AWESOME!

As we think, don’t blink.

The place to begin is in not out.

Why are you waiting for someone to lead you?

Don’t bleed, transfuse.

Be careful with full. The more you have the easier it is to waste.

Waiting gains weight.

Wait not want not.

Describe before you prescribe.

If you want it, so what?

The evil stepmother is disguised as the government.

Put yourself where you think you should be.

Never complain when you construct.

The best place to win is at the beginning.

If at first you don’t succeed, put up a sign that says “Welcome.”

We want what we do not have and throw away what we wanted.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

We are the future. Nurture!

The aged are saged.

Plant, harvest, share. Repeat.

I can be whoever you want me to be, as long as you do what I tell you.

Overstanding undersimplifications. Verbal Surgery.

Overstanding is active understanding.

If you want it, seek it.

Take a peek at where you’ll be if you keep doing what you’re doing.

Play with others. Fun is functional.

Positive emotions generate motion.

Don’t just stand there, shake someone’s hand and tell them they’re AWESOME!

Penetrate before you rate.

The first place to look is the last place you looked.

Never be negative!

Floating is better than sinking. Take a deep breath.

Just because. Sometimes is a reason.

Resonate with the reason for kindness.

Inspiration trumps perspiration.

When you win, wind yourself again.

The battle to be the best creates more losers than winners.

Fool me once. Shame on you. Fool me twice, read the wiki.

Motivation works once. Outcomes fuel.

Know what you need. No what you want.

Greed is a two way street with one way signage.

Because they did it to you isn’t a reason.

Don’t live in the retaliation nation.

Kindness is its own reward.

Be careful with your heart. It’s fragile.

Stop thinking, start doing!

If at first you don’t succeed, who’s surprised?

Put yourself in their shoes and jump!

Never erase. Think right.

The search is only complete when you find it. Period.

Don’t quit. Win. That’s how it works.

If at first you don’t succeed: look for a trail.

Where should it be? Look again.

Look into my I. C yourself.

Don’t fear what fears you.

Inclination renders direction.

Service to others is your right. You’re what’s left.

Interest in others yields the largest return.

Keep looking, keep watching. Observation penetrates the invisible.

It may be there. Just not yet.

Smile! Your brain needs a shot of endorphins.

Explode with hope. Verbal Surgery.

Knock need with enthusiasm.

Righteous anger is not an excuse for getting pissed off.

Pay attention! They’re broke, not broken.

The fastest way to success is spelled TEAM.

Generate good feelings in others. Experience vicarious pleasure.

Pleasure is rarely found in leasure.

People need what you have to offer. Even if they don’t know it.

Rest. Then act. But make sure you act.

The world’s a stage. Look for the spotlight.

Research your desires. Where did you get them?

The Verbal Surgeon is in. Weigh in.

Power is what power does.

If you must know, yes. YOU are the solution!

Frown? Down. Smile. Up. Simple.

Your best talent is choice.

Use your voice as a force for good.

Pleasure pressure. Welcome to Civilization.

If you know what you want, why don’t you have it?

Experience is the best preacher.

One man’s trash is another’s job description.

Don’t look if you don’t want to find.

Push. But with panache.

INstigate positive OUTlook.

The first place to look is inside.

Signs of the times are best described in pictures.

The most outrageous is the least incomplete.

Inside insight. Interior results.

Want more? Do more!

Encourage positive end results.

All you have to do is try. Rinse. Repeat.

Power over your words is a choice not a voice.

Bless others with your almost incomprehensible optimism!

The next big thing is YOU!

The return trip is faster because you’re not looking.

The best blesses the rest.

Please with ease. Irritation is so not you.

Just because it’s big and a dog doesn’t mean it bites.

Regard yourself with alacrity.

Chew before you eschew.

Never mind. What a concept!

Know before you say no.

Most is rarely best.

Resolve to involve.

Never push when you can pull together.

Never irritate when you can reiterate.

The smile I feel when I see you is AWESOME!

Youth is wasted. Treasure old people.

Never deny what you tried.

Experience always happens in the past. Perience now!

It’s not funny if it hurts others.

Research. Recommend. Verbal Surgery.

Not now. Win?

Shades of the past lighten our daze.

Better to generate than irritate.

Because I said so! Verbal Surgery.

Because is a powerful word. Use it.

Put a little extra in ordinary.

Looking is always better than denying.

The weighs of the world. Heavy, man.

Adding insult to injury? I prefer outsults to outjury.

Sword words. Long term injury.

The fastest way to the goal is with you not through you.

Remember the last time you really laughed. Experience the pleasure again.

Pyramids can’t be built on denial.

Speak the language of love. Smile.

Laughter is it’s own reward.

Get up close and personal with who you really are.

Passion isn’t an option it’s a way of life.

Celebrate more than rate.

Act justly. Or just act.

Protect your self and other’s egos.

Clarify who it is that makes you who you are.

Raise praise to an art form.

The needs are equal to the seed you plant.

Lift up the people that are low.

Lead and touch others with your smile.

More pray. Less prey.

Walk the lion.

Personal attention is a need not a want.

Lead those who desire direction.

Less perspiration, more inspiration.

Get with the program of I am!

Share your gift. Get a lift!

Dark places need light givers. Turn yourself on!

Can’t see? Eyes closed or dark?

You heal others with your loving words.

Watch where you stand! You become your environment.

Start with heart. End with love.

If you want power, serve.

Want love? Give love.

Put yourself on the front burner.

The next place is the best place.

Fill your heart with kind thoughts.

Be in the blessing business!

Inside is the best side.

Get off the starting line. Race!

Tell others how great they are!

First place gets a medal. Worst place still beats watching.

Driving yourself crazy? Brake before you break.

The ends of the Earth start with the INs of your heart.

Change lives. Love change.

Train yourself not to sit in the caboose.

Impact starts with act.

The gift of your love changes the world. Starting with yourself.

It’s not about the money. It’s about you, honey!

Inside insight equals outside vision.

Love before you loathe.

Reach before you bleach.

Shake hands with the best part of yourself.

Amaze yourself by how groovy you are!

Service is the highest calling.

Set apart to do what you need to do.

What is your idea for happiness? Where did you get it from?

Listen to others. Glisten to others.

Walk beside. Talk inside.

We need the strength that you can give.

The hour of power is tied to the minute of desire.

When the light is dimming, open eyes wider and see.

The peace you have inside isn’t split into pieces.

Find the profound by looking to the grounded.

Love changes. Like rearranges.

The moment you choose to be happy you become the boss.

Remember what it felt like to be happy? Fire up those feelings again.

No greater goal than to give smiles to others.

Can’t get no satisfaction? Try action!

Forgive yourself. Give forgiveness to others.

One day with YOU is worth everything to ME.

The direction you go determines where you’ll end up. Or down.

Keep lifting the corners of your mouth!

The idea of helping others, serving others. . . it’s modern!

Looking for something new? Look inside, and smile!

The smell of chocolate chip cookies is like the smile you give a hurting person.

The deep truth of God is that He LOVES you!

Be faithful to those who have faith in you.

Be the person that we need you to be.

Manliness is next to womanliness.

The approval you need? You are stamped APPROVED!

You are an example of who we want to be.

Look for honesty in others. Speak the truth to yourself.

Listen to what God is saying to you. He uses a loving voice.

The best example of love is forgiveness.

If it really matters, focus on it.

Never give feet to defeat.

Be an encourager not a rager.

Don’t be a happiness vampire sucking the life out of people.

Life is awesome and YOU are getting better every day!

Be a cheerleader for others!

Walk the talk. Don’t talk the balk.

Spur others on with cool whip not whipping.

Say the things that you need to hear out loud.

Servant? Master? Who is more powerful the orderer or the person who DOES IT?

Dynamite! Is never founded on might or maybe.

Escape the cradle of bad attitude.

Messy. Get involved with clean up.

Enthusiasm is THE answer!

More time in prayer, less in preying.

Perpetual motion is driven by emotion.

Choose to make the voice choice. Tell ’em vision!

Quitting is for quitters. One more try separates success from failure.

Gifts lift. Rifts drift.

Eat what makes you feel GOOD!

Digest the best.

The best performance of your life will give you JOY!

The king who orders you to do good deeds, sits on the throne of your heart.

Don’t hide your pride. You’re AWESOME!

Use your shield more than your sword.

Be the open door of hope.

The most powerful ant is the the servant.

Meet needs. Plug bleeds.

The leader you follow shouldn’t be hard to swallow. Where you’re from doesn’t make you who you are.

Greet with a smile. Great with a smile.

The baptism of fire purifies.

The glory you’re looking for you have to accept.

If your name was Twinkle, would you?

The first place to look was the last place you found it.

Save others, save yourself. It’s a cycle.

Holler! Whoop it up!

Pleasure can come from erasure.

The faith you have in others won’t let you down.

Lift is a gift. Life is the receipt.

Fire and water. We get both, my friend.

What is your duty to others? You have one.

Love is steady. Like is transient.

Who would you die for?

Never generate irate.

Sip the cup of pleasure slowly. Gulp joy.

The things you do for others go into your permanent record.

Honor the love you have for others.

Grace is stronger than disgrace.

One more chance is like tomorrow.

The first time you do it is thrilling! Repeat actions dull.

New isn’t better. It’s just different.

More power to the loving.

Aim positivity. Disarm negativity.

The things you really want you probably have.

Goals are groovy!

Read a book. Grow your brain. Read others. Grow your soul.

Remember your ancestors. You have a ripple effect on history.

The tides of life swell. Dwell on that.

The comfort you need starts with your feet and ends with your brain.

What is precious is never common. Except love!

Expect greatness!

Accept what you expect.

It’s not healthy to think sick.

What pulls you towards your goals?

What bugs you is tiny. Ignore it.

You the person we dig the most!

Fill yourself with love by seeing good in others.

It’s not the first thing that wins. It’s the last!

Feel, fill, feel full.

The will to win is matched with the will to grin.

Pour yourself onto the flowers of your friends.

The world needs what you have and gives what you need.

Challenge is a ledge you leap off of.

The plan starts with the dream of the plan.

The people of God are filled with love not war.

The fruit that you eat becomes you. So is the poison.

What authority do others have over you. Really?

Who wants what you want? You like them.

The pressure to pleasure is the new American Dream.

The first place to look is with your eyes open.

Who chose you to be on our team? I did! Verbal Surgery.

What you bear you wear.

What more can you do that you haven’t done? Attitude!

Each breath closer to death. Inhale life!

Produce something! Except negative waves.

Ways to win = to ways to grin.

What is your core belief? Life is good!

Fruit comes after you plant trees.

Stores don’t produce fruit, they just sell it.

Throw off show offs.

The race that you run determines your course. And your goal line.

What you carry weighs you down. Who you marry lifts you up.

Keep your head on straight. It’s not too late!

Who you pull should equal who you push.

The freedom to produce is a gift!

Want to run? Listen for the gun.

Who tells you you’re not good enough? They’re lying!

It’s easier to grease THEN please.

What can you do to make yourself just a little bit better?

The rest you need GET!

What burden are you carrying? Did someone else give it to you?

Fix your eyes on the goal not the problem.

Looking isn’t cooking. Pictures don’t feed you.

What your heart yearns for burns and warms.

Who are you following? Do they know where they’re going?

The place to go isn’t Stopland.

Listen to the things that make you feel better not bitter.

We are all refugees from personal war zones.

Pot holes or bridges. You choose the path, not the road condition.

Truth can hurt, but it always heals.

Savor the piece of peace you have.

A load is allowed but isn’t required.

Grow! Know! Now!

Growl and scowl. Just not near me.

What do you submit to? Submission isn’t your mission.

Harvest what you sow. So what?

Tiny gets bigger with little help.

Stinger in your finger? Remove what’s not good for you.

What hinders you is behind you! Move forward!

Glide on what guides you.

Criticism isn’t production.

Daily progress is a worthy goal. Go!

Don’t give up, give!

Growth is a byproduct not a strategy.

The hope for peace is birthed in hope.

Good isn’t enough if great is required.

Sing the blessing song.

Wonder don’t wander.

Honor others. Humble yourself.

The power to change is directly related to the desire for change.

The change you need courses through your veins.

Be a magnifying glass of people’s good qualities.

Tell others that they are great and YOU will feel better.

Better to say it than think it, as long as it’s positive. Otherwise keep your mouth closed.

Be a shepherd of the lost.

Who do you praise intentionally?

Be your best friend first.

Who you want to be becomes who you are.

Victory is attitude. So is defeat.

The future is a blink away.

The glory you want give away.

Your good attitude is your shield of protection.

Who do you want to save you? Who do you save?

Your first shield of defense is a smile. And a deep breath.

Getting older, getting bolder. Verbal Surgery.

Offense doesn’t mean being offensive.

Move forward toward. You know what.

Master yourself first. Dominate your desire to hate.

Show mercy. Know mercy.

The truth is.

We are all connected. It’s a relationship thing.

The King of your emotions YOU crown.

The old ways are best. But the new ways are groovy.

Keep your eyes on the road, not the rear view mirror.

Life. It’s a miracle!

The names you call yourself should build you up.

Transformation is a reality. Use it to your benefit.

The first and the last word. Plus a comic! Verbal Surgery.

Casual doesn’t mean causal.

I’m into the SUPER natural. You are AWESOME!

Put yourself in the driver’s seat and mind your mind.

Disaster causes change. But not vice versa.

Plant yourself where you can bloom.

Choirs of angels sing in my head. Verbal Surgery.

Heal yourself with healthy thoughts.

Naughty is never nice.

The word you need is GO!

Your angel is on guard.

Are you the person we’re waiting for? Yep!

Who you want to be affects your effects.

All creation at our service. Under our protection.

Who you were isn’t who you will be. Ignite change.

Your face talks louder than your words.

Lift others up! Go, baby, GO!

Pleasant = fruitful.

Rock on! Mountain on!

Honor yourself with good will towards men.

Double time! Pick up the pace!

Life is a race with turtles.

Slow beats stop.

The promise you were given still stands. Life!

Look to the mountains when you’re low. Lift your eyes for the lift you need.

The grave mistake is to think your chance is dead.

Your faith in yourself is the base it’s all built on.

Rise up! Raise up!

Sorrow can wait till tomorrow. Get happy NOW!

Be in the composition business. Decompose later.

What your heart longs for can’t be beat.

Don’t play the pain game. We all hurt.

The desire to heal. Go with it.

The familiar can be a liar. We don’t even see it any more.

Confess your love for others and receive a HUGE blessing.

Who is the person you need to make you feel good about yourself? Bless you!

Receiving the blessing takes an open heart.

From the mountain you can look down. From the valley you can only look up.

Keep your eye on your I.

Prepare! Rare?

You always have time to smile.

Honor yourself with humor.

Who you follow determines your direction.

Peace is groovy. War sucks. Especially internally.

Know you know. Know you no. Say yes to YES!

Where is heaven? Open your eyes!

Take me to your leader. Doesn’t mean lead me.

Who can promise you what you need? YOU!

Don’t worry about the things you can’t change.

Be a part of the heart. Can’t beat that!

Serve together.

Would you rather have food stamps or love stamps? Others run the post office.

Discover the love cover.

Remove the age prejudice. You can do it NOW!

Earlier is almost always better than later.

Strong opposition = weak desire.

Your words are the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

Criminal prevention equals loving families.

Take issue with those who give insults.

Looking for success? What’s in front of you?

Invest in your desire to try the first time.

What you want is rarely equal to what you wanted.

Enthusiasm is the mother of action.

Don’t look behind when you can look in your head.

Only fear what scares what scares you.

The best way to find success is figuring out what you want.

If at first you don’t succeed, count your blessings.

Don’t just stand there, take a deep breath!

If you must know, yes, YOU are the reason we succeeded!

Better to be unreasonable than wrong.

Dream killers suck. Literally.

The flow of life has tides. Surf over difficulties!

Tell your wife you love her.

Hugs are free. Start with me.

The reason you don’t care is because you’re going in the wrong direction.

The fastest way to get what you want is to want less.

Just because you’re right doesn’t give you the right to be mean.

The influence we need to move is between your ears.

Marriage is a contract to act right.

Do you worry about worrying too much?

Give the dog a bone. And your friends a smile. Watch their tales wag.

It’s pleasant to do the right thing.

Feel good NOW!

The questions you have about life can be answered by love.

If you want to do your best, get your rest.

Pulling is better than pushing because you’re in front.

Turn your back on bad attitude. Ignore nay sayers.

Do I need your permission to love you?

Please. What a simple yet powerful word.

Get what you want, not what you won’t.

The preference I have for hanging with you comes from your ability to make me feel good.

When in doubt, smile.

Never fear what’s inanimate.

Pressure test your love with adversity.

The first thing I told you was “Be Nice.” That still stands.

If you must know, yes, YOU are the grooviest person I’ve ever met!

Don’t forget when you can get.

Leave others to their own devices and they’ll build something.

Be the blessing they need today.

Helping others ALWAYS helps yourself.

Figure out what figure you want.

The only way we can succeed is with your help.

Do not indulge. Outdulging is ok.

The first step can be tiny as long as it’s in the right direction!

Don’t hum when you can sing out LOUD!

Don’t just stand there, perform!

We don’t know what you want until you tell us.

Putting others in the best possible light. Verbal Surgery.

The best way to make friends is to make fewer enemies.

Power has burdens. So does weakness.

Just because you say it’s so, may not convince them.

The proof is in the putting. In particular other before yourself.

Smile. Please! Didn’t that feel good!

Breathing is the fastest way I know to feeling better NOW!

Don’t encourage rage.

Stamp out feelings of worthlessness by doing something worthwhile.

All life is a miracle.

Favor is my favorite flavor.

Turn around your life by changing directions.

You are the seed you plant.

The people who want a miracle need you.

Who you are is an inspiration to me.

The place you’re looking for is just above I level.

The uncommon seed bears uncommon fruit.

Tell me about your worries and they lessen.

God doesn’t have busy signals.

Stir others, actionate yourself.

What you don’t have, do you really need?

Revoke your visa to the Hesitation Nation.

Never contain what you can release.

Pleasure creates wisdumb.

You can’t harvest watching TV.

What is your purpose in life? Love others!

Giving = getting.

We are the mirror image of who we want others to see.

A step in the right direction is a miracle.

Right now. Right know.

Choose to help others into the life raft.

Aging is a given. Give it back.

Be a saint not an ain’t.

Wave at your neighbor! Spread smiles!

The mentality of lack, sucks.

If there’s a riot inside you, create a committee. It’s sure to stop.

Dance! We need more rockers.

Save yourself from yourself.

One step under perfection: reality.

Stir them up! Save the whirled.

Choose the tough decisions you make.

Trust in me! (That’s YOU speaking!)

Condition your mind with laughter. Smiles are push ups.

Draft proof minds never change.

Who is the captain of your relationship?

Catch up with your dreams by reminding yourself what they are.

The guide you need is behind your eyes.

The point of life is loving others.

Danger = anger.

Resend don’t resent.

Elevate yourself one stair step at a time.

Reinvent yourself by examining your definition of success.

Miles of smiles beat yards of hard.

Better to climb up than drag others down.

Can’t find love in the dollar store. It’s priceless.

Build others up without casting yourself down.

What is possible may still be improbable.

Laughter really IS the best medicine.

Keep prayer in the air and you’ll breathe better.

Enjoy the new YOU!

Select a new direction.

Moving towards what you want, not what you won’t.

Explanations aren’t necessary for love to work.

The truth can be painful. Lies aren’t the antidote.

Push forward towards what you want in life and it will push back.

Failure isn’t an option it’s an end result.

Send others before you end the attempt.

Perhaps we can’t do it. But how do we know?

The first time you try is the hardest. Success rarely happens initially.

Use your words as swords and notice how people react. Stabbing pain.

Come forward to receive what’s yours.

The shape of things to come look like YOU!

The new thing you’re looking for is hiding behind that old stuff.

Remember when everything was new?

The true you. What we need, you ARE!

Remove desire and freeze in place.

Where you sleep determines how you sleep. Wake up!

Better to sleep than weep.

What is possible? How do you know?

Who is sleeping? Who is awake? Eyes closed = not looking.

World War YOU! Peace at any cost!

When in doubt, float!

Tides are real. Feel the pull. Surf!

Miseries are just a mini-series. They never last.

Do you prefer the shallow or the deep end? Can’t swim in ankle deep water.

Who will be with you in your time of need? ME!

Desire is a fire that warms or burns.

What character do you want to play? Pick a role and be the hero!

How slow can you go? Tired of stop?

We do what we’re trained to do. Who’s the trainer? Hold your own whip.

Who do you want to be? Do you need a mask?

Choice is your voice.

You are still steel!

When is the moment you’re waiting for?

Who do you want to be? You who?

Choose who you want to be before what you want to do.

Take a slice of nice and share!

What do we sleep through?

Pressure isn’t a pleasure, but it generates treasure.

Come with me, down the road of Groovyness!

Put the Tim A in intimate.

It’s more trouble to wake people up than to let them sleep.

You cannot ignite nice with bad attitude.

Choose to move, then groove!

When you don’t know what to do, smile!

When in doubt, erase pout.

Who do you want to follow? We’re waiting for you to lead.

The chance you’re waiting for is bouncing by! Grab it!

Plenty of time? Enough!

Don’t be rough when you can smooth.

Give service and get appreciation.

I’m here for YOU! Hear that?

When you’re in trouble, listen for offers of help.

Who is the best person you know? Model them.

The greatest theology we have God put inside us.

One thing I know for sure, change is.

Get on the change train.

Invest in others, reap the benefit.

Will you be there when I need you?

Who you want to be is up to YOU!

The character you want to be, you create.

The opportunity for service isn’t a vice.

Education is a journey not a destination.

We impact others. That’s the way it is!

Who are you going to be this year?

Compromise isn’t a promise.

Get a handle on money before it handles you.

If you say you’re going to do it, what do you think you should do?

Live lively!

Observe then serve.

Be choosy with your choices.

Easier to use your voice or your choice?

Don’t balk when you can talk.

The ball game of life never has time outs.

What you believe shouldn’t leave.

Graduate from the waiting room.

Total immersion leads to total belief.

You are younique.

Who are you hiding the real you from?

Never believe what you know is a lie.

The first place to look is inside.

The foreigner is always at home.

Justice isn’t for just us.

Practice nice.

Throw yourself on the flames of passion.

Better to view than review.

Who are you looking at? Are they meeting your gaze?

Who is the god you serve? Stuff?

The most sacred place on the planet is your heart.

Who will build? Who will serve? Society needs YOU!

The river of life doesn’t give a dam.

Test more than detest.

Perhaps a treat is what you need. Better than treatment.

Bitter ain’t better.

Ton of fun! Won on won.

Tear fear from your heart.

People are the reason for the season.

Short sightedness is worse than near sightedness.

Listen to glisten to the speaker.

Twenty minutes of undivided attention may be impossible.

The question of life has know answer.

Your mind is your kingdom. You are royalty.

Sell what you don’t need and be free!

Break the love bank wide open.

Over the top beats bottom feeding.

Catch up with what you lost.

The main thing is to think.

Take notes then sing them.

The hardest thing to do is to keep doing it.

Who supplies your needs? Or is it what?

Who reminds you of you?

Are you distracted or attracted by stuff?

The point of life is lift.

Who are you worried about? Just you?

Find yourself before you search for others.

Serve what preserves.

Bargain with others, never yourself.

Play the angles, never the angels.

Did the one you really wanted get away?

Don’t lose the joy that you held loose.

The joy you really need is all around you. Breathe it in!

What you fear, dominates you.

Is your life broken? Love sticks things together.

Hanging in there? Life is a stretch.

Do what you need to do, then what you want to do.

Who is calling you? Love doesn’t have voice mail.

When do you know when you’ve done enough? When the job is complete.

What you desire is a fire. It can warm OR burn.

The good seed is grows. The bad weed strangles.

Who do you refer to? Those you prefer?

The best gift lifts.

The rule we must follow, Love!

Over the top, under the radar.

Better to pay attention than owe ignorance.

Bargain and compromise equal different directions.

The joy you really want is inside insight.

Intelligence is a goal not a trait.

Please others and be at piece.

Are your needs generated by greed?

Second best isn’t rest.

Abandon sadness.

Christmas music makes me feel happy.

New born babies are a miracle.

The moment you change is momentous!

The first time you realize God is real is a miracle.

It’s not what you do it’s who you do it for that counts.

Record your thoughts. Reorder your oughts.

Don’t fight the feeling to do good.

Just let GO!

The perfection you seek is inside you.

Don’t fear what can’t put you on a grill.

Announce good will towards men!

Put yourself in the picture and SMILE!

What are you aiming for? Who gave you that target?

The one you’re looking for is the one you fell in love with.

Things change. People rearrange.

The outcast are the first to cast out.

The promise you keep, the future you reap.

The distant voice in the wilderness? The call of mild.

We need more dancing angels with tambourines.

The sensitivity you seek is locked in the room marked “Vulnerability.”

The first time you Santa was a miracle. Remember those before logic days?

The people we want to lead us have already taken the first step. Catch up!

If you’re too tired to do it, take a deep breath and try.

Want song do you sing out loud for others to enjoy?

Where exactly are the highest heavens? Straight down is up for Australians.

Can your truth be the same as mine? Depends if you’re right or not.

What do you believe in? How has that helped you?

Who chose you? Did you accept the choice?

It’s your ticket into eternity. . . children.

The DNA in your genes is perfectly you.

Who do you want to be when you grow up? When exactly is that?

Who do you love the most? More than yourself?

The first time you found the treasure you know you were rich. Why did you forget where you put it?

The heart that beats, needs.

Life is a musical. Get with the program, baby!

The star of the show? You are!

Leave your kingdom and follow your start.

The one true king can sing.

The last place you look is the first place you find.

The knowledge that you can do it is true.

The leader we’re waiting for is in the car and headed down the driveway. Hitch!

Anger is danger.

Who will save you from your science?

The people we need to give us stuff, gave it all away. Your turn now.

That feeling inside yourself that knows what to do, go with it!

One night is all it takes to change your life for ever.

Stay in the light, pray in the dark.

Long live everyone!

Just point at the person you want to blame. As long as you’re in front of a mirror.

Submission isn’t my mission. Hypermission is where I’m at. Verbal Surgery.

Truth must be listened do. Lies yell.

The present we really want under the tree: YOU!

Your name is worth something. Spend it wisely.

Change isn’t where you’re at, it’s where you were.

Want immortality? Write on!

Come to the fountain if you’re thirsty. Deserts won’t do.

The best place to start is close to where you are.

What you completely understand is a fraction of what makes you YOU.

The star you wish on is the start you need to get going.

Wishing makes it so when followed by action.

The whole world is spinning, can you feel it?

The nature you want is hidden under the beauty you see.

Nurture your desire to serve.

Put yourself in the middle of where you want to go.

Don’t just stand there, explode with joy!

If you want others to remember your name, tell them in all caps.

It’s not the first time you burst my bubble. I just make more.

Drive on! Floor it! It’s your future!

Not knowing exactly what to do is the place where huge advancements are made.

Give me a HO, HO, HO!

Year long happiness stored in your heart. Verbal Surgery.

Don’t ignore more, pay less attention to less.

The first stop on the way to victory is failure.

Move toward others and make them feel great!

Accept all who desire your company. In JOY!

The people who know the way make the path.

If you’re too tired to run, stand.

The deep night frightens and enlightens.

Tiny angels are cool. Be a tiny angel.

When you were born, was there a special celebration? Every day celebrate your birth!

Would you rather have a present or my presence?

When you gotta go you gotta go. Time to grow!

The dead show you what to do when you’re uptight. Chill.

You can either keep on doing what you’re doing, or stop. Choose choice!

Peace is so peaceful when it’s not in pieces.

Hug life close! You only get one.

The piece you need is in peace.

New birth every day. Verbal Surgery.

Pray for the people that need prayer. Love the people who need love.

What are you tired of? Take a nap from it.

The walks you come from in life will give you the run around.

Enter the heart and feel the beat.

Be in the blessing business!

Be a mentor not a mentor.

Look inside and see who you are. Look outside and see your reflection.

If you could choose another name, what would it be? If you could have a fresh start and no one knew you, what would you do?

The ability to change is linked to your desire for change.

Are you making a sacrifice for someone?

What do you enjoy? Does it give you IN joy?

You are free! Do it!

Peace isn’t in pieces.

Bargain basement gain.

Who you are determines who you will become.

Being contrary rarely brings peace.

Who makes you do what you do? You?

Love is the best place to start for your heart.

Who you love is more important than what you love.

Do you have a target on your back? Archers wear bulls eyes.

Our connections are more important than our imperfections.

Irate = irritate.

Wives are always right. We’re what’s left.

A tiny piece of peace isn’t.

Hard to love everyone? They feel the same way about you.

The more we love, the more we’re loved.

Be aware of the blessings around you. Sensitivity creates blessings!

The line in the sand is a tightrope.

If you want to be at peace with others, find it in yourself first.

Your family is the training ground for good behavior. Or vice versa.

The ladder of success stands on your attitude.

Who do you put first in your life? Service brings happiness.

Look out for #1. Be #2.

Leave others in peace. Be a peace deliverer.

If you fear others, hear others.

Dry the tears from your eyes with love.

Easier to rest in peace or live in peace?

Be the AmeriCAN we need.

Leaders need followers. It’s a two way street.

Better to be the dessert than a desert.

Pushing yourself towards the exact spot you need. Verbal Surgery.

It doesn’t matter that it doesn’t matter. Do your best just because.

Never mess with something that could dominate you.

Keep moving and you’ll keep arriving.

If you feel pushed in the wrong direction, push back!

Never take for granted the life you have.

People are not immortal. Make sure you tell them you love them.

The first place to start is the last place to stop.

Never forget, always forgive.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Replace negativity with positivity. Improve your life NOW!

Don’t just stand there. Wave your arms and get attention.

Don’t be THAT guy.

Whistle while you work. Hum when you play.

Are we there yet? Yep!

Right in the middle of what you really want is where you should be.

Don’t push when you can lead.

The fear you feel is a fiction. Change the story and fear stops.

What should you do? What MUST you do?

Commit to commitment.

Get ready! Your best days are to come!

Don’t worry about the future. The future is HOW!

The nest for the rest. YOU.

Support your friends. You are the foundation.

Relationships need the anchor of patience.

Who do you belong to?

Who challenges you? What a gift!

The first place to look? The mirror.

Memory is a tricky piece of business. You are the creator/editor.

The ocean of love. Tsunami of friendship.

The wave you’re looking for is swelling under your feet.

Identify the areas is your life that need fertilizer. Just a pinch helps.

The least amount of effort generates tiny actions.

Be part of the the Motion Movement.

Fundamentals are FUN.

Birth is our responsibility. New is YOU.

Explore like Columbus, the new YOU awaits.

Normal is the new boring.

26 opportunities for creation. Write on!

The stories of life are made up of the letters of living.

Who are you? Why are you?

Never bother with those who smother.

Brother, your direction is YOUR choice.

Conceive and birth what the world needs. What WE need.

Never eat scorn bread.

The truth hurts. Especially the liar.

Doubt is without a doubt, dubious.

Babies are cute. My babies are cuter. I dig you, baby!

Working through difficulties in life? Welcome to the real world.

Never resign yourself to resignation.

Who are you really? Deep down awesomeness!

Raise yourself to heights of coolness.

Don’t be a spitting cobra, spraying venom called words.

Sunshine is deLIGHTful. Shine on me, brother!

Beyond beyond, delight!

Miracles still happen. Ever seen a baby?

Deny the negative thinking that pollutes your soul.

Prove yourself valuable by your love.

The sign we need? Green light!

What you need, I got. Here’s a piece . . . . Woo HOO!

Move towards what makes you happy.

What God can do, you can observe.

Everything is better than nothing. Nothing is better than YOU!

Adopt the person that needs your love the most.

Miracles are in the details.

Keep planting, keep harvesting!

The crops you need come from the seeds inside you.

Don’t put yourself in the middle of evil on purpose.

Mankind! Emphasize KIND.

The drama you find in your relationships comes from your pride.

YOU are the miracle we’ve been waiting for.

The bad things we do generate bad results. True dat.

A seed is worthless unless planted. You know what to do, plant!

Dig this! Your treasure is buried inside you.

Nurture is more powerful than nature. Care for those around you!

Ultimate power is located in service to others.

Power is not domination over others. It’s control of self.

Why is never as powerful as who.

Your life is a diamond. Shine on!

Your birth right isn’t what’s left.

Love is a for letter word. It’s FOR people.

Less loneliness, more togetherness.

Do your best to do your best.

Do you suffer from fear? Only fear fear.

Guilty is the verdict, love is the sentence.

Love is the anti-loneliness drug.

Lone wolf or lonely wolf?

The feeling of sadness is generated from a lack of connection.

The inevitable fact is we are lonely. The enviable tact is connect!

Separation of love from self leads to bad health.

Stand by me. Please!

The reason for the sadness? Isolation.

Who you know isn’t as important as who knows you.

Somebody is more important than everybody.

Connection is critical! Make them!

Separation is the anti-creation.

Be diligent in intelligence gathering.

Take your friends for granite.

The jail cell isn’t as bad as the separation.

What you do isn’t who you ARE.

It’s always better to have friends than enemies. It’s always better to be a friend than an enemy.

Do we choose to be lonely? It’s a choice!

Isolate your desire to separate from others.

Wrapped up in your own opinion of yourself. Expose yourself to others.

Solitary confinement isn’t fine. It’s a fine.

We tell others only what we want them to know.

Sit and think. Learn!

Learn something new. New know!

God isn’t a figment of your imagination.

The time to do it is when you’re lonely.

The fastest way to escape loneliness is through the smile gate.

Who stands beside you? Who do you support?

A two way street is the beginning and the end. Direction is your choice.

Who is with you when everyone else leaves? The family tree.

Ostracizing others is only for ostriches. They stick their necks WAY out.

Stay with those who need you the worst and you’ll be their best.

We have ups and downs. Both have their challenges.

Wrap yourself up and deliver good news!

Invest in others by sharing yourself.

Find others worse off and you’ll feel better.

To have a friend you have to BE your own friend first.

Millions of people. Connection possibilities!

Your purpose in life is linked with your desire to serve.

The negative things we do separate us from the best of ourselves.

Tender intentions are splendid!

The present we crave is your presence!

Wrapped up in yourself? Welcome to mummyland.

We live in the separation nation.

The last thing we need to do is the first thing we should do.

Old fears young. New alienates old.

Spend time before you spend money.

Pity the pitiful. They’re full of pity.

Today is the first day of the best of your life!

Warm your neighbor as your self.

Be in the service business.

Are you good? Prove it with your great actions.

Start something new! Especially in your life.

The difference between a job and a calling? Work and play

See the great, ignore the bad.

We live in the city of God.

If you KNOW you’re going to win, how does that change your attitude now?

The light you’re looking for is in your heart.

Don’t lose your love for others. They’re part of YOU!

I am not afraid. Say it!

Give people thanks and thinks.

What do you want for those who don’t like you? Misery or understanding?

Ingratitude is not an attitude.

Encourage the possibility ability.

Your life is determined by YOUR desires.

Abundance is a dance we should all learn.

What do you think? Who do you thank?

Everything around you is a blessing. Accept that.

Thank tanks trump think tanks.

Better to hope than mope.

Don’t let your life pass without getting into the fast lane.

The heart of the matter is art.

We don’t miss what we don’t think about.

Make a point not to disappoint.

Every problem has its solution. Most solutions are problematic.

What you think about a problem determines the problem.

Encounter those who don’t count.

Hard economy, hard on you and me.

The road may turn, the destination remains the same.

Children are the gift you always wanted. And the challenge you feared.

Better to avoid than annoy.

Be someone’s Old Faithful.

Who you want to be is wrapped up in who you think you should be.

Want to beats should do.

Recover your desire to cover others.

Listen to your heart. Can’t beat that.

Hearing aids beat microphones.

Keep the rest in restoration.

Are you searching or avoiding?

Use the difficult times to strengthen your will.

Between the good times and the bad lies normalcy

Remember to remember. Not dismember.

Headed back to the way things were? You turn.

Perfection is the oil to the normal water.

Forgiveness is the best gift you can give.

Are you in control of what controls you?

We are soldiers headed to war. The heart is the battlefield.

Hope gets out.

Every word you say is not written on stone, but our hearts.

What is your proof of life?

Starting is harder than biting.

If your life’s a wreck, check for life boats.

Hard times call for art times.

The beauty we want is locked in our perspective.

Hope on a rope. Verbal Surgery.

What’s not necessary may be profitable.

Don’t forget what you get. Forgive what they gave.

HELP! When you can.

When your life’s a mess, get a swisher mop. Action heals.

Be happy! That’s a direct order!

How do you to take the fact that you’re awesome!?

The future we’re looking for is inside our head.

Each time you try, you get stronger!

Keep working on exactly what you should do.

The future is only cloudy at night.

The best way to find yourself is doing something good.

Keep waiting, keep getting behind.

The first place you should look is where it should be.

The sound you hear is your heart telling you to DO IT!

Knowing what to do and not doing it is like being strangled by your umbilical cord.

The pleasure of doing good things for people is it’s own reward.

Pushing yourself in the write direction. Verbal Surgery.

Never steal ideas! They have power you may not be able to control.

The first place to look is in a book.

The model for the model for behavior. Verbal Surgery.

The fastest person on Earth still can’t fly.

The race towards success is faster if you know where you’re going.

The negative sensations you felt when you did that naughty thing? Fix what you did.

Don’t choose smooth. Create smooth from rough.

Every time you put your foot in your mouth, bite your toenails.

Hook others with your astonishing good looks!

Be proud of the people you work for. Or find another job!

The swishing sound you hear is the Earth hurtling through space.

Don’t prove other people wrong. Prove others can improve.

The fastest way to failure is waiting.

If you want it badly enough, you’ll do it.

The only way to truly examine yourself is with the mirror of others.

Never fail to do what makes you succeed.

Be pleasant to others and they’ll like you.

Love is the magic formula for success.

Don’t fear what can only make you stronger.

The next step is one foot away.

Make the choice to use your voice. Your weapon of mass construction.

Take notes with eyes wide open.

Are you on a cruise ship or battle ship?

Don’t disregard him just because his breath smells bad.

Small errors make big arrows.

Don’t just wonder if you can do, wander around doing it!

Put the best part of yourself into the worst part of others.

Never mind what you can’t change. Keep working on yourself.

Small improvements make big changes.

The future is not what you think it’s what you think about what you know.

How we do what we do is as important as what we just did.

Reach each beach with arms wide open.

The future is never as scary as you think it’ll be. Today wasn’t.

Every time you do it, you create a different brain.

The fastest isn’t always the best isn’t always what’s needed.

The power to change! Your ultimate talent!

The best way to power yourself is with fresh batteries. Nap!

New eyes beat bad contacts.

It’s all about Vision! Not television.

When you run out of ammo, try being nice.

Hungry? Eat. Tired? Sleep. Wisdom of the ages.

The negative things you say become the negative life you experience.

If at first you don’t succeed, fly, fly again!

The purpose of life is not strife.

The simple things aren’t.

If at first you don’t succeed, hide your pride.

Don’t just stand there, play the ukelele and tip toe.

The furthest thing from my mind is failure.

Don’t put heartache in your suitcase.

The wealth well is accessed by the love bucket.

Counteract the economy with positivity.

Wash away doubt with memory. It all works out!

People struggle. So snuggle!

Auto pilot is great for cars, not for people.

Power and victory comes from inside.

Tanning salons bronze from the outside. Verbal Surgery from the inside.

Lead others by loving them in the right direction.

Ask for vision, not television.

Harvest your good actions.

Planting isn’t an end goal.

Water others with encouraging words.

Slow is the new stop.

Heal others with your smile.

Pick up what you need when you need it. Not before.

Vision is a powerful tool. To see or not to see, THAT is the question.

Opportunity is a great tune.

YOU are the best!

Delay your discouragement.

Waiting for help? Ask!

Slide into success.

The power to succeed is equal to your need to succeed.

Plant what you want, get what you want.

Each of us need what others have for us.

Keep cooking. Keep looking.

Smell is a powerful motivator.

Increase your ability to decrease greed.

Wilderness is all around us! Just look carefully.

Never too late to do something friendly.

Just enough is awesome!

In the middle of greed is the seed of need. The rest are weeds.

The more you give others, the more you receive.

The cycle of life starts with love and ends with love.

The power to bless others makes you superhuman.

Wait on the right time. Then jump!

Healing is appealing. Laughter is the best med.

Give the gift of encouragement. It’s free!

A voice calling in the wilderness, “Get happy!”

Fight the battle against meanies.

The best way to play is with others.

Fight for the people!? Against who?

We’re proud and we’re loud! But right?

Share goals. Share success.

Cut taxes or cut taxers?

Hire people. Higher people.

Good news is for everyone. But two sides still exist.

Life is a sing along and we need your part to make it sound right.

Gather together then spread love.

More like you should be every day. Worthy goal.

We are the family of man. Help us function.

We are on this planet like those in a mine. Trapped and free at the same time.

Fall in love with your life.

Life is short. Not a short circuit.

Adoration nation.

Elevate your goodness.

Where’s your love level? Running on E? Others run the gas station.

We need a love revival.

Service is proof of love.

Nail down who you want to be.

Make your life a blessing to others and you’ll bless yourself.

Life is worth living when worth comes to worth.

Greed is not a need, it’s a want.

Your life is a garden for others to enjoy.

We each must master the boss of our emotions.

What is life’s scorecard based on? Your answer determines your joy.

Self analysis can become oppressive.

Fund the fun fund.

Your attitude is your best asset.

President of your fan club should be you.

Turn the corner onto good times.

The chapel of your heart uses your eyes for stained glass.

Ballroom dancing in your mind. Verbal Surgery.

Ask a question, get an answer. Ask good questions.

Involve your brain and your heart in decisions.

The legacy you leave is the time you spent with others.

Trust yourself and ask your wife if it’s ok.

Each stage in life has different lighting.

Armed forces should do no harm. Don’t join the harmy.

It’s pleasant to be pleasing.

Charge your heart with laughter.

Light has no darkness. We all have shadows.

The perfection you seek in one simple pill. Pillow.

What you need I got. Verbal Surgery dot com.

Cry! Cheer! Hug! Verbal Surgery.

If you’re not sure you can do it, you’re in the right spot.

Happy life is based on service.

Fear can bury you alive. Don’t make your job your coffin. br>
Put into practice–act nice.

The room of love opens through the adore door.

The words “I love you” can change the world.

Actions speak louder than words unless you’re silent.

The moon waxes and wanes. But it’s still the same. You are the new moon.

The time of your life with the Tim of your life! Verbal Surgery dot com.

Every day is an adventure when you try new things.

Live your life!

Do you need mouth to mouth? Verbal Surgery dot com.

Life is not stuff.

The first thing to do is done by action not promises.

Hill of beans a mountain of beings?

Caller ID—your heart.

Be a love island that accepts permanent residents.

Anger is danger.

We are science. We are beyond fiction.

Technology increases your senses. But not sense.

Love what you do. Love who you are.

Now’s the time, to rhyme.

Pay your debts to others, in love.

Prime position: listen.

Go where you know. Stay in the flow.

Maximum effort, minimum worry.

Supercell. Your brain.

Ready to go. Ready to know. Verbal Surgery.

Get past the past.

Nurture the future with present smiling.

Resist the desire to deploy the annoy.

Negative thinking is a weigh of life.

The one job you can’t ignore: breathing.

Miss opportunity every chance you forget.

Are you vice grips or needle nose pliers?

Don’t be the tool that’s not used.

Visualize your best scenario.

The storms of life water our dreams.

Get ahead of your head.

Go into the storm with eyes wide open and helmets on.

Sprinkle your conversation with positive comments. Personality candy.

Closing your eyes does not stop the scenario.

Power heals. And keeps you under its heel.

Emotional storm chaser. Verbal Surgery.

Anger is an emotional tornado.

Spin your own pr.

Life wish. Do your best.

Live more by dying less.

On the border of danger is life.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat and buckle up for fun!

Clean the windshield of your perspective.

Behind blind is insight.

Are we safe? Who’s asking?

Relevant areas of study for studs. Verbal Surgery.

Top rated podcast by groovy cats.

When you’re hungry for knowledge, eat books.

The pursuit of perfection doesn’t wear a suit.

Go barefoot emotionally.

Stick to what you know and cease to grow.

Every bite of joy brings an after taste of smiles.

What we need is to please.

Keeping up with the impossible. Verbal Surgery.

In the middle of the suck is badattitudeland.

Funny means money.

Humor me. Seriously.

Holding the emotional purse strings. Verbal Surgery.

Never fight the desire to smile.

We like big. Be the supersize of love.

Vampire killing kits on sale now. At your local blood bank.

Structure your life around your loves.

Deploy the toy you loved as a kid.

The perfect choice for your voice is not the invoice.

The least predictable choice is anger.

Be all that you can bee. In the honey.

A better way to weigh yourself. Verbal Surgery.

Know the fastest way into your heart. And guard it.

The probe that science needs is between your ears.

Spell disaster: WAIT.

Zero visibility. 100% ability.

Completely redemption. Verbal Surgery.

Eat the beast that generates worry.

Stuff yourself with favor. Verbal Surgery.

Progress is a dress even men should wear. Even though it’s uncomfortable.

Top secret emotional tricks of the trade. Verbal Surgery.

Monitor the wind speed coming out of your mouth.

Hell storm, heaven sent. Misdelivered by the Post Office.

The best we can do. Has nothing to do with trying.

Stare into the eye of the storm. And watch it blink.

Stable doesn’t make you able.

Severe can sever and lever.

Scout the finger of odd.

The wall you leap over has a staircase on the other side.

If you’re trying to scare me, try harder. Verbal Surgery.

Recycle your smiles with miles per giggle.

The best position to succeed is to lead.

Drop the bottom out of your negativity.

Perfection is the limit. Verbal Surgery is the measurement.

Exercise your right to exercise what’s left.

Good to goof. Verbal Surgery.

Home grown, not own moan.

Bonus life, bogus strife.

Roll on towards victory. Right through boredom.

The advisor you need isn’t a visor it’s a riser.

Call your Mother. It’s the right thing to do.

Are you a light pole or a mail box?

Violence is a lens we should never look through.

Better to deploy than destroy.

Ten, ten, ten. Live life three tens out of three!

The fastest way to get someone’s goat is to give them a sacrificial lamb.

Do you have the right to say they’re wrong? Do I?

The one thing I know is that I no too much.

Love is sacrificial. But never sacrifice loving yourself.

Giving yourself to another shouldn’t be burden to them.

Throw your pearls before mine. Yours are better!

Monopoly on truth!? Don’t pass GO.

We have limited intelligence. Especially when we set the limits.

We have finite knowledge and infinite desire.

Total truth is never the truth. Facts have two sides.

Convict me with compassion.

Condemn others and condemn your relationships.

Forums on evil are well attended by evil doers rationalizing their actions.

False religion is never based on love.

Dogmatic shouldn’t be automatic.

Truth unifies believers.

Fall into fallacy by tripping over lack of love.

The best place to find yourself is in is love.

Heaven is in your head.

Believe in what heals you.

The response to faith is peace.

There is a write and a wrong. Verbal Surgery.

Is there your OWN truth? The truth is true for all.

Tolerate denial of evil.

Be hard on yourself and turn into stone.

Believe should not be beLIEve.

Watch out for the error arrow.

Can a person change? Absolutely! Change isn’t hard. Direction is the challenge!

Make a distinction based on your instincts. You KNOW the way to go.

Focus on the tiny errors of others and discover major faults in yourself. They’ll tell you!

Hardening of the heart is worse than hardening of the arteries.

Discriminate FOR others!

Season your words with GOOD.

Judge knot! Especially a hangman’s knot!

A spirit of love and forgiveness marks the mature man.

God’s love never fails. He ALWAYS loves you.

Truth can be helpful or harmful. Make SURE it’s true!

Apologize for logic.

Take a breath mint before you give a judgment.

Distinguish yourself by extinguishing hatred.

Soften or our desire to fire.

Each generation generates rationalization.

The difference between truth and error is love and hate.

Be in the build up business. Demolition is full.

Practical actions practice love.

See things through my I. Verbal Surgery.

Be the person we know you know we know.

Violate hate.

Violence is never the answer. It’s out of the question.

Report rapport with others.

Your retirement plan shouldn’t be keep working.

The wages of sin is debt.

Cover up facts with logic.

Make matters worse by focusing on what doesn’t matter.

Don’t rent your soul to the devil.

Humor is better than rumor.

Everything isn’t a thing.

Choose the hose connected to the faucet of love.

Consequence has it’s pros on cons. The cons are in prison.

Easier to rearrange than change.

Love is a four letter word that will fill.

Hopeless starts with hoping less.

Beauty is in the I of the beholder.

We are fire and rust.

Beautiful things have a ring of truth.

The first time you try isn’t the first time. Mental gymnastics proceeds everything.

Talk yourself into doing something. Verbal Surgery.

Something isn’t the same thing.

I am President of the Transformation Nation.

Change isn’t a choice. Direction is the choice.

What’s in it for us? ME!

Wide angle lenses distort. So do microscopes.

A million miles an hour won’t get you there if you don’t know where you want to go.

Teaching is reaching.

Who is your authority? Who is your author?

We write our life one sentence at a time. What have you been sentenced to?

The shelf of good teachers isn’t in the library of Verbal Surgery.

Control your behavior with love.

Do what you want to do as long as you love first.

Get real the best deal.

Reconciliation isn’t the exit strategy.

I built the Ivory Tower. Verbal Surgery.

Faithful to your loved ones insures your happiness.

Radical shift: Lift!

Do this because it’s good for you. Love those that hate you.

Why is always easier than who.

Out there and those people is us to them.

Interaction is the best action.

Labels are a reality. Doesn’t make them real.

What we believe about other people starts with what we think about ourselves.

Enemy or eneME. Be your best friend first.

Emotional unrest? Give it a rest.

We are always the hero of our stories.

Name what you need. Blame your greed.

Deepest, darkest secrets are rarely as bad as you think. Thinking makes them so.

My story starts with me and ends with us.

Rebellion is a lion that draws the line.

Our story is what we do with what we are.

Give your joy mouth to mouth. Say it!

Transformation starts with desire and ends with satisfaction.

Ideas are not your enemies. Inertia is your enemy.

Capacity for change cannot be overrated.

We pour out our anger on our loved ones. Just because we can.

Strategy for life: Love more, loaf less.

Be in the creation business. Destruction is for losers.

When you win, we win!

Wind your mind with smiles.

Forgive others and give yourself the chance to heal.

The end of friendship starts with criticism.

Light shines. It’s in its nature. Do the same.

Be in the build up business.

Ask yourself “Why not?”

The best pace is fast. Whether we want it or not.

Return to where you were when you were happy.

Walking still gets you there. Getting there early isn’t on time.

Rejoice! Joy exists!

The insight you need is inside.

Power is a word that doesn’t exist without action.

Remind yourself how great you are!

Moving towards your goals speeds your go.

“Just because” isn’t a reason, it’s an excuse.

You are part of the music that God plays for fun.

If you must know you will grow.

The pressure to grow is equal to the pleasure of growth.

Amazing! That’s YOU in a word.

Produce or induce.

We are all thin skinned. Be the bandaid we need.

The place to grow starts with know.

Instruct or construct.

Good feelings are what we want not stuff.

Who is the boss of your happiness?

Doubt doubles troubles.

Abuse is not use.

Broken arms are not as bad as broken hearts.

The way to escape pain is through giving.

The first time is the hardest. For good and bad actions.

Yielding is as important as stopping.

The way to go is the way to grow.

Keep looking up. Your future is awesome!

Don’t destroy your toys.

The fastest way isn’t the easiest. Difficulty builds speed.

Buy what you want. Get what you don’t need.

The reason for the reason isn’t always reasonable.

Spend what you have not what you haven’t.

Instant joy isn’t.

More happiness, less stress

No gas equals no go. Check your progress.

Speed limits are artificial when applied to progress.

Camp in the content tent.

Our desires are a fire put out with debt.

Thank you notes beat wish lists.

Prosperity. Mind choice.

Plenty shouldn’t the standard when others have nothing.

Something is always better than nothing. Really?

Our pain is connected to our ability to explain.

Satisfaction is an attitude. And an action.

Structure justifies itself. But it sounds like excuses.

Love is not critical.

The price of love is love.

The discipline you’re need you have. Turn it on.

Don’t fear what can’t eat you.

Practice practicality.

Think! It’s good for you!

Never put worst first.

Criticism is critical to critical people.

We need you. You are the ripple of joy we surf on.

Ride the wave and say hello.

Planning to fail? Continue to wail.

The power we need isn’t supplied by greed.

Consumers swallow whole just to get the next bite.

Be a planter and a bloomer. In that order.

Great without whine. What a concept!

Take the rage out of tragedy.

Loneliness is curable one friend at a time.

Be the answer to someone’s sadness.

Friends are valuable. Treasure them. Be one.

Darkest night, brightest light.

Hope for hope.

Destroy that which holds you back.

Be the person we need to lead us.

Count on me! Verbal Surgery.

The first thing should be number one.

Work isn’t a chore if you love what you do.

Less worry about what I get, more about what can I give.

Expect the best for yourself so you can bless others.

The deepest questions start with “Who am I?”

We want the best for our children. We are God’s children.

Drink from the cup you’re offered.

Servanthood in the neighborhood. Key to success.

Warnings won’t stop you unless you believe them.

Ambition is a good thing, unless what you want destroys you.

Family ties shouldn’t be worn like a noose.

The best blesses the rest.

Topsy turvy world. Upside down desires.

Respect is a two edged word. Get it when you give it.

Our throne is in our home. But we’re not always the king.

Number one position is to listen.

What do you want? Why?

Ambition to listen.

Require yourself to give your best to others.

Be someone wonderful. Be full of wonder.

Impressions pressure.

We can we do to make others better?

Difficulty is a weigh of life.

Expect things to go wrong and they will.

Master technology and it will make you it’s mistress.

Martyr or mortar?

Surrender yourself to others.

Sign up for life!

Give yourself fully to the work that prepares you for life.

Service is dessert.

Disunity. Don’t be the DIS.

Selfish is a fish best left in the lake.

The others around you look for you to help.

Unify = dignify.

Erase hate.

Bring them together and discuss more than whether.

Recognition is merely a cog in the ignition.

The strongest ant is the servant.

Slavery to your passions is still slavery.

I am your humble savant. Verbal Surgery.

Roughest life starts with strife.

You go where you look. Visual orientation.

Give/get. Always in that order.

Under the boot or be the foot?

All leaders have one thing in common: followers.

Do what comes naturally and become the lowest common denominator.

Service is not a vice.

Look at me and see what you can be. Says who?

Picture yourself in the best possible frame.

Mop don’t mope.

The weakest link isn’t think.

Pilots gone wild have a definite downside.

Be the example you need others to see.

Responsibility is an ability. Not an inborn trait.

Jump in! Life is awesome!

You’re the someone else who will do it.

Both hands help. Cooperation always wins.

Asked to help? Don’t yelp!

Job fairs aren’t.

What do you want me to do? I’m here to help. Verbal Surgery.

Start! Don’t wait for others.

Your deepest secret is your immense value to others. Reveal it!

Foundations are for building on, not laying on.

Leaders lead. They aren’t heavy as lead.

Kingdoms are all around us. You are royalty.

Even winners have winters.

Where is the success you’re looking for? Around that corner!

Hide the truth behind experience.

Soil grows and slings mud.

Hard to tell the good from the bad when it’s a baby.

The greatest are the servants. They have real value.

Discouraged? Take courage, you can do it!

Reject the notion that ignorance is anything but dumb.

Treasure is inside you. Between your ears!

Merchants of life! Selling joy! Verbal Surgery.

Sticky thoughts, you are a great person of great worth!

Want purpose in life? Serve others.

The pearl of great price is found by being nice.

The fairest thing to do is easy to understand, hard to do.

What do you seek? Take a peek at where that leads.

We want what we want. Why fight that? Because wants aren’t needs.

No one understands us. Even ourselves.

Are you for sale? What’s your price?

The gift of God is life. What do you do with the present?

The hidden treasure is your potential. Look for it!

Extreme value. Your own life.

Hide your weakness? Examination strengthens.

Water washes. Dirt never cleans. Plants need both.

The truth rarely placates.

Play nice! But play!

Promises do come true. Depending on the promiser.

We are dirty diamonds. Scrub!

Irritation is a habit.

Layers of goodness can never change a core of evil.

Light is better than dark. But you can still close your eyes.

Seek the lost. Find yourself.

Love makes us valuable to others.

Look at others through love glasses.

Speak softly. Act loudly.

Worthless? Never! You are the treasure we’re looking for!

Happiness is a challenge. We choose our challenges.

Your youth is preparation for your old age.

Age is subjective.

Truth is everywhere. So is blindness to the obvious.

Financial security is an attitude not an amount.

God made you. You are unique and awesome!

Despise the eyes of criticism.

I am. You are. We are kin.

Make sense not sins.

Wonderful is ubiquitous.

Nothing stops. We ARE change.

The highest price depends on the demand not the value. Demand more from yourself.

What we want to do is not what we need to do.

We are in eternal transition.

Never desire after dinner disappointments.

Defeat anti-motivation.

More HOPE, less mope!

Kind words are brain surgery.

Never fear what can’t break your legs.

Physical/Mental. One big pie.

If at first you don’t succeed, sigh. Then fly!

What we remove is often more valuable than what we gain.

The words we say are swords. There’s a difference between cutting and surgery.

The face of kindness is marked by blindness.

On the road! We are all travelers!

Your designation is less important than your destiny.

The power to please is easy!

Don’t resist what you can’t fail to do.

Falling or diving. It’s up to you.

The fastest way out of the problem is on the friend ship.

Your greatest resource lies in your connection with others.

Assets make asses out of the greedy.

The map in your head controls your direction. But the map is only a representation!

The best way to make friends is to be a source of joy.

Love inflates.

Fear deflates but doesn’t puncture.

It is not “You against the world!” We’re on your side!

If at first you don’t succeed, there’s always tomorrow!

A new day. A new weigh.

We encourage ourselves by what we look at.

If you must know, you will know.

The brain is a wonderful thing! Jelly with a soul!

We are made up of what we believe about ourselves.

Impossible! Or merely improbable? You define your walls.

Work may be a four letter word, but it can be FUN!

The best part of life is IF.

Don’t lie to yourself. The reason you didn’t do it is because you didn’t really WANT TO.

Each word stirs thoughts. Thoughts generate action!

Put yourself in the middle of Goodfeelingville.

Worry? What exactly does that get you?

Is there an up side to negative thinking?

I’d rather be inside with you than outside with everyone else.

We make our fortunes one good experience at a time.

If you must know, YES. She dumped you because she found a better deal. Nothing personal.

Economics starts between our ears.

The best way to get out of bed is with a power smile!

Miles of smiles beats yards of hard.

PLEASE! What an awesome word!

Just ask. You’ll probably get.

If you really want to, you will.

All true happiness is reflected by others.

The source of love comes from within.

If you can’t put your best foot forward, walk on your hands.

We are magicians, tricking ourselves with limitations.

Why? Because action has consequence!

Are you satisfied with your life? Satisfaction stops growth.

The fastest way to failure comes through boredom.

INterest beats OUTsourcing.

If at first you don’t succeed, bleed. You’ll get sympathy points.

The loss of everything you have, doesn’t kill you.

We are all remarkable. And markable.

Put yourself in their shoes, but don’t tie the laces too tight.

The last thing I told you is the first thing you’ll remember.

Put your hatred of that person in a bottle. And chuck it.

Wow! You really are incredible!

Fat people eat fatty food. Never forget that.

Coat what you say with sugar. Make sure the ingredients don’t have jalepenos.

The best cookies remind you of your childhood.

Memory is such a liar! Might as well make that fact work for you!

Pushing yourself in the wrong direction doesn’t prove your will power.

Not only did I do it, I blogged it!

People are proud of what makes them happy.

The first rule of marketing is Know What Drives YOU!

What do you want from life? Stuff?

Random phrases of encouragement. Verbal Surgery.

A sudden thought can stop you in your facts.

Just because it’s SO, doesn’t make it right.

Lift off! Put some action in those desires.

Pulling teeth reduces chew power. Extraction has it’s cost.

Two sides, one coin. You flip.

Treasure those emotions that help you grow.

Sad? Think of glad.

Power! Over yourself or others?

Not now? Ask yourself “why” not “when.”

The fastest way into trouble is through easyville.

The walls that surround you have a door just there.

Don’t look for reasons why not to do it.

Red lights mean stop. I’m giving you the green light to love yourself.

Fair play? Just play!

The purpose of pain is growth.

When in doubt, hum.

Sing your song out loud, with gusto!

The best way to find a smile is to plant a kind word.

Tough it out! But with a soft touch.

If you’re looking for speed don’t look at your feet.

Truth is better than lies. But it can be more painful.

The short run is never the goal.

How wonderful the past is! The NOW is the best part of the future.

What makes you happy? Does it make you stronger?

Security is a state of mind.

Vulnerable? Gates let people in.

Normal? I prefer ubermal.

If you’re looking for a way out, open your eyes for exits. Sitting there doesn’t get you out the door.

New models aren’t better because they’re new.

Blood thirst isn’t just for vampires anymore. Military mindset.

The speed we need is powered by your heart not your head.

The power of love works both ways. Heal yourself first.

Don’t be in a rush to push when a light pull will work.

What snares you should scare you.

Pray for your enemies and you’ll have less of them.

The desire for revenge is inspired by self-hatred.

March in a parade! Life is a street with onlookers.

Rage against the desire to be angry.

If you must know, yes, you will get over her. By finding someone else.

The pain of relationships is trumped by the joy of relationships.

Promise yourself the pleasure of learning something new today!

Look for new things in yourself.

The best place to start is with heart.

Don’t fear what won’t exist in a million years.

Keep trying. It’s working!

Fear is a four letter word, dripping with venom.

Slow is the new stop.

Keep moving, you’re nearly where you should be!

The best way to know if you’re going in the right direction is peace of mind.

Don’t explore what you know is bad for you.

Please! What a powerful word.

Excuses are so 20th century. Just say you’re sorry and carry on.

If you can’t do it by yourself, where’s your team?

Leadership is not Leaderliferaft.

Put your best intentions in your pocket and your actions pinned on your shirt.

The best way to succeed is by daily progress towards what you love.

If at first you don’t succeed, charge through the tape with arms raised and yell “Victory–almost!”

Worry sucks. What’s good about the situation?

If at first you don’t succeed, greet the person behind you and encourage them.

Pray for rain, get wet. There’s always two sides.

The fastest way to get what you want is to be clear what that is.

If you must know, you will find out.

Mentor! You know you should!

If you want happiness in life, reduce wants and focus on needs.

We need what animals need. Who tells us what we should want?

The best way to follow your dreams is to wake up!

Sleep is underrated by the tired.

We hurtle through space at mind numbing speeds. And yet we seem to stand still. Everything is relative.

The best way to find a friend is to look with friendly eyes.

Who you want to be is THE determining factor of who you will become.

Get involved, especially in your own progress.

Pay attention to the best thing about yourself.

Who do you trust? Yourself?

Trust is believing without knowing. Trust that others are good,

Take a census of your sense.

The size of your team is determined by your desire to lead.

Love is the best way to find yourself.

Know yourself and discover the deepest challenge.

Faith is best when placed in ourselves first. Believe in yourself!

You have to have a target before you can hit it.

The bigger the goal, the bigger the go.

Full speed is always better than fool speed.

Trust is a know know.

Look for the sign of progress. It’s usually labeled “challenge.”

Reach through the breach and make a friend.

Build something that will last, first.

Your happiness in life will cost you something, usually patience.

Sacrifice is a good thing if what you get rid of holds you back, no matter how good it feels.

Pay attention to what makes you happy. You may be happier than you think!

Speed isn’t always the answer. Greed never is.

Make what you should do your top priority.

There are always prior priorities which don’t make sense now.

Money is honey to killer bees.

Don’t live on the left overs of what you could have been.

Make the best of yourself by serving others.

The fastest way to lose wait Is to start now.

Why motivates. How instigates.

Experience is the best way to find true knowledge.

Pushing ourselves to new heights of service.

The deepest hole is illuminated by a single candle.

Pressure makes you depend on your hidden abilities.

Never knowing where you’re going makes sure you arrive on time just not the right place.

Patience and enthusiasm conquers all.

Be the kind of person you read about in Hallmark cards.

Never fear what you have to plug in.

People know exactly what they’re doing only with habitual things

The fastest way to get where you’re going is to remember how you got there the last time. Same with success.

Never forget that others helped you. Rarely is success an individual thing.

Eyes open! Easier to start with than mind open.

if you’re not sure what to do examine your motives.

The stop light says green more than red. So should you.

Making sure you know what to do at all tines guarantees moving too slowly.

Make progress with your inner desire to improve.

Self improvement is a life long goal and skill. The best place to start is with a heart head.

Don’t ask for what you already have, like the will to act.

Put your best foot forward and hop towards victory.

First imagination, then action.

Never fear what can’t eat you.

Be pushy, but in a super nice way.

The best part of life is the gooey love center.

Acknowledge the importance of the least important people on your team.

Recurring strategies like “be nice” and “smile” work best.

Plan for the future, but concentrate for the next five minutes.

Give what you can. If you don’t have cash spread good will.

Priceless is your ability to imagine better days in the near future.

Put yourself in their shoes but keep your socks on.

The adventure of life is all around you!

Everything has a purpose. Â Your job is deciding what that is.

Rolling is better than sliding.

Prepare for the blessing and you’ll get it.

Never fake what you’re sure you don’t know.

The best way to succeed is through others.

The pleasure of learning is only equalled by the joy of teaching.

If at first you don’t succeed, buy an iPad.

New technology isn’t the answer. New thinking is the answer.

The experience of failure is more valuable than success too easily gained.

No one ever asks for more wires. Keep yourself portable.

Put yourself in the middle of the action, then act!

If at first you don’t succeed, did you really try?

Love is a process, not a destination.

The easiest way to win is by joining a winning team. But you won’t get the credit.

Please yourself by pleasing others.

Don’t worry about the people that don’t like you. Unless there’s a good reason they don’t like you.

Don’t just stand there, encourage!

The positivity you sow, you keep!

If at first you don’t succeed, blame it on ancient Mayan prophesy.

The economy is not THE economy.

Place yourself on the best of all possible worlds list.

Include your state of mind on your resume.

Better to zoom than resume.

The best place to find yourself is in front of the mirror.

Natural! Â What’s artificial inside yourself?

Hope is always better than mope.

If at first you don’t succeed, blame it on solar flares.

The fastest way up the ladder of success is by laying the ladder on the ground.

Never refuse a breath mint or a complement.

The power to learn should never be underestimated.

Change is not a four letter word.

Refuse what you can’t use.

Investigate before investing. Especially your time.

Telling the truth is not optional.

Be the kind of person that heroes are made from.

Self exploration always yields the biggest results.

Play nice! Â Your mom was right!

Generate good feelings in others and joy floods towards you.

Be gold. Not gold plated.

Respond to cries for help with genuine concern. Â Don’t be surprised when they rush to your assistance later.

The most powerful form of flattery is the truth.

Explain yourself but keep it brief.

When you need help, ask. When you want help, figure it out.

The best way to follow up is by standing beside them.

Don’t just stand there, jump!

Refrain from the pain game.

The best part of YOU is Y.

Be your best friend and your enemy’s hope for reconciliation.

WHY is a question you should ask more than HOW.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat and floor it.

Don’t worry about the future. There’s always tomorrow.

Fight for the right to fight for what’s left.

Encourage yourself to try, just the first time!

Every time you do it, it gets easier.

Action is better than thinking about action.

Respond to your best inclinations with best effort.

Don’t worry about what’s smaller than your concept of fear.

Thinking too much is brain drain if what you’re thinking about is negative.

Positively positive! Verbal Surgery.

The next big thing could be YOU.

If at first you don’t succeed, what could be worse?

Play with the your ability and watch it grow.

Don’t think when action is required.

The best way to find yourself is through your relationships with others.

If you worry about what others think you’re wasting your time and theirs.

Be prepared to dare.

The best way to success is through constant action not evaluation.

Be the kind of person you wish you had for a best friend.

If the world ends tomorrow, how would you act today?

Be the best thing that ever happened to your friends.

Excuse yourself from excuses.

Don’t just stand there, quote me.

Verbal Surgery is your guide to guide books.

Beware of what frightens little children and politicians.

Risk everything on your ability to do your best.

Worry is so last century.

Don’t be friendly to those who are obvious jerks.

Excusing bad behavior IS bad behavior.

Don’t push yourself without pulling the best out of yourself.

Worry about what you SHOULD do not what you can do.

Oil and water don’t mix. Nor does money and government oversight.

If at first you don’t succeed, please.

We all weigh the same compared to the Earth. Basically nothing.

A speck of sand is irrelevant unless it’s in your eye.

Back yourself into a corner and DO IT!

Pushing yourself towards what you need to do is the essence of happiness.

Consciousness is akin to intelligence. What we don’t think about doesn’t exist for us.

The best way to find your soul mate is on the friend ship.

Avoid the annoyed. Seek glee.

Do we really need a club to know we’re part of something?

The best way to find courage is by following the courageous.

Don’t fake it if you can do it.

The best way to encourage others is by smiling at just the right time.

For you to know when to quit, you must first consider it an option.

The best of us don’t worry about the rest of us.

Play with your pals. Fight the mals.

The negative NEVER outweighs the positive. Except in the last sentence.

Avoid pain on the brain by face change: smile!

It’s up to you and comes down to you. Attitude is altitude.

Push is better on your self.

Explanations are better than expainations.

Rich is mental.

Money is a state of mine.

Want a blessing, be a blessing.

Make a difference in yourself first.

Security is based on attitude.

Sign up to be significant.

Interest is your best quality.

Work is the best way to find significance, as long as you work on relationships.

Goals make you go.

Best way to make head way is with a head start. So start with your head.

Raise a blessing with good will to others.

Love is the engine. Passion is the gas.

General confusion never defeats private clarity.

Patience is a skill made strong by practice.

Truth is reached by observation.

Look at all the good things you have. Observe don’t ignore.

Your perception is your best asset.

Security is the best gift you can give yourself.

Fear is the opposite of love.

Accept yourself. It’s a gift only your can give.

Accept the fact that you’re awesome!

Transfiguration is a daily occurrence. We ARE change.

Hate can wait. Try second chances.

We are acceptable not except able.

Love others and love yourself equally.

Support other’s needs for support.

Never forget what you get.

Sing like an angel. Even tone deaf angels sing.

From rags to bitches. Even the wealthy gripe.

If at first you don’t succeed, squeeze the life out of your last try.

The goal of life is growth.

Keep focused. You can’t see what’s blurry.

Don’t worry about what might happen. It rarely does.

Be the first on your block to scream “Hallelujah!” and mean it.

Just keep moving in the right direction. You’re going to MAKE IT!!

Don’t just stand there, sing!

Enthusiasm cures most ills.

If at first you don’t succeed, really mean it this time.

The best thing about failure is redefining what it means.

Why say “Ouch” when you can say “Yow!”

What’s the best thing you could give yourself? A good deep breath.

Don’t worry about the other guy. Just focus on what makes you tick.

The best part about waking up is the option to succeed.

Think about what makes you happy. Constantly.

You are what you regularly think.

Keep focused on your best and it will appear.

Be the kind of person you know you can be.

The first step towards success is always forward.

If at first you don’t succeed, blog.

The whole world is waiting for you to lead.

Discovery is always better than uncovery.

Blast away as long as you’re shooting with good will bullets.

Make others feel better, feel better automatically.

We always know what makes us sad. Avoid that.

Knowledge is thrilling if it’s not force fed.

Read till your eyes get tired.

Your brain is a wonderful instrument of gladness.

Be happy. Me happy.

Recover every part of what you lost when she left you.

If at first you don’t succeed be grateful for second chances.

Say please! It’s a magic word for many people.

Establish you’re right to be wrong.

Don’t work when playing can get the job done.

Keep your eye on the ball and your hand on the throttle.

Don’t confuse trying with waiting.

Release yourself from the bonds of your expectations.

Trying is the mother of doing.

Expect the best from yourself and the future.

Place your mind in happy land.

Negative thoughts suck.

We all need someone to remind us how great we are! Â You are awesome!

Keep pushing the boundaries of your ability and you’ll discover they keep enlarging.

Action is the cure for fear.

Be and AmeriCAN! Not an AmeriCan’t!

Independence from fear day!

We don’t have a King! We’re independent!

Best state of mind is in Independence.

Freedom! Don’t enslave yourself with petty desires.

Be the leader our country needs!

Let’s make America a little better today!

Freedom is a lit sparkler!

There’s a place for thinking and a place for action. They’re not in the same place.

Think about what you want in life with your heart, not your wallet.

Reach out and touch. Don’t wait for it to rub up against you.

The place for fear is buried in the back yard.

Put your best foot forward and hop scotch.

The change you make in yourself makes cents.

Just because you’re scared doesn’t give you the right to quit.

If you want it, just go get it.

There is power in persistence. Raging flood power.

The world is yours for the taking. But you have to be willing to receive it.

In the first place, yes, you are awesome!

Start from a feeling of joy and your trip will end with happiness.

Watch out for antipoganda. Telling us what we can’t do.

The best way to succeed is by helping others.

Relax! Tension takes energy that’s wasted.

Be the best person that your mother wanted you to be.

In times of difficulty, revel in your ability to overcome!

The wildest trips are inside your head.

The most powerful drug on earth is enthusiasm.

No man tells me what I can’t do. God tells me I CAN.

Research the reason you last smiled.

The most precious thing in life is connection to others.

If at first you don’t succeed, what part of your action WAS successful?

Interest in others grows our brain.

Keep looking, keep searching. The answer is in the network of connection.

Do not worry. You are on the edge of victory!

The best part of life is hanging out with people like YOU!

I’m not sure what I should do next. Uncertainty yields possibility.

Throw a rock straight up above you. Same thing happens when you criticize others.

If at first you don’t succeed, pat yourself on the back for trying.

Trying changes our brain.

Thinking about trying changes our brain.

Thinking about thinking about trying changes our brain. It’s all about neurology!

Don’t just stand there, but stand for something.

The best place to start is now.

Create! Finish this sentence, “I’ve had a great day today because. . . . . . ”

Take a deep breath . And wonder why you were ever worried in the first place.

The best time to start is right where you’re standing.

Read! Brains need food too!

Women are a gift! Treasure them!

If at first you don’t succeed, tie your shoelaces and start over.

The best way to know what to do is to ask yourself, “What’s the right direction?”

Put yourself in the middle of Good Feeling Land. It’s right beside Help Othersville.

Isn’t all about feelings? It’s not the stuff! Feelings are free and they come from deep inside you.

Water wings won’t get you across the ocean. Enthusiasm will.

The best place to start is by reading this tweet. Now go DO IT!

Don’t let fear of what might happen freeze you. Do you know the future? MAKE the future!

In place of fear put your rear in motion.

It’s not what you do with what you have, it’s what you have to do.

The most pleasing tweets rarely make you think. Thinking is work!

Thinking is fun! Try it and see!

Fire “Can’t.” And give “Maybe” an extended vacation. 24/7 Can DO, baby!

Excuse me from listening to your excuses. Just get it done!

Perfection doesn’t exist. We can even tweak the concept of perfection. Yet YOU are perfectly YOU!

We are all works in progress. Small steps forward!

The best place to learn, DOland.

If you want to learn the route, drive the car, don’t watch.

The fun is on the way to the done.

Worry is a 4 letter word spelled with 5 letters.

Language is power. Especially the language we use on ourselves!

You can DO it! Just try!

If at first you don’t succeed, remark on the complexity of nature.

It’s surprisingly cool in the shade!

Make sure. But make something!

Secret to success: Get a clue, pay your dues.

Discover your maximum effort. At least once a month.

Rejoice in the fact that the game ain’t over!

Display skill. Focus on will. Thrill.

If at first you don’t succeed, note if you’re lying on the ground and they’re drawing a chalk outline.

Respond to others!

If at first you don’t succeed, eat ice cream!

Waiting is so 20th century.

Push yourself to try. Success takes care of itself.

Recognize the brilliance in others and they’ll think you’re a genius.

Put yourself on a pedestal and shine someone’s shoes.

Do people know you’re open for business? How about open for friendhip?

Do you need more friends to be successful? Of course!

It’s all about relationships. And marketing. Marketing relationships.

Don’t disappoint me. I know you CAN DO IT!

The smallest attempt drives change.

Power isn’t a four letter word.

You have a responsibility to help others improve their lot in life.

We’re all connected. Noticing the connections puts you in charge.

Be someone’s shade tree.

Lean on me. Seriously.

Give more. Take less. Receive more. Stress less.

This year’s magic word: free!

It’s not about the price, it’s the subscription!

Keep coming back. Even deeper tweets on the horizon!

If at first you don’t succeed, welcome to the reel world. Go fishing.

Don’t worry about what might happen. It rarely does.

The energy we use on worry is wasted.

Keep your eyes on the ball not the walls.

The future is bright as long as you keep plugged in.

Never fear the fat.

Replace greed with urgency.

Don’t look at a fat man’s plate.

Just because you think you’re smarter than everyone else, doesn’t mean we can’t ignore you.

The best thing about being wealthy is never having to say what the best thing about being wealthy is.

If you must know, yes, the sky is falling. In every direction.

Why make yourself miserable when you can just as easily make yourself happy?

It’s all about what you think about.

The mind is a terrible thing to fear.

Engross yourself in others and you’ll discover what makes you tick.

The best way to learn isn’t by watching.

Don’t fear what slows you down. Fear what stops you.

The best part about living is loving. Give and receive.

The fastest way to success is marked “private.”

If at first you don’t succeed, wonder.

Luck has nothing to do with being at the right place at the right time.

If you get discouraged, look for courage and don’t dis others.

It’s easier to blame others than ourselves. And way more fun.

The best part about finding answers is discovering the right questions.

Why? Because you promised, that’s why!

Don’t fear what makes you sweat. Unless it makes you smell bad.

The easiest way to make a million dollars is to ask someone for it.

If at first you don’t succeed, what could be worse?

Generally, you are well known for your good sense. Apply that knowledge to relationships.

If you want to have a lot of friends, laugh with people.

Humor is the great equalizer.

Fear is a four letter word written with invisible ink.

Fear only exists in the mind. It’s not a real thing.

If at first you don’t succeed, blog.

The easiest way to live isn’t the best way.

Be a mood ring that stays on your favorite color.

Be active. Living is a verb.

The best part about life is the surprise endings.

Never fear what can’t kill you.

Don’t just stand there, perform!

The center of attention’s focus. Verbal Surgery.

Being negative is a no no.

Gifts from God are all around us. Like that little flower.

If you can’t move forward, jump!

The best part of life is just around the corner!

Ask yourself “why not” before you ask yourself “why.”

The way to knowledge is through the door of experience.

Wisdom isn’t dumb. That’s why it talks.

Fear is a four letter word. Use it with caution.

Expose yourself to the best, and the rest will take care of itself.

Let hope rub off on you. It’s getting better!

We heal. Take hope in that!

Generate good feelings by helping others.

If at first you don’t succeed, blame it on greed.

The option to fail should not be checked.

If you wonder why you did it, you already know.

Negative thinking sucks the life out of you.

Ask yourself “what’s good about this?” The brain is an answer generating muscle. Exercise it!

Thinking about running doesn’t make you break a sweat.

If you must know, yes, it is all up to you.

It’s not the sweet, easy things that make you strong.

Stand up for your rights against wrongs.

Think the best about others first.

If at first you don’t succeed, what’s second?

Don’t blame when you can fix.

The best part about you is your willingness to change.

Don’t fight the feeling, ignite the feeling!

Research is the poor man’s creativity.

Happiness is great. Sadness has other applications.

Don’t just stand there, jog in place.

Never refuse to start.

Best way to succeed is through wearing out shoe leather.

Find success one hand shake at a time.

Better to surge than search.

Don’t wonder why you did it, wonder why you didn’t do it.

Thinking is better than not thinking.

Go deep inside with deep breaths. Drink deep from the deep well of peace.

If you must know, yes, it’s all the government’s fault.

The easiest way to succeed never works.

Time is money. But money can never buy time.

“Success” isn’t always worth it. At least the kind you put in quotes.

Never fear what goes in your ear.

Relax! It’s the key to long term success.

Review regularly. Look for patterns.

What makes you good? How can you step it up a notch?

The best part of life is the plot. Action is spice!

It’s not the time to rest in peace.

Genius has to be experienced. Like holding an iPad for the first time!

I’m against propaganda and for antipoganda.

The fastest way to my heart is by loving me first.

Patience is the great equalizer.

Don’t worry, spread happy.

If at first you don’t succeed, climb a tree and give a hoot.

Remember why life is important. It’s not about stuff.

Encourage others to spread peace.

Be the kind of person you wish you could be.

Make the first and last things you say be positive.

Cheer others up.

SMILE and the world will dig you.

Verbal Surgery 2 GO!

Don’t believe what’s not in your best interest.

Be a full speed ahead guy!

The best thing about the situation is what you can learn from it.

Fear is toxic shock.

Make the world around you happier.

YOU are the reason I’m still here.

If you think you’re not valuable, just look at all the good you’ve caused!

The first thing you think is usually right. Do you love your job? Then what are you going to do about it?

Asking why is not as important as doing something about it.

We know what we should do. What’s keeping us from doing it?

The best thing about life isn’t if.

Who are you? Deep down. Any time but now.

Life is about infinite possibility and limited incredulity.

Don’t wonder if you should do it. Wonder how great it will be when you’ve done it!

Don’t fear the reaper. Fear his cousin, the bleeper. Don’t censor your dreams!

Change is what keeps us fresh.

The best thing about standing for something is the view.

Encouraging words. For free!

Blast off into the next dimension of good feelings and happiness! Smile!

If at first you don’t succeed, at least you took the first step towards success.

Recall exactly why you wanted this job.

Don’t forget how hard you’ve worked to get here.

The best part about you is your smile. Use it!

Life is a puzzle. You’re the missing piece!

Don’t just stand there. Freeze and call it performance art.

If you must know, you will find out.

Good will trumps good advice.

The only thing better than you is, actually can’t think of anything.

Respond to people’s need for assurance.

The more you try, the faster you succeed.

The best thing about thinking is the end result.

Why are you afraid? You have a track record of success!

Be your own PR machine!

Don’t fear what increases your faith.

Results! Not insults.

Perfect perfection! Verbal Surgery.

The coolest part about being cool is the clothes.

Fear injures your ability to react.

If at first you don’t succeed, what did you get?

There are prizes all around you! Surprise yourself!

Never fear while action is possible.

The first step need only be one inch.

Creativity is a choice not a destination.

If you hate your job you waste your life.

Every minute is precious. Especially the one reading this tweet! Verbal Surgery.

Search your mind for the good things that are happening to you each day.

Filter crap out of your life.

The best is just good with attitude.

Jump for what you can achieve with effort!

The knowledge that you can do it must be drilled into your awareness.

What was once impossible is now easy. Remember when you couldn’t do it?

Your craft IS you!

Take time to make yourself better every day.

If at first you don’t succeed, who’s counting?

It’s not the strategy, it’s the timing!

Just do it. Then redo it better.

Please. Sorry. Thanks! Use it or lose it.

It’s not if you try. It’s when you try.

Trying doesn’t equal doing, but it’s better than nothing.

Fear is heavy. Hope lifts!

Don’t excuse bad behavior. Bad is bad.

Pleasure isn’t found in the middle of need.

The best you can do is unknown.

The way to find happiness is life is by spreading it around to others.

The best thing you can give a friend is hope.

If at first you don’t succeed, buy knee pads.

Thoughts are king.

Stay in the lane. Unless you’re walking. There are always exceptions.

The best thing you can give yourself is deep breathing.

Don’t just stand there, touch your toes!

Give others what they need and succeed.

Partial truth isn’t.

Don’t fear what can’t kill you.

If you want to be a millionaire, start from the inside.

What do you want? What will that make you?

If you’re up to your neck in water, doesn’t matter if your boots are waterproof.

Encourage others with smiles.

Every bad thought replaced by reality.

The best of all possible possibilities. Verbal Surgery.

Ignorance is no excuse. But it can be a reason.

Roll on up that hill.

Obligations should come from the inside.

Worry is premature aging.

Hope is premature saging.

Give me a piece of that pie in the sky. Verbal Surgery.

Needles aren’t found only in haystacks.

If you want, give.

Don’t fear concepts.

Real is another way of saying “truth.”

If at first you don’t succeed, you gained experience.

Don’t just stand there, direct traffic.

Don’t tie your shoelace in the middle of the road.

Obvious things like give value–get success.

The more you understand yourself, the more success is internalized.

Restructure negative thinking. Verbal Surgery.

Replace mope with hope!

Don’t just stand there, wash a windshield.

If at first you don’t succeed, read.

The wisdom of the ages or the wisdumb of the sages.

Don’t replace hard work with faking hard work.

Be the boss of your own mind.

You are a tiny piece of what makes you awesome!

Rejoice in the knowledge that tomorrow is another way.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out what’s wrong with a car.

Responsibility is job 1.

Never fear what can’t bite you.

The best of all worlds? Right here, right now!

The sticky sweetness of life. Verbal Surgery.

Replace fear with action.

Use the energy of worry to plan attacks.

Reuse what you once threw away. Like opportunity.

Infinite possibility is just beyond where you’re looking.

Don’t fear what you can’t control.

Never bark at a cat. Especially if you’re a mouse.

Rethink what it means to be YOU.

The best part of waking up, a new WAY.

Better to remodel your mind than your house.

Small action. Big consequence.

We’re on a journey to the other side.

Be a greeter not a beater.

In the long run is the short run.

Power is the best part of creation.

Doubt powers brakes.

Smile and the world smiles with you. Frown and be totally ignored.

Rethink what it means to try.

The ability to try trumps the ability to make excuses.

Don’t fear what is smaller than your concept of success.

Rush into the future with arms open wide.

Your mind is the best part of your body.

If at first you don’t succeed, did you really want to?

Just because you can, doesn’t mean they can.

Blast off! It’s Verbal Surgery Time!

Only you know what you’re capable of.

The burst things in life have fees.

The wrong thing to do is never write.

Be the best part of waking up to someone else.

Every day is Mother’s day!

Smiling is the best body language.

Take care. Give care.

Reach down deep and remind yourself you can do it.

If at first you don’t succeed, draw and X and call it a treasure map.

When you understand this tweet you’ll realize your brilliance.

Don’t just stand there, bake cookies!

Please. Thank you. Power words.

If you must know, you will find out.

Don’t pull the trigger if you haven’t got bullets.

Denting is better than crashing.

Regard yourself with alacrity.

If at first you don’t succeed, make up a word for it. Like “uberuntermachen.”

Want to be more beautiful? Tell others THEY are.

Life is more than T-shirt slogans.

If at first you don’t succeed, learn something.

Tax your imagination.

Careful inspection yields beauty.

I find money on the ground all the time. Be aware of gifts!

Wake your inner baby. Snuggle with a friend.

Sometimes all we need to hear is someone telling us, “Everything will be ok.” Be that person.

Hope giver. Mope squasher. Verbal Surgery.

Just in case you forgot. You ROCK!

Don’t play with language unless you’re willing to get learned.

Words heal! Whatever you’re doing keep it up!

Picture yourself on holiday, on a beautiful beach, totally at rest. Where were you just then?

Take a picture with your mind of how great you want to be.

The best thing about waking up is realizing life is better than dreams.

Know the direction you’re going and you’ll beat the crowd there.

If you want to improve, start small.

Improvement is not written it’s experienced.

Be the person you were once sure you’d be.

Defeat is only a word. Change your vocabulary.

Your perspective is your first line of defense.

The walls around your mind are built with limiting ideas.

Who are you, when you become, whatever you experience yourself?

The more you think about what things mean, the more you’re sure they’re right!

Success is just next to what you were looking for.

Whatever you’re telling yourself, when you use a mean voice, isn’t worth listening to.

Criticize shouldn’t come in extra large.

The other side of the problem is this side of what you can do now.

The more I get to know you, the perfecter you seem.

It’s not what you want, it’s why you want it.

Don’t kid yourself. It does matter.

Who are you? What could you be?

Want to succeed in business? Start with liking other people.

The world is a loving location for lovers.

Hate sucks. The life from you.

If you really want to know, keep asking questions.

The more you know, the less you know you know.

Don’t just stand there, grab a bar and do chin ups.

If at first you don’t succeed, it’s only a game.

The more you give, the more you get.

Please others, automatically feel better about yourself.

The best thing about you is your kind heart.

If you really want to do battle, fight the urge to quit.

The best part is when you came in.

If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to!

Just because she broke up with you, doesn’t mean you’re broken.

When in doubt, plaster a smile on your face!

Worry is a four letter word spelled with five letters.

If you wonder what the future holds, imagine wonderful things!

No matter how bad it gets, you’re going to make it!

Life is not optional.

Be a healer not a hater.

Jump up and down and cheer for others!

Please be gentle with yourself. There’s only one of you!

Pulling is better than pushing, since you’re leading from the front.

Don’t worry, do something.

Explore the riches of your kindness.

Be the person you wish you are.

The future is one second from NOW.

Make yourself try.

Be kind to small animals and big people.

Remember why you wanted this job in the first place.

If at first you don’t succeed, call it research for you new book.

Don’t just stand there, explode with hope!

The best is just around the corner from the good.

Inform yourself what you want to be.

Clear vision = progress.

You go where you look.

Mind the store and store the mind.

Don’t give up, give away.

Infect other with your good attitude.

Being the boss doesn’t make you right.

The best place to be is beside your friend.

The next word you say may be your best.

Excuse yourself. But don’t make excuses.

Just say you’re sorry. Don’t add a tag line as to why it wasn’t your fault.

Research is better than mesearch.

If at first you don’t succeed count in base 10.

100 ways to find your glorious self. Verbal Surgery.

Don’t expect the worst to happen and it won’t.

Identify the best in others.

Don’t look for trouble. Don’t even glance in its direction.

The best thing about you is your I.

Just because she broke up with you doesn’t give you the right to act like a tiny baby.

If at first you don’t succeed, ignore the first time.

Review your success.

Implement breath mints into your strategy. Can’t hurt. Might really help.

Give away your best work. Charge them for refills.

What’s mine is a terrible thing to waste.

Pull the trigger on good works.

Don’t look at me that way unless you want to back it up with a memo.

The best part of making up. Verbal Surgery.

Include yourself the BEST list.

If you really want success in life, you’ll figure out what that means.

Don’t just stand there, do squat thrusts.

Yoga for the mind. Verbal Surgery.

Be the best thing about yourself.

Don’t just stand there, gaze into my eyes and tell me you love me.

Refurbish that silly grin on your face.

It doesn’t matter what you say if you don’t say it. Otherwise it does.

Recalculate the worth of your smile.

Your best is so close to getting here.

Tiny improvements. Major in the details.

Just because you think you’re right doesn’t mean you have the right.

The best thing about you is your ability to improve yourself!

Emotions are the other side of experience.

If at first you don’t succeed, consider it an enrichment exercise.

Awesomer and awesomer. That’s YOU!

Don’t be afraid of failure. Fear stagnation.

Jump up and down. Smiling is an anti-gravity pill.

If you act happy, you become happy.

If you’re worried that you’re worried, you need to read more of my tweets.

Blast off bad attitude.

Failure isn’t a four letter word. Wait is.

Get on with what makes you happy.

The smallest things make you smile!

Push yourself towards the mellow end of the continuum.

Don’t be afraid of fear. It’s rarely based on reality.

Live life on purpose.

Don’t just stand there, drop and give me 20!

Even doctors get sick. But the Verbal Surgeon talks germs into submission.

If you want love, start with like.

Man! Women rock!

Make sure you’re not your harshest critic. Because you talk to yourself constantly!

Never mind what they said. Focus on your greatness!

Doing the same thing over and over. Modern politics.

Want change? Get a new haircut.

Drastic plastic. The new Verbal Surgeon action figure!

Don’t let others tie you down with their expectations.

Grab life!

Be your own best friend first.

Marketing strategies won’t make up for bad products.

Experience life first hand!

Always looking for the best in others. Verbal Surgery.

Exploding with hope!

Put the brakes on negativity.

I doubt you’re broken. Probably just need batteries. Take a nap!

Just because she doesn’t love you any more doesn’t mean you’re not loveable.

The better you get, the better I feel.

Doesn’t matter if you didn’t do it if you could have stopped it.

Research the reasons that you’re so great!

Remember, you’re a winner! Winners remember winning.

I’m tired of whining about whiners.

Don’t complain so loudly that I can’t hear you talking.

Who really cares if you’re not happy? Me!

Plug into the best part of yourself.

Responsibility is not a four letter word.

Act right. Be right.

Spill what’s left of your bad attitude on the floor and walk away quickly.

Clean up your potty mouth.

Smile like you mean it!

Pretending to be bad is easier than being good.

If is not as powerful as when.

Stay in Promo Mode.

Marketing is not the only thing, it’s everything.

Life is a treasure hunt and YOU are the pirate!

Walk towards happiness by retreating from griping.

The best things in life are alive.

Stand up for your right to fight for what’s left.

Before the first responder. Verbal Surgery.

Don’t knock success until you’ve opened your mind.

Rewind the good times and play them over and over.

Nothing lasts. Accept exceptions.

Push yourself towards the giddy heights of good will.

Nanny nanny boo boo, and FIE on bad attitude.

The only thing worse than criticism is being critical.

Be in the feel good business.

Money isn’t the root of all evil, but it’s the fruit of some.

The only thing better than this tweet is your interpretation of it!

Creativity sucks. Then blows bubbles!

Paint on your life’s canvas with bright colors!

Keep going. You’re almost there!

Just because you know you’re right, doesn’t mean they know you’re wrong.

It’s better to trust than to rust.

Rip roaring good times!

Eternity surrounds you!

What are you waiting for? Take a deep breath and chill!

Keep your eye on the road. Distractions attract splatter.

Regal! Royal! Kingly! Remind you of someone you know?

It’s not the road to happiness that gets you where you’re going, it’s one step after another.

Reject intolerance! Tolerate idiots!

Wow! You really are THAT good!

It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come. No wonder you’re where you’re at.

Knowledge without action isn’t.

Just point me the direction you want to go, then follow.

It’s better to keep going than to stop. It’s easier to change directions than overcome inertia.

Pleasure takes it’s toll bridge.

The view from the top looks down on everyone.

Just because you know you’re right, doesn’t mean you know when you’re wrong.

Reaction is better than subjugation.

Love others. Love yourself.

Redo the design before you revamp the changes.

Worst first. Best lasts.

Go ahead and make the change you know you need.

The best way to experience life is first person.

Break the rules before they break you.

Just because you know you’re right, don’t expect a big signing bonus.

If at first you don’t succeed, look the other way.

The possible was once impossible. Belief and perseverance is a powerful tag team.

Light the refuse and watch it blow up.

Negative thinking destroys.

Words are things. They create chemistry in our brains.

Come together, right now, over thee.

Never believe the worst about people.

We need each other. Go ahead, lean on me. Verbal Surgery.

Critical statements are emotional blasting caps.

Rely on your replies to bring peace through your eyes.

Before thought occurred. Verbal Surgery.

To the extent that you were right, they agreed. Beyond consensus lies sense.

Plaster a smile on your face for inside good feelings.

Now is the time. Beyond is the place.

Inside the bulls eye of truth. Verbal Surgery.

Lord of the stings. Verbal Surgery.

Learnicate–all learning is motivated.

Don’t ask what your country can do for you, ask what they’re doing TO you.

Your ability to help other is directly proportional to your desire to help yourself.

Don’t just stand there, look someone in the eye and smile!

Pretend you’re great. People can’t tell the difference.

Friendliness is next to Godliness.

If at first you don’t succeed, blame global warming.

Interest in others bears interest in your bank account.

Push yourself with sweet words of kindness.

Promise yourself whatever it takes to make that first step.

It’s not enough to merely be good. You also have to be NICE.

If you’re irritated with your boss, he’s probably irritated with you.

Scratch itches, earn riches.

I’m in the special treat business! Verbal Surgery.

Explode with good will towards others.

Pray for our country before they prey on you.

If you must know, you will find out.

Reaction is too late.

The positive side of criticism doesn’t exist. People are too thin skinned.

If you want others to love you, don’t loathe them.

EVERYONE has a good side. Look for it!

What you focus on becomes clear.

Respond to others and they will reward you.

Everyone needs love. You can never run out of loving others.

Create a bubble of good will around you. And watch other’s reactions.

No matter what you do, it matters what you do.

Research the depths of love.

You find what you look for. So keep looking up!

If at first you don’t succeed, think what a great story it’ll make later!

People need what you have to offer. Focus on that.

Money is not the root of all evil. Unless it leafs you alone.

Wow! I never thought you could get THIS good!

Whatever you’re doing, keep it up. You have really made some awesome changes.

It’s all about small progress. Big change happens over time rarely at once.

Add some whipped cream to that frown.

Sugar makes most things better. Same for smiling.

Do they really hate you, or are you just a convenient target?

Treat your family members better than you would a total stranger.

Progress never rests.

Fortune and fame, don’t make house calls.

Resolve to involve.

Push yourself away from junk food.

Advertising is hypnosis.

Who’s pulling your strings?

Preach to yourself. Reach others.

Be in the whole good business.

Make people feel better about themselves and they’ll automatically feel better about you.

Take a double dose of responsibility.

Get out of your head and into your heart.

Don’t worry about what others think. They’re focused on themselves.

Just keep going.

Wait = weight.

If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.

It’s not what you don’t do that stops you.

Close up relationships are best.

Focus on others and you’ll take better pictures.

Incredible! That’s what you are!

You’re a masterpiece!

Every negative thought is a two edged sword cutting you and them.

The reality is much more fun than your fantasy.

It’s amazing the progress you’ve made! Keep it up!

Don’t just stand there, study Mandarin.

If at first you don’t succeed, bite off a smaller piece.

Longevity is the key to most doors.

Worry is a brain drain.

Your brain runs on hope. Don’t feed it mope.

If you must know, yes, you are the leader we’ve been looking for.

I carry my best teachers around with me.

A pile of smiles goes a mile.

Put yourself in the success category.

Build others, strengthen yourself.

Reestablish the relationships with your family.

Treat yourself to hope.

Smiling is the ultimate vitamin.

Slow progress. Watch as others stop along the way.

Be proud of yourself. Think how far you’ve come!

It’s truly amazing where small steps will take you.

Don’t expose yourself to toxic people.

If you wonder why they got mad at you, write down what you said and look at it carefully.

Perspective is a type of translation.

Need friends? Talk less and smile more.

Caring for others is a superpower.

If you want to change the world, start with your socks.

We are what we’re exposed to.

Push is better than punish.

Just because she dumped you, doesn’t mean ALL women are the same!

Rapid deployment. Instant employment.

This culture instills greed as need.

It’s not about stuff, it’s about PEOPLE!

Your brain is a high tech instrument running on low tech love.

Look me in the eye when you say that.

Breaking up with a text message is better than lying to their face about how it’s all ok.

If at first you don’t succeed, doodle and call it research.

If you’re not sure if you can do it, you’re right.

It’s all about momentum. Really small successes first.

Moping is not a coping strategy.

Feel bad? Walk and breathe.

If you’re not sure of the direction to go, watch the crowd. Then do the opposite.

Draw a lion in the sand and go “Here, kitty, kitty!”

The more you understand this tweet, the smarter you become!

Improve your brain: MOVE!

Sedentary life. Fossilized brain.

Recharge your batteries with a nap!

Just because they say you can’t, means jack!

When you agree with the masses beware of molasses.

Rorschach tweets. Verbal Surgery.

Creative people create.

Stare at a blank page and imagine the possibilities of your life!

Full speed ahead towards awesomeness! Verbal Surgery.

Look at your hand. You are an awesome instrument!

Belief doesn’t lie. But it’s not always the truth.

Join the commitment committee.

The more I’m seen around you, the better I look.

Thoughts are things with strings attached.

Why did they make you so mad? Did it remind you of people you haven’t forgiven?

Anger = mortality.

Our wants can be our worst enemies.

Study the difference between wants and needs.

Your desires drive you. Action is the car.

Forget how they hurt your feelings. Listen to me. You’re much better than they’ll ever be!

Goals score.

All your work means nothing without relationships.

YOU are your work.

Need proof? Improve!

Glorious desires. Verbal Surgery.

Under close inspection all things are beautiful.

End of your rope? Tie a rainbow.

Your response is your responsibility.

Choose to be positive.

Don’t just stand there, pay attention to your wife!

The closer we get to each other, the further we are from gloom.

Good words, good feelings. Verbal Surgery.

You let them talk you into it because you wanted to do it.

Don’t blame others for your own choices.

It may be a free country, but it ain’t cheap!

Start your engine with heart.

The desire to please is universal. Who you’re pleasing is not.

Practice makes perfect unless you’re practicing to be a jerk.

You are such a cuteness!

Run for your life! Literally.

Connect with others, experience yourself.

The more I’m around you, the better I feel.

Every time I read Tim’s tweets I feel better and better about myself!

Quit whining. Start winning!

Rejoice in your ability to make small improvements in your attitude.

Make room for zoom and banish doom.

Relearn childlike smiles.

Color outside the box of crayons.

First do. Then observe.

If you’re worried remember this, most times it doesn’t even happen!

Take charge of your life with extra voltage. Verbal Surgery.

Just go ahead. People follow movers.

If you really want more out of life, expect it.

Review your successes. Delete the word “failure.”

If you listen to negative people, guess what you become?

Spread hope! Stomp mope!

Push yourself through the hard times by being creative.

We need what you have. As you share, you grow!

Please. Just hang up on those nay sayers.

If you wake up tired, skip the coffee and nap instead.

Sleep. It’s a beautiful thing!

Pressure the inside of your bubble. Go ahead and lift off!

Restructure your mind, one kind thought at a time.

Smiles work.

If you must know, yes, you are AWESOME!

Just do it. Then keep doing it.

If you want success you have to give up less.

Torture is boredom.

I’ve never met an interesting person that got bored.

If you must convince yourself to do the job, it’s probably not worth doing.

Play as if your life depended on it.

Resume living a fantastic life!

Implode your desire to mope.

Eat right. Think right.

Don’t tell me it can’t be done. The world is full of impossible things we do regularly. Like airplanes!

Frowning is a bitter fruit that we don’t have to eat.

Give a compliment. Feel better.

I’m in the explosive hope business.

Art for art’s sake. Verbal Surgery.

Explore winning by doing.

Don’t just stand there, wave at a stranger and smile!

See how many times you can encourage others to do their best.

It’s not the best thing, it’s the only thing. Verbal Surgery.

If at first you don’t succeed, blame it on your gene pool.

Go ahead and try. You can do it!

Worry is waste.

Deal with the real, fight with the might.

Pleasure is a two edged word.

The only thing you get out of pain is awareness.

Don’t do it. DO IT!

The best thing about this tweet is its reader!

I’m not sure how you got to be so good, but whatever you’re doing keep it up!

Success is not a location, it’s a journey.

Women are naturally better. Teach us ladies!

There’s a difference between getting things done and doing them in.

There’s no ladder of success. It’s an elevator. We ALL ride together!

Keep your eyes open for miracles.

If at first you don’t succeed, take yourself for granted.

Man! You are really improving!

Don’t read this tweet, unless you want to feel better NOW!

The first word you learn is the first person you love.

Words are power. Use them with caution.

When in doubt, expect the best.

You go where you look.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

Don’t worry about what you can’t control.

What’s the worst that could happen? You’re not dead, so go for it!

It’s amazing how easily we get our feelings hurt. People need you to tell them they’re ok.

The angrier they are, the more they’ve been hurt.


Interest in others leads to success.

It’s not just about me. See through their eyes too.

Depressed? Verbal Surgery is Tweet Relief!

I’m not sure why God made you the way HE did, but I sure am glad!

It doesn’t take much to push others towards their best.

Just the right word at the right time. Verbal Surgery.

Expose yourself to the knowledge that you are incredible!

Don’t just stand there. Look your loved one in the eye and wink!

Think good thoughts and you’ll be surprised how great life can be!

If you must look at the downside, slide and go “WOO HOO!”

This tweet is guaranteed to make your life better, or your money back!

Results vary with effort.

I’m not surprised you’re a winner. You have that winning attitude.

Positive thinking beats negative stinking.

Bailouts for everyone! Verbal Surgery.

Do you really think you can handle the truth? The truth is you are Art by God.

Jump in and doggy paddle. Stay dry and die.

Life is about interaction not reaction.

Tsunami of good feelings. Verbal Surgery.

Inform your subconscious that you no longer need to be fat.

If the economy is so bad, why are there so many fat people?

Your mind. Your choice. Reaction is self-initiated.

Give gifts, get lifts.

Smile on your face, puts you in your place.

Join the surge towards joy.

Passion is your key to job security.

Hate the job you do? And you wonder why you’re unhappy?

No one is making you do those bad things.

Your subconscious mind wants your control.

Carefully weigh what you tell yourself regularly.

The knowledge to do. Verbal Surgery.

Being a wuss is not a strategy for life.

So she said she doesn’t love you any more. Imagine what she’ll look like in 60 years. It makes breaking up easier.

Never give another person the key to your happiness.

Reduce your margin of error. Think, then do.

The government is not the answer. It’s the problem.

Money is not the answer. It’s a byproduct of the answer.

Resistance is common. Perseverance is rare.

Fly in the face of the facts and act.

If at first you don’t succeed, blame your parents.

Candy coated lives with bitter centers.

Mental vitamins. Affirmations.

Life doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.

There will never be more time than now.

Replace those bad feelings with deep breathing.

Encourage others and they’ll encourage you.

Happy pills with smiling faces. Verbal Surgery.

Language IS power!

Take care of your words and you’ll get a better life sentence.

It’s not what you do that counts. It’s how you count it.

Same action, two perspectives. Failure and success.

See yourself through you mother’s eyes.

You are responsible for your own brainwashing.

Take care! Media has its hooks in you.

When’s Steve coming out with the iLife?

Push yourself to succeed, by tracking your daily progress.

Calendars are tools for life. Write on them.

Never complain if you’re not willing to help.

Heavy lifting, corporate sifting.

Are you part of the machine or part of the owner’s manual?

Never refuse to help.

Strength comes from helping.

Naturally occurring good feelings. Verbal Surgery.

If you’re going to fly into a rage, fly into an encourage.

Responsibility is not a dirty word.

Take yourself by the hand and walk yourself gently to successland.

Renegotiate with your subconscious. Allow yourself to feel happily easily.

Do you really need junk food to make you happy? What was your first response to the question?

Decide to be happy and you will be. YOU choose!

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and say, “You’re awesome!”

You are a work of art!

Go deep inside yourself and look for your inner smile.

Rejoice in the NEW day!

Be the center of the hope explosion.

Life is easier when you take it in small chunks.

If we can only live today, why worry about tomorrow?

Just thinking about smiling makes you happier.

Does work make you smile? Then you’re in the wrong job.

Presuppose you’re success!

If at first you don’t succeed, tweet.

Don’t just stand there, do yoga.

Hold out your hand, people will put something in it.

If you must frown think of clowns.

Deep breath. Long, slow breath. The situation is already better.

You can’t be worried and practice deep breathing at the same time.

Restore the idea that you’re a winner.

Shake hands with the rest of your life.

Ok. We know you got a raw deal. What’s good about what happened?

Your worst foot forward is better than your best foot backwards.

If you think life is getting better, it is.

Don’t question God’s love?

Insert a smile into every conversation.

Even the lovely get lonely.

You grow what you sow. Plant smiles!

Your brain is a simple calculator. Set it for addition.

When will you know if you have enough?

Don’t let your goal line change. Achieve it before you move it.

When’s the last time you really tried to learn something new?

Just say GROW!

If you were placed in witness protection, what new life would you choose?

Every day’s a start over.

Unplug yourself from the system that holds you back.

Do you really have to fear change? Don’t you change clothes?

Thank yourself for the changes you’ve made!

Even the dead change.

Decide to act. Then act.

Fake being happy and you’ll feel happier.

The masks we wear become who we are.

If you love to argue, you’re harder to love.

Reach down deep and do it!

The first time is hardest, because you didn’t know how easy it’d be!

If you’re boss makes you miserable, look at him through a mother’s eyes.

Focus on what makes you happy. Concentrate on joy.

Focus is better than hocus pocus.

Be someone’s dream boss.

Rely on yourself to do your best.

Be the person people need.

Will to live = will to give.

Perfect times. Perfect lives.

Generate the good things you know about yourself.

Respond only to those things that make you feel good.

Rehearse your best life now.

Love is in the air. Inhale it.

Reverse the tides of time with deep breathing.

Remember when you were happy reverse engineer that process.

Play gently with yourself.

Houston everything is A-OK.

Promise yourself, what ever it takes to get yourself moving.

Write down any progress on a calendar. It helps motivate you.

Suspend any disbelief you may have.

Thinking is a real man’s sport.

Knowledge is as knowledge does.

Some people’s idea of brainstorming is fog.

Answering questions with questions since 1958. Verbal Surgery.

If you want to know what you want out of life ask yourself.

The ultimate placebo. Verbal Surgery.

Knowing where you’re going to half the trip.

The best part of knowledge is action.

Choose who you’re going to help with care.

Encourage yourself to do your best.

Respond to your best responses.

Enlarge your idea of what it means to be involved.

Don’t doubt yourself as long as you’re right.

Watch where you put your valuables. Especially your feelings.

If it was easy everyone would do it.

Don’t explain yourself to people who will never understand.

Figure out what it means to know you’re right.

Never fight for something you know you can never win.

Discourage yourself from being discouraged.

It matters what you do. It matters how you do it. It matters whether you do it all.

Ramp yourself up to maximum effort with minimum to lose.

You control the quality of your thinking.

What’s the fun of knowing everything for sure.

Perfect plans come together perfectly.

If you really want to get ahead and life focus on your attitude.

Engineer your mind with better books.

Indispensable. That’s what YOU are!

Give love. Give hope. Get love. Get hope.

Focused passion. THE key to success.

In principle you’re right. But it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Just jump right in with as much gusto as you can muster.

Muster gusto specialist. Verbal Surgery.

If you’re living your dream, don’t wake up.

First cup of coffee love.

Gusto Plus.

Be specific when you tell her why you love her.

Only you can do it. Just make sure it really needs to get done.

You have X amount of energy and Y amount of time. You are XY.

Inductive reproduction. Inclusive repercussions. Verbal Surgery.

Get back to where you once belonged. Go there in your mind.

Good times. Good thoughts. Verbal Surgery.

Rejoice in the sound of your voice saying, “I am a GOOD person!” Say it. Out loud!

Over and over and over again. The same problem. Have you ever asked yourself, “Maybe I like the problem?”

Haphazard precision. Modern politics.

The votes are in. You won! You’re the best!

Rocketing towards success with blinding speed. Verbal Surgery.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, admit that to yourself. Learn!

The most explosive verb is to hope.

Regard your situation with other’s eyes.

Feeling the difference between pleasure and joy. Verbal Surgery.

Don’t wait to find out how great you are!

Push yourself. You know the buttons that work for you.

Read your favorite book with wiser eyes.

Put yourself in the middle of good feelings.

All expansion is self expansion.

State shifter deluxe. Verbal Surgery.

Reach out and touch with your eyes.

Feel love. That’s why we’re here.

Earn as you learn. A weigh of life.

Recalibrate your senses with solid sleep.

Up, up and upper. Verbal Surgery.

Focus on the things that make you feel good about yourself.

Discover why people fall in love with you. Other focus.

If you had wings, would you still walk on the ground? Birds do.

Full speed ahead! That means you!

Recharge your ability to rest.

In the middle of “I told you so” lays the truth.

Add friends. Subtract enemies.

Do favors for people. Savor the favor flavor.

Hurry up and relax!

Sure, you’re the best. We all know that!

If you ask yourself questions, who answers?

Reach into yourself and find gold.

If at first you don’t succeed, call yourself a focus group.

Sometimes all you need is a label and you’re successful.

I love cameras. Preserving sight.

Random knowledge. Specific ignorance.

Disregard your inclination to be a whiner.

If you must know, yes. I did tell them you’re terrific.

=0-0= Verbal Surgery.

Knowledge must be doledge.

Of course you’re right!

Are you a person of interest?

Look at the stars. Know your limits.

Google love. The number, not the search engine.

Eventually, you must leave the starting blocks.

The edge of conscience borders badlands.

Get up on your high horse and yell, “Hallelujah!”

The deeper we grow, the better we feel.

Get in touch with your senses.

Don’t ignore your internal data stream.

Regardless of what you thought, things change.

Drop into the deepest recess of your mind and create.

Pain pushes, but doesn’t motivate.

Notice your desire to improve yourself.

If you’re happy and you know it, you’re rare.

Marketing is designed to make you unhappy. Until you buy something!

Take care of your desires. No one else will.

Big dreams become real with small actions.

Never doubt your ability to surprise yourself.

If at first you don’t succeed, rewind and play again.

Learn something every day, whether you want to or not.

Small goals, small dreams.

Just because you think you can get away with it, doesn’t make it right.

Explore the gaps in your knowledge base. Can you name all the states on a map?

Wow! You’re awesome!

Going in the out door can make all the difference.

Listen to your wife. She’s usually right!

Nothing to lose? Rare. Everything to gain? Common.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? Can you do some of that now?

Keeping it real in a dream world. Verbal Surgery.

Explosive wisdumb. Modern politics.

Surging forward into the unknown. All of us.

Remember to forget all the bad things people do to you.

To settle it once and for all. Yes. I am a real person. No. I am not a bot.

Who programmed you?

Are you on auto pilot? The conscious mind runs very little.

I’m tired of people telling me how tired they are.

Here’s a secret: Feel sleepy? Take a nap!

The depths of the ocean are better known than the unconscious mind.

Use your skill to heal.

Rejoice in the thought that tomorrow is a NEW day!

Stress is good. Look at diamonds.

We all want change. Primarily in others.

Look at yourself carefully in the mirror. What a work of art!

Yes. There is a Santa Claus. And he doesn’t live in Washington.

Take care to further your interests. Hobbies rock!

If you were paid to learn something every day, would you? You’re paid in interest!

Take a look at yourself and whistle a happy tune.

If someone paid you to laugh, your stress would be gone.

Success isn’t one thing. There are many definitions.

Don’t be so dramatic. It’s not like you’re in Haiti.

When’s the last time you dealt with total destruction? So smile. We got it great!

Scratching itches, ignoring bitches. Verbal Surgery.

Explaining away all the bad things in the world. Verbal Surgery.

Slick is not art.

Deep emotional bow ties. Verbal Surgery.

Increase all your effort by decreasing drag.

Splendid in its excellence! Verbal Surgery.

If you wish to lead the masses, don’t act like asses.

The distance between a good idea and a bad idea is will.

Give then get. That’s the cycle.

If at first you don’t succeed, were you really trying?

The biggest hurdle and asset is attitude.

Budget yourself. Watch your watch watching.

Knowing where you are only helps you leave in the right direction.

Where you live is determined by the state of your brain.

Knowledge is dangerous power.

Getting away with it, still doesn’t get you there.

Ask yourself, “What would Oprah do?”

The right decision is rarely the lite decision.

Explosive soul growth! Verbal Surgery.

Know who you are and what you’re capable of before you find out unintentionally.

Love makes the whirl go round.

Recycle your knowledge. Mentor.

Perfection is a heavy load. So lighten up.

Reduce your need for speed.

Incapable of incapacitation. Verbal Surgery.

Refuse others refuse.

Garbage in. Garbage out. Beware retention.

Plaster a wall, not yourself.

Looking for the best in others. And finding! Verbal Surgery.

Oxygen intake is directly related to breathing. You control the amount.

Keep on keeping on. But be careful of verb choice.

Excellence is a process not a goal.

Return to your roots. And notice how similar you are to the tree.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I see my Dad. Is that reverse-reincarnation?

Do what’s right and you won’t fear who’s left.

Keep your thoughts inside your head. Let your actions translate.

Be brave! Every day is getting better!

If at first you don’t succeed, bleed. At least you’ll get sympathy.

Surge without sugar.

Rethink what it means to work hard.

Fat is as fat eats.

Are you the battery or the toy?

Your brain. Another hunk of meat. Yet wondrous!

Do we really need more explanations? Not if the actions continue the same. Just change!

Are we able to be creative on command? That’s what I’m doing now.

Resolve to be a solvent, melting resistance.

Show others your best behavior. What if everything you did was broadcast?

Every new year is a canvas. Use new colors this time!

It’s not that you can’t do it. It’s you don’t want to. Tell yourself the truth.

Small, attainable goals. Write down what you want to accomplish. Writing it down is hard enough.

Use yourself as a lab for greatness.

Explore the inside meaning of things.

Look for more than surface area.

The better it is, the harder it is to fully appreciate.

Your #1 concern should be self appreciation.

The more you focus, the clearer it gets.

Sometimes you have to get a little angry. Don’t make it a habit.

Explore the depths of emotion. Ask yourself where they come from.

The logical mind is a good place to start. But it rarely gets you to finish.

New year. More you.

Everything is groovy. Listen to the beat of your heart.

It get’s easier when you study. And when you really try.

Have you ever put out maximum effort? What did that feel like?

Who are you trying to impress? You already know how great you are!

Are we tied down by other’s expectations?

Jump in! We’re all waiting for you to lead us!

The best side is the right side.

Don’t get your way when it’s not in your best interests.

Some doors are pushed open. Most open from the inside.

New ways. New weighs.

Think of it like carrying your wealth around with you.

Too much good health won’t kill you.

Listen to your best advice.

Normally, we preach at ourselves, looking at others.

Disturbing images. Modern media.

Do you have a timeline for yourself?

Do you know where you’re going or are you just flowing?

Take a heading. Go a direction. Don’t float.

Are you moving forward, or just watching everyone else in reverse?

Be careful with wild abandon.

This is the year for massive awesome!

We are part of the solution or part of the hamburger.

Precision is a force multiplier.

Not always what we do, but what we do with what we do.

Exploding with good will towards men. Verbal Surgery.

Think about what you’re doing, but not while you’re doing it.

Knowledge is best used.

We all start out the same. Single celled organism. Such complexity!

Resolve to solve what makes you tick.

Increase your resolve by actually doing something.

Anti-anti. Verbal Surgery.

The walls that surround you have a door. Safety or risk.

Begin a trend. Trail blazers hold the light.

We are all on the same boat. Literally.

Set time aside to think creatively.

The hardest thing to do is decide.

Inches become miles over time. Incremental progress IS the process.

If you’re not on the edge how will you know where it’s at?

Inactivity is its own curse.

Inexplicable in its obviousness. Verbal Surgery.

Reward others with yourself.

Running with abandon towards slavery. Modern materialism.

Focus on beauty, therein lies truth. But not the Truth.

Have you turned into a butterfly yet?

Be the leader you need.

Increase speed. Decrease inertia.

Just keep trying. You get points for that too. Living your dream! Why wake up?

Cleanliness is next to Godliness on aisle 2.

Not our first choice, but our first decision.

Resolve conflict with calm friendliness.

Generate don’t aggravate.

Scratching itches since 1958. Verbal Surgery.

It’s not whether you like to do it, it’s if you do it.

Don’t control others. Urge others.

The brotherhood of man starts with you.

Launch yourself towards success. Which direction is that?

Plug yourself into power. See who has energy and share.

Disastrous knowledge saves lives.

Fit the pieces of your life together strategically. Keep the end result in mind.

Know what you want and who wants you.

Fool speed is stop.

Keep moving, keep changing.

Please say please.

Pay more attention to the subject than the ratings.

Incredible what’s edible.

Yes men. Know women.

Rediscover what you covered.

Negative thoughts are no nos.

Performance is more valuable than perfume.

Speed limits are broken by the people that set them.

Your brain. Your attitude.

True discipline is user friendly.

Limit your limits.

It’s not where you’re going, it’s where you end up.

Direction is the most important variable.

Push through the walls that you built.

You are your guard.

Maximum security, minimum possibility.

Change the way you think by what you think about.

Focus! The key to success.

Being able to do everything well is a myth, not a hit.

Nervous? What do you do to placate yourself?

Stress. Negative power contained within.

If you’re in a box, look for the door not the floor.

Handle yourself with care. You’re indispensable.

You give new meaning to the word “Awesome!”

Give yourself an A+. Just because.

Going against the flow is what creates lift.

Never imagine the worst happening.

Just because you say it’s so only makes it so so.

Red lights are just as valuable as green lights.

Penguins are birds but they don’t fit in the bird box.

Who can you help make their dreams come true?

Just a little goes a long way. Can you spare a little?

What do you think about consistently? Which direction is that moving you?

Good intentions cause tension.

Do you know the difference between good and bad? Do you stay on only one side?

Get a grip on yourself and shove towards success.

Look back, think forward.

You hold the key to your cell.

What are you trying to hide from yourself?

Peace on Earth, not pieces of Earth.

Life is a two way street. Towards love, away from hate.

Capture your imagination with thoughts of love.

Next stop, your choice.

Examine what makes you happy and what frightens you. Direction indicator.

Polite light. General behavior.

Running down rabbit holes with wild abandon. Modern politics.

Knowledge is a verb. Movement proves wisdom.

Make fear your friend and you won’t need enemies.

If at first you don’t succeed, pull up a weed.

Is love a noun or a verb? Verbalize your pronouncement.

Fear is a pot hole in the road less travelled.

Listen to your outtuition. Verbal Surgery.

Patience is a skill.

Does your skill set include smiling?

False hope is better than true mope.

Generate positivity.

WisTim: Verbal Surgery.

I’m in the Lift Off business.

Giants within our grasp. Verbal Surgery.

Just that little bit more. Verbal Surgery.

Prime in anyone’s mind. You!

Big heads cause problems.

Listen. The answer is blowing in the wind.

Flapping of wings. Gnashing of teeth. Verbal Surgery.

The rare exception to the rare exception. Verbal Surgery.

Test your brakes before you need them.

Do you have any idea what you’re capable of?

Be your own best friend first.

Selfish love isn’t.

Sex is not love.

Are you a router or a transmitter?

Your best is enough.

Strive to know yourself and what you really want.

Randomize your life with acts of kindness.

Push your own triggers.

Allow yourself to focus.

Breathing is the key to the room of relaxation.

Don’t just stand there. Look amazed.

Don’t just stand there. Pick up trash.

Limit eraser. Verbal Surgery.

Stir your mind with thoughts of loving deeds.

Push pause on violence

There’s always time for rebirth.

Refined or crude, talent is at a premium.

Air blowers are from the devil.

Do you ever hear natural sounds?

Our moments together are few. Treasure them.

Grab hold of life. Take it back from those with plans for you.

Wishing you a happy birthday!

Coating reality with a sugar glaze. Verbal Surgery.

Exploding with desire to do good! Verbal Surgery.

Don’t run in full speed ahead stop mode.

Who am I? Focus on that.

Give away love, get back joy.

Jumping up and down yelling and screaming. Average work place.

Push through the “no”s and the known.

Lead the way or watch my back.

Taking a bullet for you since 1958.

Written thoughts are valuable. We can remember them.

Just go ahead and forget about her. She’s never coming back. Ladies, go back.

Experiment on yourself. Who knows how great you can get?

Achieving maximum effort.

Grab, Stab & Blab. The aberage life.

Turning up the volume on your joy knob. Verbal Surgery.

It’s amazing how you keep raising the bar! Awesome!

Don’t just stand there, call it performance art.

If at first you don’t succeed, welcome to SOP.

Why deny yourself the thrill of coming back from defeat?

Gingerly run the race set before you. Stay on your track.

Connecting with others is the new gold rush.

My system’s bigger than your system. Nannie, nannie, boo boo.

If I really understood everything I wrote, I wouldn’t be nearly as smart as I think I am.

Verbal Surgery. Fast lane to your mind.

Don’t resist its charms. Verbal Surgery.

The negative space of the positive pie is the part that was eaten and enjoyed.

Knowing exactly what you’re going to do is a game we all play.

I’m really not sure if you’ll relax in your mind, or in your body first. Take a deep breath and relax. This break brought to you by Verbal Surgery, Inc. Knowing and not acting is not really knowing. How can you know and not act?

The fastest way to a fortune? Count your blessings.

Intensity is SOP. Verbal Surgery.

Like, who died and made you the boss of the whole universe? You’re doing a good job at it!

I don’t like people calling me boss. Doesn’t “boss” sound like a bad word? Like I’ll lose all my hair or something?

Birds of a feather like hanging out with other species.

Safety in variety.

Never knowing exactly how much is not enough. Verbal Surgery.

Made to order cup logos. Verbal Surgery

The edge of the envelope is nowhere to be found.

Exorcise pain, don’t exercise it.

Marriage is work in progress.

I’m in the seed planting business. Let others harvest. Verbal Surgery

Tiny seeds of doubt. Huge trees of screw ups.

Never be negative!

“See me. Hear me. Touch me. Be me.” Verbal Surgery

I am a thing and a do.

Bare knuckles philosophy. Verbal Surgery.

In that place, just this side of too far. Verbal Surgery.

Saying it doesn’t matter is lying. If it didn’t matter you wouldn’t be talking about it.

Staying focused. In a wildly enthusiastic manner. Verbal Surgery.

The opposite of opposite. The yonder side of the truth. Verbal Surgery.

Write down what you want. Be specific. Make sure you’re headed towards what you want. Think straight line, baby.

Two points make a line. Three points make a network.

Going for it, daily! Verbal Surgery.

You are an outstanding example of incredibleness.

Just thinking about how great you are gives me goosebumps.

If you’re not laughing, you’re not reading the right book.

Being copied is taken for granted.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Nor step in it’s poop.

The more I look at what I want, the less I realize I want.

Seeing is believing. Yeah, right!

Knowing truth today is easy. Lots of versions.

Put me in the lack of aversions version.

Normally, I feel incredible.

Be the author of your best day ever.

The guard rail next to the cliff. Verbal Surgery.

1000% goodness. Verbal Surgery.

Superior fire power wins over mouth power.

Maximum effort. Repeat.

Pushing yourself towards heights of satisfaction. Verbal Surgery.

Keep knowing. Keep growing. Keep sowing. Keep coming up with sappy mottos.

General antiseptic to the soul. Verbal Surgery.

Practice powerful word play. Wow! Bam!

Think forward. Lean forward. Move forward.

Examine your center of gravity.

And who doesn’t love a prat fall?

Genius in his own mine.

Give and get. Stop the cycle, the cycle stops.

Pushing onward and upward at a staggering pace. Verbal Surgery.

Not sure what to do? Move. It’s easier to change direction when your moving.

Peace in our time. First, peace in our minds.

Generating general generalities since 1958.

What a great year it’s been! Things are really looking up!

Thinking makes it so at the mental level.

Looking for the answer? The question is the answer. It’s the searching, not the finding that’s important.

Always learning. Always growing. How do you do it?

I’m amazed at your perspicacity!

Clearly, God had a special hand in making you.

It only gets better every day. Verbal Surgery.

Knowing and not saying is.

Thinking is awesome! Doing is awesomer!

Put yourself in your own best graces.

Forgive yourself already.

Pushing yourself towards the edge of possibility. Verbal Surgery.

You knew you could do it all along! Why did you wait?

Like an electric charge to the cardio-vascular system. Verbal Surgery.

Not knowing what to do is not a weakness.

Keep looking at what makes you tick. Get back to your core.

Reading tweets is sweet. Sugar, molasses and gum balls.

Not sure what you’re unclear about concerning the clarifications of the misunderstood mistatatements.

Mirror watching. A good judge of vanity. Are they like a magnet to you?

How we do what we do. Why we do what we do. Verbal Surgery.

Charge ahead, plastic in hand!

Sell yourself short and you’ll end up without funds.

Use mental floss for brain washing.

Pray for rain. Get floods.

What you see is what you forget.

We all want recognition. I recognize YOU!

The pill for brain pain: Verbal Surgery.

A bigger hammer isn’t the answer. A light touch rings the doorbell.

Play the aim game and focus your effort.

Find the exception. Accept changing patterns.

Ride the wave of generosity. Surf on curiosity. People are eager to help.

The Universe is one verse and we are but the chorus.

If Frontal Attack fails, push from the side.

You are a special kind of genius!

You have raised perfection to a whole new level. Verbal Surgery.

Every day a blank screen, filled with mystery.

Fill in your own blank.

Making something of yourself is my job. Verbal Surgery.

When push comes to shove, love!

Damn! You’re great!

Pushing yourself in the right direction: Verbal Surgery.

Pretending you know something works half the time.

There’s a kernel of truth in every seed of action.

Ginger beer. Ginger root. Ginger bread. Ginger snaps. Get it?

Naughty is moral candy.

The more you understand this tweet, the more you understand yourself.

The power to be pleasant is within our grasp.

If it takes too long to perfect the plan, it’s not perfect.

Have you noticed how big the small drinks are?

You are more than bones and meat. You are fire, creativity and heat.

Impenetrable barriers. Windows into our souls.

Be different. Make a difference.

Drink deep from joy. Sip toys.

There are no soaring losers.

Wash your brain with hope. Verbal Surgery.

One way conversations aren’t: Try listening.

Waiting for the solution to your problems? The answer is stop waiting.

Looking for errors was their first mistake.

There is always ground to conquer. Moral high ground.

What I fear angers me.

Hesitation is fear’s main strategy.

Insults rarely generate results.

Handle yourself with care.

Who’s pushing your buttons?

Your are rechargeable, not expendable!

If at first you don’t succeed, redefine success.

If at first you don’t succeed, reexamine your motives.

Worry is happy cancer.

Push yourself, pull others.

Enhance your marriage with the memory of falling in love.

Prenuptial agreement: love each other till you die.

Fire Worry and put Happy in charge.

Get your act together and put on a play!

I prefer hanging out with YOU!

Numbness is dumbness. Feel great now!

Gems form in volcanoes! Heat and pressure work wonders.

Reject the Never Mind.

Deep breathing: mental vitamins.

Relationships are the new Ground Zero.

A mile of smiles-Verbal Surgery.

Your self-esteem is affected by what you tell yourself. You’re great!

Your daily Thrill Pill-Verbal Surgery.

If at first you don’t succeed, Change!

The source of life is deep breathing.

Picture yourself in the best possible scenario.

Instigate greatness in yourself!

Be a brother to others. We’re all related!

Get on board the Champion Ship.

Rediscover your awesomeness!

The world is a better place because you’re here!

Happiness is the default position.

Story Tim-Verbal Surgery Pharmacy.

Fringe is the new mainstream.

Inspect. Detect. Project.

Don’t just stand there, direct traffic!

People need you! Never underestimate your value to others.

Live life like a dolphin-on porpoise.

You are God’s masterpiece.

I spy with my little eye something beginning with awesome!

Even poop scoopers have value. Who wants to step in poop?

Baby birds don’t worry-they just keep chirping.

Welcome to the Generate Generation.

Be a mentor not a meantor.

Treat yourself with kindness and others with care.

Are you a projector or reflector?

Energy comes from others.

Avoid the Rude Chain, or be part of the Food Chain.

Don’t age like fine whine.

By Golly, you’re good!

If at first you don’t succeed, stroke your chin and look wise.

When in doubt, listen!

I’m a chapstick addict.

How do I put this? You’re awesome!

Don’t run for cover, if cover is the target.

If at first you don’t succeed, try duct tape.

Don’t just stand there . . . freeze and call it performance art.

The difference between art and crap is someone willing to pay for it.

It may not be broken. It may just need cleaning.

Assault and Pepper Spray. Modern spice of life.

Mister, can you spare some time?

Free is the new cheap.

Rejuvenate your mind with childlike behavior.

If you’re going to kick ass, kick half-ass.

Picture yourself in the best possible scenario.

If you made an ass of yourself, does that make you a were-horse?

NEVER be negative!

If at first you don’t succeed, stop counting.

When win scenario.

Just in case you forgot. . . you’re awesome!

The time for change is at the coke machine.

If at first you don’t succeed, perfect the dramatic exit.

It’s not what you do with your life that counts. Yes, it is!

Why try to be perfect? Nowhere to go but down!

Not everything needs documentation. I’d better write that down.

I came, I saw, I concurred.

Please, please, please! Don’t beg me.

Verbal Surgery: A great value, for free!

When in doubt, disinfect.

I won’t stand for that! Where’s a chair?

Everyone is naughty.

I hate it when people tell not not jokes.

Short term memory loss in long term parking. Hate that.

It’s such a pleasure to please you!

I can remember, I can recall. I can remember, anything and everything. Say it!

Always park in the same place and walk.

The biggest challenge is the first hurdle.

Stop reigning yourself in.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but it’s better than a cap in the ass.

The difference between bicycle and tricycle is a year and bruises. Different challenge, same outcome now.

“Push me, pull me. Please me, appease me.” Modern slogan.

Remember when you didn’t care what people thought?

Take my mind for a spin: Verbal Surgery.

My mood ring is made of gold. Verbal Surgery.

Don’t diet and look for stretchy pants at the same time.

What makes you tick? Need fresh batteries? Verbal Surgery at your service.

We need more God and less odd.

Take a deep breath once a day whether you need to or not.

What turns you on, ignites me!

I suntan in the eye of the hurricane.

Double your life, half your food.

Listening to the sound of this tweet in your head makes you feel AWESOME!

You can always walk through the Ignore Door.

What would make you swim faster? A million dollars at the end of the pool, or a shark behind you? Fear isn’t always a bad thing.

Squeeze the life out of your day!

Birds chirp, men burp. It’s the call of the mild.

Capture attention: smile!

Exercise the muscles in your cheeks: Smile! One, two. One, two.

Keep your eye on the ball, the ball in the court and the crowds in the stands.

Whiners bore me.

Love comes out when you don’t chase it.

Want love? Love!

Smile! Endorphins are groovy!

No one competes for the thrill of defeat.

Your reactions cause reactions.

“Doesn’t matter” is anti-matter.

Worry is a 2 edged word.

Just because you’re sharp, doesn’t mean you should cut.

When the cookie crumbles, use a spoon! It’s still there!

Rapture of the sleep: TV.

I pledge allegiance to the United States of my Mind.

8 Track Mind: Verbal Surgery.

Take a rise, make a promise.

You can’t change a leopard’s spots, but you can make him wear a coat.

We are the XXXL Generation.

Harsh words: emotional contusions.

Pillow for your soul: Verbal Surgery.

Engagement Entertainment: Verbal Surgery.

Is radical honest the opposite of conservative lying?

Trying is the Mother of Success.

Pressure from need or pleasure of greed?

The difference between darkness and light is the gleam in your eye!

Eating, Dieting and �Rithmatic. Lost one, gained one. . .

Look for your friends in Lost and Found.

Happiness is not ready made, but created one smile at a time.

You’ll never make a strike with cotton balls.

Less chillin’, more thrillin’!

Spend more time pressuring yourself than pleasuring yourself.

Explosive hope: Verbal Surgery.

Know pain, no gain.

Mute your critical voice.

Sprout today, tree tomorrow.

Fast cars drive fast.

Patience pending.

Set your mouth on bruise control.

More power to the pupil.

I have new extra added ingredients in this tweet.

You may feel lonely, but you’re not alone.

The best goals tow you by your desires.

Nothing is meaningless. Everything is connected.

Open yourself to God’s conversations!

Genuine interest, genuine friendship.

The key to power is service.

Grow your business one friend at a time.

Want more friends? Be friendly!

Have you completed your education? What could you learn that would make you more effective as a friend?

Endorphins to the rescue! Verbal Surgery.

Drain the pain from your brain�Smile!

Poverty is a state of mind. So is wealth.

Not looking is voluntary blindness. See something new every day!

What do you get from friendship? Everything!

Listening is an active skill.

Irrigate your dreams, interrogate your screams.

What thoughts weigh you down. Drop them. Now.

If at first you don’t succeed, examine your motives.

The pleasure you treasure can cause pain on the brain.

Don’t start with an exit strategy.

There’s always room to bloom!

You can because you’re Action Man!

When in doubt, bake cookies!

Sweet tweets made to order. Verbal Surgery.

Don’t specialize in unpleasantries.

Eco-rabies: styrofoaming at the mouth.

“Stay out of it!” Slogan for disaster.

Hurt feelings are blasting caps.

“I said it for your own good.” Load of crap.

Growing new brain cells every day! Verbal Surgery.

Knowing what to say and not saying it is silent lying.

What’s your hook?

Do you have a marketing strategy for yourself?

Can there be too much pleasure? Too much joy?

The power hungry never diet.

Lose weight or diet trying.

Relaxation, it’s a matter of life and breath.

Mental mood ring: Verbal Surgery.

Remember to Breathe! Modern battle cry.

Charge the atmosphere around you.

Admiration comes with losing weight in America and gaining weight in Africa.

Positive thinking is mental vitamins.

We live in the explanation nation.

Don’t explain what happened, tell me what it means!

I have awesome followers!

Seeds of thought grow into plants of action.

Live longer! Eschew shallow breathing.

You are an example of what’s right in the world.

If at first you don’t succeed, hire a PR firm and call it market research.

Power is in the I of the beholder.

Ask for nothing, get it.

Private Understanding outranks General Knowledge.

I’m on a fun finding mission.

A plan of action is not a plan in action.

Your mind is energy in a spiritual form.

Never curse in cursive.

Fall awake!

Live on purpose.

Vacuum for scatterbrains. Verbal Surgery.

I enjoy Tai Chihuahua.

Make sure there’s an entrance in the fence around your mind.

Pleasure comes from treasuring the moment. Be still and savor!

Why are the signs of the times related to traffic?

Do you play well with others?

Taking turns is a Western thing.

Your body is energy in a material form.

Loving isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.

Stop playing chess with yourself and decide what to do.

An itch in time saves mind. Verbal Surgery.

Learn from me. I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

Are tiny things huge irritations to you? The stress should equal the stressor.

Punch you in the face. Ask for grace. Modern Economic Theory.

Enjoyment is not joy.

Joy is a journey connecting moments of peace and love.

Joy is not found in a can of whup ass.

Joy is not a toy.

If at first you don’t succeed, Plead!

“Remote controls cause obesity,” group of experts.

Explore the chasm of your unconscious.

When people boo do they sound like ghosts?

The only way to the mountain is through the valley.

Outercourse: Verbal Surgery.

Your parents must be SO proud of you!

What makes ginger snap?

Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. Relax. Verbal Surgery at your service.

If words have power, what do bad words have?

No one wins at sinning.

Negative thoughts negative ideas will have no impact on you.

Better to sow than stow.

The slower you go the closer you are to where you’re at.

You are amazing! Full speed ahead!

Life is an experiment and you are a key variable.

Push yourself just a little bit. Now.

Make a habit of sucking in your gut.

Pleasure to hold is pressure to mold.

There’s little difference between pleasure and pressure for men.

You have the gift of seeing patterns. Use your gift widely.

You’ve trained for this all your life. Now go do it!

Knowing what’s missing is more important than knowing what’s there.

Relax! You can do it!

Dumb ass is better than half ass.

Crying gets rewarded.

Clueless do less.

Strive to please, not appease.

Partial solutions are better than total failure. Do your part!

I’m attracted to distractions.

Web disease: Attention Surplus Disorder.

Peak performance then speak performance: Key to Marketing.

You are a beautiful flower in God’s garden!

Smiling is facial reconstruction.

Conditional love isn’t.

Pain is nature’s way of saying you’re mortal.

Divide and concur.

Knowledge is its own reward and penalty.

Politics is men’s beauty pageant.

The fear of failure guarantees it.

Still searching for the Pleasure Treasure? It’s inside your head.

Give yourself a new look: Smile!

Who wins the Human Race?

Hummingbirds: feathered bullets.

Spend more time seeking solutions than fault.

Modern Marketing: distraction attraction.

Clean water�dream of millions.

Study others, know yourself.

We are the mirror image of those we love.

Keep all your bad memories in a crapbook and flush.

Be creative not sedative.

Lightning: temperature of the sun, width of your little finger.

The thing I most criticize I probably exhibit.

One criticize does not fit all.

You’re not extra ordinary, you’re extra fantastic!

Content is king.

Legalism generates hypocrisy.

What part do you play in the animal kingdom?

Heavy wait champion, lightweight return.

What you see is what you forget.

We tolerate everyone except the intolerant.

Do you prefer a larger forest with one kind of tree, or a smaller grove with diversity? You are the tree!

What did you learn today? Jambo means hello in Swhaili.

The pressure to grow should equal the need to grow.

Deflate your ego. It’s hard to pop a balloon that’s not inflated.

Savor the knowledge that you’re not always right.

Don’t let others set your limits.

I get so tired of watching people not even try. Wake me up.

People assume you’re good. Don’t give them cause to wonder.

Go outside and look up. That’s your limit!

No matter what role you play, sit in the Director’s chair.

We are animals: searching for shelter, searching for food, searching for love.

The marketer’s dilemma: sudden movement fright, stillness renders invisible.

Credit cards became blame cards.

Outsourcing encouragement: Your Verbal Surgeon.

Natural instincts cannot be tamed, only maimed.

The power to do your best lies in your hands alone.

Repetition is the key to petition.

Sighing isn’t a form of trying.

Waiting isn’t a strategy, it’s a gamble.

Emotion moves, logic proves.

On the edge of limits: Verbal Surgery.

Perceived need is filtered through greed.

Don’t flaunt your wants, or hide your needs.

You can be fat and hungry at the same time. Welcome to civilization.

Do you project or reflect?

Be a part of the Extreme Team: Verbal Surgery.

Healing words, appealing acts: Verbal Surgery.

Slice Guys finish fast.

Fear is the mama of drama.

Media: Iron grip, silk glove.

Know what to do. Do it.

The secret of Life: Tense and Relax.

Take a stand, give a hand.

Less steps, more pep.

Love is the guilt killer.

Mother Nature watches us through the eye of the hurricane.

Knowledge is not power. Action is power.

Renew and review your vows to yourself.

Burning desires are like zombies on fire.

Like a sledgehammer wrapped in terrycloth: Verbal Surgery.

When in doubt call attention to yourself.

The voicemail in your head that keep repeating: Verbal Surgery.

What we tend to do we get bent to do.

If at first you don’t succeed, put a bandaid on your knee.

Implementation is more important than pigmentation.

Pigeon hole yourself with doves.

Don’t scratch the bitch itch.

Recalculate what that bad habit is costing now.

There’s a difference between gainful employment and painful deployment.

If you have to burp, at least do it in an amusing manner.

Every animal eventually stops chasing. You’re better than that.

Reimburse the Fun Fund.

Break a sweat once a day whether you need to or not.

Take the stage and tell the band to crank it up!

Push yourself to pull others.

We all gotta go sometime! Bathroom is the second door on the left. This Public Service Annoucement provided by your Verbal Surgeon

Every seed has its speed. You can’t plant today and eat tomorrow.

Throw no seed. Get no feed.

Your voice. Your choice.

Exercise your right to exercise.

If you’re stupid and you know it, you’re probably smarter than you think.

If the future looks bleak, look at the peaks.

Government cannot save you from yourself.

Act right or expect plight.

You get what you detect.

The world is a garden of hedonism.

Women smile ten times more than men. Children smile a hundred times more than men. Perhaps it’s men making them smile!

Set goals, fill wholes.

Endorphin generation: courtesy of your Verbal Surgeon.

When in doubt, scream and shout. But seriously.

Put on your funglasses! Verbal Surgery!

If you can’t beat ’em, lead ’em!

Being critical is like wearing a shirt with a target on the back.

Instant gratification. Total satisfaction. Verbal Surgery.

If he kicks sand in your face, make a sandwich.

Face the fact: You’re awesome!

Turn your back on attacks.

Know what you know you know.

Document your successes. Play the gain refrain.

Thoughts are things. Handle with care.

You learned to walk. You learned to talk. Learn to walk the talk.

Wake up and shake up!

Many see life in sigh definition.

The key to the more door lies on the self shelf.

Don’t get on the strife boat.

Drain the pain from your brain: Verbal Surgery!

I’m a resident of Alwaysland.

Keep away from crazy ways.

We are wired for desire. Unplug the notion we must have more stuff.

New ideals come from new ideas.

Lack generates attack.

With most people, “change” is a four letter word spelled “pain.”

It may have hurt in the past, but try again! Maybe it’s ok now.

Please your brain: release the pain.

Don’t let the past kick your ass.

When in doubt, take a deep breath. And relax. Now.

Most people are on Otto Pilot and they don’t even know Otto.

Make a new friend today! Smile and flash your eyebrows.

You are a part of God’s art!

Passion is always in fashion.

Channel the amuse muse: Verbal Surgery.

Do what you can do with what you have. Now.

Glory in your tweetness!

Know when you’re going and when you’re slowing.

Numbers don’t equal success.

Culture determines moderation and excess.

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t go around naked.

Know where the bomb is before you light the fuse.

Smiling is medicinal.

Rediscover why we think you’re awesome!

A tweet in time rhymes.

Success is a journey not a destination.

Best rulers are schoolers.

When in doubt play the grace card.

The power of destruction is trumped by the flower of instruction.

Invest in your serenity: Verbal Surgery.

If you have to pick yourself up from the floor, pretend you were doing pushups.

In case you forgot, you’re awesome!

Long term relationships, slow burning fuses.

Heal the mind, heal the body.

Who’s running the PR campaign for you? Because you’re incredible!

Wanna get rich? Scratch an itch.

There’s a difference between being alive and living.

Good deeds plant seeds.

Meat space is a neat place. Cyber is not a synonym for better.

Time steals all woulds.

Secretly famous: your Verbal Surgeon.

My followers are leaders.

Allow yourself to enjoy what you have.

Goals generate go.

The best diets exercise your right to push away from the table.

Eat as much fruit as you like. God will make more.

If the well dries up, dig. Don’t wait for rain.

Message Therapist�Verbal Surgery.

I have Five Star Followers! Thanks!

Define, design, refine.

Beware of snark attacks.

Binocular and microscopes�extend your brain!

What you see is a tiny part of what’s there.

Every angle has a different viewpoint.

Rescue yourself by saving others.

Damaged goods are better than perfect bads.

The hungriest fish in the ocean is the selfish.

Stop singing the pain refrain.

No one wants to hear your problems, except for me. Your Verbal Surgeon.

Join the Action Faction.

Eschew excessive moderation!

Refurbish your mind one thought at a time.

Close inspection promotes perfection.

Before adding, try stirring.

Bees don’t sting for no reason.

Expect greatness. Detect weakness.

Deception is a two edged word.

Avoid cut backs by cutting forward.

Clarity is the new gold standard.

Grab a hold of life, throw it to the ground and give it a big kiss!

Recharge your life with soular power.

Man created itching. God created scratching.

As you read this tweet, you feel one with the universe.

I’m on a permanent learning curve.

Plant bold, grow gold.

Give respect get inspected.

The less you want, the more you have.

Knock and the door will be opened. Callous knuckles = success.

Extreme effort-extraordinary result.

Inaction is the silent killer.

You get what you expect when you do nothing.

Optimism! It’s my bag, man!

It’s amazing how great you are! Did you study to get this good?

Verbal surgery: Fortune cookies on nitrous.

What’s that cookin’? Oh yeah. It’s me! Verbal Surgery to the rescue!

I prefer my life spicy and over easy.

Get what you want. Get what you need. Thanks to Verbal Surgery.

Stay in begin and out of doubt.

Resolve to rejoice! Solve joyfully!

You are the engineer of your limitations. Build tall powers!

Negative actions have negative consequences. Duh! So be nice!

Self change never comes from an exterior source.

Success comes from scratching itches.

Creativity is a gift not a skill.

We’re standing on rocks floating in magma. How cool is that?

Take a friend a long for the glide.

RT= Twitter Glitter.

The key to attraction is similarity.

You don’t spell “life,” “strife.”

Life is a glorious unveiling of the future.

Be result not insult oriented.

Count your many blessings count them one by one.

What fun we’ll have together in Twitterville!

Take a deep breath. Hold it. Release and smile. Feel better?

The desire to better yourself is the first step to success.

Learning comes in small increments like writing slowly in concrete.

Effortless rarely is.

Nectar attracts hornets and hummingbirds.

Screaming babies are not my bag, man.

Recharge, take charge, charge!

Momentum is a powerful force. So is inertia.

Carbon based life form. Sound familiar?

Resist the desire to resist.

A diamond in the rough looks like a rock. We treat rocks differently from diamonds.

The god of want is never satisfied.

Avoid the annoyed. Spread smiles instead.

Here’s a goal: know your role.

Key to success is respondability.

Seek your limits by pushing them.

Review the words you say to yourself before you say them.

The most powerful muscle you have is your tongue.

Know reaction without action.

Birds chase birds and cats chase birds. Which are you?

Review your choices, not your decisions.

I’m your verbal cool breeze in Twitterland.

Know what you want, know what you’ll get.

I’m the boss of me. You the boss of you?

Hills produce thrills.

One follower and you’re a leader.

Be in charge of HR.

Witty words for fabulous followers. On the hour 5pm to 12am daily. Your Verbal Surgeon.

“Get your fix and get fixed!” Your Verbal Surgeon.

Witty one liner land.

Be the hero in your life story.

How rare is the sound of silence.

I’m a fun slinger! Yee-Haw!

If you live by remote control, push play!

Life bends, dead breaks.

On purpose, on accident. Same result. Be alert for happy accidents.

Not knowing what you want assures you’ll get it.

Caution! Assumption eruptions ahead!

If the leader retreats, the followers lead.

Worry is emotional erosion.

Some people are destined for lateness.

Your destiny’s sealed by your destinations.

Need a reason to live? Give!

Spread the pleasure of seeking the treasure buried in your heart.

iCandy. iNterested? Brand’s got a hold on you.

Memory is not concrete. We air brush the past. What a gift!

Great desire grows tired. The prize from the past never lasts.

Beware the “Got to have it” habit.

What once obsessed our mind, now we can’t even find.

Investigate what makes you great.

Hard to ignore the desire for more. Ingest the desire for less.

You can change your memories. Over write bad data with good.

Bees mean sting and honey. Always two sides.

Blow a candle, blow a fire. Two different results. Action’s a timing thing.

Being stupid makes some people happy.

You don’t notice your little toe on your left foot until something happens to it. Same with people. Tell them you love them.

Interest in others is the cure for loneliness.

Learn, coach. Each one teach one.

What you want is what you get. If you control your wants.

If at first you don’t succeed-try being friendly.

First you’re hot. Then you’re not. You decide win.

Are you getting better, or expecting less from yourself?

It’s not hard to succeed. It’s hard to start.

Law makers make law breakers.

Desire is a powerful thing with a hurtful sting.

Realize you’re the prize.

I hold them in low regard and high steam.

Fear of rejection is worse than rejection.

Put your fears behind you and sit on them.

Never overestimate the attention span of the public.

Seems like we care more about the environment than starving Africans.

All truth is not relative.

A little piece of pie is pleasant to the eye.

Dig into your mind and see what makes you tick.

Don’t get no better than this!

Promote faith in the economy! Sales are up!

No greater desire than the urge to emerge.

Randomly twisting grammatic reality. Your Verbal Surgeon.

Knowing where to look is the hard part. Look no further than your Verbal Surgeon.

Are you in the book of life? What’s your chapter like.

Additions can mean reductions.

The smallest ripple affects all.

Wield power gingerly.

People look up to you! Lead them to the promised land.

Charge your batteries! Take a nap.

Raise the bar. Lower the risk.

If at first you don’t succeed, who does?

Put yourself in their shoes, but change socks.

Tired of being tired. Nap!

Refinance your guilt. Get a lower interest rate.

Prove to yourself how great you are!

Keep your eye on the ball. Unless you’re playing badminton.

Love makes the world go round but fiber keeps us going.

Replace yourself with a better version. Just a little. Every day.

Need generates speed.

“Don’t mistake worms for caterpillars.” American African proverb.

I like to kill mosquitoes. Does that make me bad”?

Your Verbal Thrillologist and Humble Savant.

Out of the vortex, into the jet stream!

Clothes make the man. Thoughts make them stand.

A riddle’s only fun if you know there’s an answer. Same in life.

Throw out the maybe with the bath water.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Seriously.

Never mind what happened. What are you going to do about it?

Discover your lever for boosting achievement!

Recommending peace and love since 1958. Your Verbal Surgeon.

Your response is always your choice.

“Don’t tease me. Tell me you love me,” You Know Who.

Every day is a mystery.

Change your berate data.

Regional thinking. Global stinking.

Desire is the engine of production.

Why is more important than how.

You choose your own definition.

Don’t fall off the know ledge.

Nothing is random.

Push off and glide!

Indoctrinate yourself! Your Verbal Surgeon here to help.

Always lighting then thunder.

Verbal Surgery: King of the microniche.

I’m in the instillation business.

The blame game has no winner.

Kindness kills guilt!

Sole control = speedy feet.

You can’t run with a grudge crutch.

Rewind kindness and hit play.

Randomly inspect your work. With your different eyes.

A new sentence is a new chance.

Don’t excuse yourself from acting like a big boy.

“I aim, so you don’t have to,” Your Verbal Surgeon.

Zero gravity is the solution for weight loss.

It’s not that you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s certain.

Need a lift? Give a gift!

Do we still feel the call of the wild?

The call of the mild.

Science says humans are animals. Is that true?

Real seems more surreal each day.

Let eternity take care of revenge.

Ought thoughts.

If the enemy looks like everybody, you got a problem.

Reading your tweet made me feel fantastic.

Stand up and get targeted.

Ignorance is its own reward.

Verbal Surgery: Fortune Cookies on steroids.

Who’s the boss? What’s the cost?

Our relationship means everything to me.

Verbal Surgery performed on high attention lines.

TH oughts.

Morally superior, ethically hamstrung.

Cause and select.

Nurture yourself with the thought that you are great!

We need more belief seeds.

Don’t offend your mother.

The world is more mystery than logic.

Outside is a world where inside doesn’t matter.

Why do I feel guilty when I gain weight? I’m carrying my money around with me!

What is the color of anger? What is the color of joy? Do they mix?

James Bond. Always cool. Never worried. Engage Bond Mode.

Don’t go all GUI on me.

Every good store has a hero and a villain. Which part do you play? Both?

Flesh and bones! Plus!

Slowly things mingle together then separate.

You do not accept the role of leader; you acknowledge it.

I’m into dynomomentum.

It’s fun to make sounds with your mouth!

Don’t just stand there! Tap your foot and look petulant.

She’s gone. Get over it.

Think for two minutes a day whether you need to or not.

“Witty diction and cunning linguistics.” Your Verbal Surgeon.

Even outside has an inside.

Refurbish your mind with new thoughts! Courtesy of your Verbal Surgeon.

Don’t panic! Ok, go ahead.

Restore more!

Never trust rust. It’s shiny underneath.

Explore what scares you under bright light.

Insatiable! Our desire for more.

Don’t make excuses, build bridges.

Leadership is not a vote.

Dare to do. Rare to be.

He who hesitates is normal.

Don’t discover what’s best left covered.

Drop a think bomb.

Pursue happiness like a lost lover.

Refuse to refuse!

Good or bad. Which are you? Deep!

It’s not what you think that matters. It’s what you do about what you think.

I thrive on jive. Lay it on me, baby!

They have a dream, that someone will say they are good.

Religion is not relationship. Religious is litigious.

Fake love doesn’t exist.

Resolve to try something new today.

No new is a no know.

Here’s a hint-life’s no sprint.

You don’t need a bigger trigger, just the will to pull.

You hold the key to fear’s chains.

Generosity is modern man’s measure of success. Should be.

God’s gift to us is the present.

Treat your family with at least the respect you’d show a total stranger.

Treat everyone like your friend and you’ll win in the end.

Talking is a not a form of doing.

Love lasts by positive perspective.

Don’t write a wrong.

The mass of men live lives of quiet perspiration.

The best things in life are free but not easy.

Effort without direction = busy without production.

Import like, export love.

Don’t get stung by the maybe. Commit!

Good is evil when best is required.

Winners never whine. Whiners never win.

Reading and sleeping = brain growth.

Three Stooges: Should, Could, & Woulda.

Thinking is fun! Ask yourself how.

Reality does not equal meality.

Keen observation is brain entertainment.

I’d rather be special than the special!

With witty things I’ll entertain your brain.

Brains are made to be played.

I love my brain, it’s a wondrous thinking thing.

Bursts of creative energy and production are SOP for me.

Set aside time to think new thoughts.

What ability do you have that you need to refine?

Haircuts are facial editing.

Rejoice in your foibles.

Wisdom is served at the fable table.

No one needs clues to lose.

Negative thoughts lead to negative weighs.

Is the data stream a living thing?

Remind yourself who’s in charge here-YOU!

We are capable of massive change.

Clowns are the new maestros.

Less refuse. More enthuse.

Wow! You’re incredible!

Ask yourself, “What’s good about what happened?”

The present is a gift.

Griping doesn’t make it right.

Close observation is the key to your problem.

Don’t worry about defense or offense but fence removal.

In 100 years what will you own?

“There’s never enough stuff.” Consumer mantra.

Do you live in the EFfort or the COMfort?

Refresh your brain! Verbal Surgery here to help.

Information super sigh way.

Injury makes you focus. Good health doesn’t attract attention.

You are a first class, gold medal winner! Go get ’em!

Who holds the key to the door of your heart? Did you make a copy?

Expectation drives perspective.

Edit your memories with a fresh perspective.

We believe the lies we tell ourselves like, “It doesn’t really matter.”

Fool speed ahead.

Knowledge without action is ignorance.

Learning physically changes your brain.

The potential for good is always present.

Lost your way? Pray!

You can’t change the past. You can change. Now.

Politicians generate volume not density.

The smell of meat grilling is caveman thrilling.

Better to sign twice than resign.

Engage your mind, reverse aging.

TV is trance state.

Bold blooded thriller: Verbal Surgery.

Will is skill fuel.

Just keep talking. Eventually they’ll listen. What were you saying?

Mediocrity is its own punishment.

Skill is time commitment. Will is a gift.

Thought control is Job #1.

It doesn’t matter what they say that affects you, it’s what you believe about what they say.

Exploit your strengths. Don’t sit on your assets.

Identical twins aren’t.

Less spin, more win.

Love is a journey not a destination.

Biology emits mind. Mind limits biology.

Reading what I say is pure fun!

How many generations did it take to make you this great?

You don’t need a chair to walk or skill to talk.

What you do is more important than what you say about what you do.

Remember to forget.

Exclamation points don’t make it true!

Do I need a doctor to tell me I’m happy?

Are you a racer or an eraser?

Do you understand, or stand under?

The best leaders still need followers. It’s a two way street!

If work drives you crazy, try changing aims.

One man’s hot is another man’s cold.

Rewire your brain: learn!

Emotion puts our brain in motion. Memory feels good!

Before you do, think it all the way through.

Birds sing whether they’re happy or not. It’s what they do!

Some partners are better apartners.

Friendship is a life boat, not a battleship.

Give the gift of forgiveness!

Seek to mend, healing begins!

Pride is the original sin.

Servanthood is the fast track to leadership.

Are you in won’t mode or want mode?

The need for meetings is directly proportional to the need of leaders.

Do we need more leaders or more ladders?

Most meetings are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Do we need step stools or help tools?

Work is a four letter word for some people and a ladder for others.

If all else fails, think!

Life is not a test, it’s an experiment!

TV: the source of wisdumb.

Wisdom starts with self knowledge. Ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do that?” Dream big, start small. Dream small, don’t start at all!

You can’t eat a golden apple.

There’s only one bull’s eye on a target, but there are many targets!

Laugh! You’ll get a fun tan!

Set your mind for auto instruct. Eat knowledge for breakfast!

Expose yourself to greatness!

Try the attract tact!

Hesitation is not a cure for failure.

Life matters. Try harder!

Fear of failure guarantees both.

Praise is the cure for hear aches.

Smile at a stranger! It’s a drive by rooting.

Bad attitude is a hate crime against yourself.

If your face says “Do not disturb,” doesn’t matter if your mouth says, “Welcome.”

Time flies. Period.

What would it take to re-invent yourself

Your reaction to failure determines your long term success

It’s simple! Give love: get love

Brother, can you spare some time?

Too much choice leads to analysis paralysis.

More creating, less hating.

Keep looking, keep finding.

We all have Time Flu. It’s fatal. What will you do with the time given to you?

If you could see the future would you change your actions

Time: the ultimate old standard

Energy crisis? Take a nap!

You don’t need to knock on an open door. Resist invitation hesitation.

Sugar tastes sweet, but we crave praise.

Exercise is the fountain of youth

The stairway to heaven is not an escalator.

Ego makes me go. It can also make you go—away

Action is different than a plan of action.

Are you a hurdle or a girdle?

Are you the pain in someone’s neck?

Don’t join the Y ME generation

Positive attitude causes global heart warming.

Are you known for flowers or thorns

Feel sad? Do a good deed. Gratitude is a powerful med.

Men, want to be more attractive? Listen!

Less whining, more winning.

If people keep backing up, try a breath mint

Passion sells. Bad attitude repels.

Dead branches break off by themselves

In English we say, “Clear as mud.” In French they say, “Clear as the juice from your socks”

More explore, less ignore

Reach for the stars, not the scars.

Have a close encounter of the kind kind.

Less Rage, more Encourage

Stretchy pants are not a strategy for weight loss.

Expand your mind. Look forward and behind.

“You don’t lure lions with bird seed.” African American proverb.

I am responsible. What a concept.

Inner views are more important than interviews. Ask yourself why!

You can hide your pride, but it’s still inside.

Tension binds attention. Relax and act.

Many “closed” doors are unlocked—just knock.

Inner peace comes from piecing together inner views.

You see what you expect to see. Hidden things are in plain sight.

Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “Today’s a great day.”

2 Keys to Health: Breathe deep and Sleep.

Find the time to wind your mind: read.

Too much choice muffles your voice. Focus on two: Best and that’ll do.

Are you known for flowers or thorns?

Feel sad? Do a good deed. Gratitude is a powerful med.

Want bees? Plant flowers. Want me? Save me hours.

Their bark may be worse than their bite, but I’m so tired of their barking I wish they’d bite me.

Most people live under clock and key.

Planning without action, is planning to fail.

We live in an explanation nation–but it doesn’t make dollars and sense.

If the explanation needs an explanation, you’re probably a politician.

Motivate with passion, not cash.

Starting is hard. Hardly starting is a great strategy! One push up. One flight of stairs Brush the rust off your trust

When you get to the top of the tree, are you delighted with the view or scared you might fall? Your answer shows whether you climb at all.

Had a near life experience lately?

Visualize your potential.

Heal scars. Forgive!

Don’t play hooky from the school of life.

The ocean of trouble is deep. Float

No matter how bad it gets, if you smile, you’ll feel better.

Hockey pucks get slapped around. They also score goals!

timacummins–verbal surgeon

“It’s never too late to wait.” Some dead guy

Spice of life does not come in mild.

See the future with your children’s eyes.

Kindness is it’s own reward

What you know is what you get.

Learning is more important than earning.

Engineer success. Learn something every day.

Live like your life depends on it!

Listen. People will assume you’re smarter than you are.

If you act like a bitch, you are a bitch.

Chop would. Plant deeds.

The richest jewels are found in the mind mine.

Hesitant is the president of the isle of I’ll.

Say “Thank You.” Get more.

What luxuries have we turned into necessities?

Joy doesn’t come from lack of pain, but act of gain.

Try a different route, flavor or seat today.

If you play the blame game, you imprison yourself in the fault vault.

Bad attitude is mental illness.

Failure and Quitting are roommates.

Act like your life means something!

Do you measure success with a ruler or a milepost?

If you know what to do, DO it!

Help others and you help US!

Uniformity is the creative mind’s jail cell.

The first step is to decide the first step!

Get back to basics: Peace & Love!

ACT happy. BE happy.

What filters are we looking through? Pride? Guilt? Envy?

Do you know when you win?

Can you look at your own I?

Create your fate–hate to wait!

Social media IS the message.

Promote hope. The solution for our economy.

The most powerful force of nature is love. Be forceful this morning!

Joy never goes out of style.

Use technology for effectology.

Pleasure is a treasure that is lost without cost.

Time is a means to an end.

If you had a year to live, would you want more time or more stuff? More time for what?

Desire is a fire. It can warm or burn.

“If you can’t take the first step, at least stand up!”American-African proverb

Desire lubricates achievement.

Attitude is a force of nurture.

Where do I itch? Immediate questions generate quality solutions.

April 15–Pirate Day USA.

Knowing what you don’t know isn’t a no know.

I knew new when old sold.

Thin is the new win. “Stay hungry” — marketing mantra.

Prayer heals worry.

What stage are you in, seed, leaf or flower?

Things change. Develop your agility ability.

Worry is a weigh of life.

The game of life plays for keeps!

The road to Success has miles of smiles!

I win when WE win!

Study shows we need new experts.

Effort is the battery. Passion is the gas!

Effort sells. Passion excels!

It’s not how hard you try, it’s that you try at all.

The fastest way to success is through the heart.

“Microwaves do not make the porridge taste better.” American-African proverb

“The lion does not hunt grasshoppers.” American-African proverb

“A bird in the hand, won’t fill you up.” American-African proverb

“You cannot feel the sand by watching a documentary about the beach.” American-African proverb

Success is measured by action not verbage.

“Change your mind less often than you change your shirt.” American-African proverb

Study shows remote controls lead to obesity.

A “to be” list is more important than a “to do” list.

“You cannot chop wood with logic.” American-African proverb

“The pen may be mightier than the sword, but a sword killed my uncle.” American-African proverb

“One man’s joke is another man’s punch lion.” American-African proverb

“Clapping is better than slapping.” American-African proverb

“Monkey see, monkey do. Man see, man change channel.” American-African proverb

“A zebra can’t change its stripes, but it can change it’s ISP.” American-African proverb

“Chai is the ultimate Operating System.” American-African proverb

“WiFi works best from a hammock.” American-African proverb

“Technology tastes best with butter on top!” American-African proverb.

America’s newest form of transportation: the cell boat.

Are you a lighthouse or an outhouse?

Success isn’t a goal, it’s an attitude!

Most people mistake Iron Will for Iron Won’t.

There’s no Good without Go and God!

See, don’t just look!

Most people have two speeds: Stop and slow.

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